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Jacob Nicholson
Sysadmin turned customer advocate
Sysadmin turned customer advocate

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People fear what they do not understand, so understand more, and have no fear.

#fear #ElonMusk #lookintothelight

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Yikes! Antibiotics are no match for nature and evolution.

~/.vimrc # set mouse=a
echo "Test" # (Ctrl-x+Ctrl-e) opens in vim
Double-click Test,d,i,Woah,ESC,ZZ
echo "Woah"

#linux #vim #nerd

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wanna rock and have fun
forget a stock I am one
investing in me
ingesting healthy
food for thought
dude can't be bought
nude I've taught
always coming raw
heart connected to jaw
nobody wants to brawl
cause they'd be in awe
I know every flaw
so even with a saw
no cutting my thick skin
you wouldn't even get a lick in
once I stick my dick in
cause I'm too cocky
feeling like Rocky
no one can stop me
and this is just a hobby
till I can lobby
some real change
and although it is strange
it is quite arranged
cause this brain exchange
is just one in my range
and I'm sick of the shortchange
so time to interchange
now enter change
#rap #hiphop #health

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Yeah somehow I don't see this ever getting old! Too much fun! 

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Loving my new 2 wheel self balancing scooter! This thing can book it, and this office was made for this!

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Ran into a herd of no less than 30 deer. It was awesome when I started running again after filming this, a bunch of them started running parallel to me!

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Nature, concrete, and cars. An odd sight.

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Love having this quote on the wall at my work's gym :)

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Slow Saturday slide shenanigans!
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