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Seattle's Google+ PhotoWalk is This Saturday!

UPDATE: The weather could be looking favourable this weekend which is great, but even greater is we're announcing a contest (yay!) for the photo walk, with the winner receiving a free +SmugMug Pro Account! More details on the contest to come in a separate post closer to the day of the walk, but a huuuuge thank you to the amazing folks at SmugMug for contributing to our photowalk!

When: Saturday May 5th, 4pm.
Where: Fremont to Gasworks Park. Starting at The Lenin Statue at N 36th St & Fremont Pl N.

We'll meet at the infamous Lenin Statue in the heart of Fremont, get a group photo with everyone, and then kick off the walk.

Join +Jacob Lucas, +Jake Johnson, and +Michael Riffle as we photograph the Fremont neighbourhood of Seattle, sneak our way past the Volkswagon-eating Fremont Troll, and end up at Gasworks Park to shoot the Seattle skyline at sunset. Naturally, we'll conclude by celebrating Cinco de Mayo at a local pub, The Dubliner.

Yes, we will have goodies to give out, thanks to +Google+ as well. I'm really excited for this walk! Everyone is welcome... hope to see you there on Saturday!

(Thanks to +Jake Johnson for the providing the photo for the walk announcement, too!)

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If I wasn't working I would be there. Next time.
+Mike Salvino - we'll be shooting through sunset, if you finish work before then feel free to join us mid-way through!
Hey, sounds like fun. Count me in.
+Nicole S. Young I am pretty sure there are pay spots down by the bridge. I was thinking about parking at Gasworks and shuttling people back after the walk.
Fremont has a ton of street parking and pay lots near & around the meeting point. There's also a lot of parking between the meeting point and east towards Gasworks Park.

The other alternative, which I plan on doing, is taking public transport. There are lots of buses from various places that take you through Fremont:
Think gasworks has a pretty decent parking lot. I am going to try parking there early and walking down to Fremont. Probably leave my tripod in the car and pick it up when we get to gasworks for doing some sunset stuff.
Hey +Jake Johnson thanks for the Ping! Looks like I'll be able to make part of it. I've got a commitment til 5:30, but I should be able to find you all somewhere along the route... Looking forward to meeting you all in person!
Great +Tom Kelley. Just look for the large group of photogs walking from Fremont to Gasworks. Glad you can make it.
Hey, bad news, +Jacob Lucas

Mid-week, I strained my lower back (sacroiliac joint) and am out of commission for the next few days. I am SO VERY bummed! No walking for me. Boo.
Lifting camera gear around probably isn't all that good either, +Star Rush. Sorry to hear that... hope you're feeling better soon! When you're better, we should totally go shooting some time around Seattle.
I got delayed by traffic; will join at park
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