Tired of lying around with these sheep
news flash, I'm a lion among sheep
I was placed here to think deep
and roar
get out the door
and explore
life is so much more
if it becomes a bore
Earth is a candy store
you're still just a child
meant to be wild
stop being so mild
when problems are piled
you should have just smiled
and solved them
stop listening to them
now a year later
they don't make you greater
unless you overcame
don't become tame
you should always aim
don't be a liar
go after what you desire
stop telling yourself you're fine
life is meant to be divine
but you'll die trying
if all you do is whine
and not open you mind
to see what you can find
leave haters behind
like time
only moving forward
it's pretty straightforward
just keep moving toward
your goal
it will pull you from this hole
and make you feel whole
when you feel with your soul
#poetry #lyrics #motivation
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