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Jacob Moen

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If Unity and UE are the Legos of game development, jMonkeyEngine is the crazy uncle who just gives you the key to his entire toolshed with its powertools and lose wires and just says “try not to get yourself killed”
In the age of free AAA game engines like Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4 and Source 2, are indie open source engines like jMonkeyEngine still relevant?
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Jacob Moen

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Another new release: Timber Cave: Rhythms of Time (16"x20").

Ocean waves glide towards the shore in a slow rhythm, one after another, measuring the time like an ancient, gently murmuring clock. But there is a grander, slower rhythm, which looks like a frozen present to the human eye. Here and now, it seems that the shore is shaping the waves, constraining and breaking them, yet in the grand scheme of things, it's the other way round: the curves of the high shore have been molded by the tides over the centuries and centuries of steady beat. 

The most momentary of all — and most fleetingly picturesque — is the sea foam, its glistering fireworks erupting at the meeting point of water and earth, and disappearing in a matter of seconds. If the foam could think, it would probably imagine itself to be the main actor on this grand stage, the hero of the story being told — full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

Click through to Daily Paintworks to zoom in and see the details:
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Jacob Moen

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New Ogitor Blog
We have a brand new blog where will intend to write increasing interesting tidbits about Ogitor SceneBuilder development.
Layout of site is still wet paint. But, hey: it's up! :D

#ogitor #ogitorscenebuilder  
The Ogitor Team is being very busy in the hidden Team forum section where we are planning and developing the next major iteration of Ogitor SceneBuilder.
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Jacob Moen

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Long Live Ogitor!
Even though it might seem like Ogitor development is quiet, it's not. :)

We are very busy in the hidden Team forum section where we are planning and developing the next major iteration of Ogitor SceneBuilder.

The next version is called Ogitor 15.10 - aka 'Malazgirt'.

'Malazgirt' is Turkish and is the name of the place where the great war between Turkey and Byzantium resulted in Anatolia being Turkish.
In other words: it means also 'beginning'. :)

We have decided to use the Ubuntu versioning scheme: year.month.

It doesn't look like much, and it doesn't do much at the moment.

But the magic lies in what's inside of it. :)

This time it is powered by the OGF (Ogitor Game Framework) which is component based, threaded and currently consist of 3 systems: geometry, graphics and input.
In addition to OGFCore, naturally.

In theory, this architecture would (hopefully) mean that the individual systems could be swapped out with something else.

Ogitor, the editor, actually boots and runs without loading any OGF systems, until a scene is loaded.

We are very excited to be developing a much better Ogitor :)
We want the software to be a rock solid experience.
And that includes plugin development and scripting, which we are going to give extra careful attention.
Also, we are going to support OpenGEX for import/export - dotscene is not going to be supported by the core Ogitor team.

I almost forgot to mention that one of the biggest improvements to Ogitor will be a much improved terrain editor. :)
We are currently investigating different possibilities.

The Ogitor Game Framework can, and will be, used outside of the editor. And it will be developed in parallel to the Ogitor application. ;)

#ogitor   #ogre3d  
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Jacob Moen

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A bit over a year ago I pulled the plug and went off-line. I had reached a point where I simply had no choice but to unplug and regroup. But I'm not dead yet.
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Thanks - and you're right +Stefan Stammberger - I won't tell you how long it has taken me to even write that blogpost. :p
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Jacob Moen

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Clever arrangement ;-)
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Humble Pie, Spice Girls, Bananarama, Sugar Ray, Smashing Pumpkins ... :)
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Jacob Moen

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I work out
I am feeling very determined now ;-)
My first workout plan since the mid nineties - I need to be fit to work as a chef.
And besides : I am tired of being meek and flimsy! :-D
#workout #milestone 
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We're all growing old from the moment we're born ;-)  You're looking good and exercise will make you feel good . And you'll feel much less wimpy :-)
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Have him in circles
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Jacob Moen

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Floyd on France - 1 Provence
This is legendary :)
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That was such a long time ago I saw that, thanks for sharing. He really inspired me with his cooking.
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Jacob Moen

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Every Gun Has a History
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Jacob Moen

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"How did this happen?"
Oh yessss there are two cats in there !!

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Jacob Moen

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Brilliant ;-)
Newton's third law of emotion
I am so going to regret having posted this ;)
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Haha 😀
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Jacob Moen

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true story
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More Signal - Less Noise
European guy overdosing on American culture.

Web Developer, C++ Hacker, Guitar Player, Outdoor Enthusiast, and so much more!

Should probably write something a bit more intelligent here, but this'll do for now:

Jacob 'jacmoe' Moen is a moderator at the Ogre3D forum since 2005, the initiator and maintainer of the new Ogre3D Wiki since 2010 and a team member of the Ogitor Scenebuilder project since 2008.
A moderator at the Yii Framework forum since 2011.

Jacob is a elementary school teacher by profession, but have dabbled in programming since the late 90's and considers himself an accomplished amateur in a lot of disciplines. Such as C++ graphics programming, Delphi (Object Pascal), PHP and general web development.

(cover photo by - panorama from Holbæk, Denmark. )
Bragging rights
Over 20K posts on the Ogre3D Forum..! And I was attending the original Woodstock festival when I was 1 years old.
  • Copenhagen Hospitality College (
    Gastronom, 2013 - present
    Culinary Arts / Chef Training
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