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They are making it so hard to love Mass Effect 3

I love the core game but when they are screwing my single player and making me PAY... F&%K#ING PAY to get the good ending (XBL subscription for multi-player) then at this point EA/Bio I am going to close my SWTOR account. Sense I have already paid for the game I will finish it but don't expect me to buy any more from you.

PS. I don't do public posts often so you know its a big deal if I do.
Despite assurances that the game's co-op mode would be optional, it actually makes a hefty impact the outcome of the story.
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I am not even going to bring up requires payment for Multiplayer. So if you rent the game Or borrow it from a buddy its almost can't get the "good ending"

Or that they have same day Release DLC!

You made a game, Took out part of it So you could sell it and you still have the <font Size="30">GULL</font> to still charge 60 for this game

I guess I am going to bring up a few of my other annoyances...

How dare they "sell Multiplayer" when it has a direct effect on the outcome of the ending.

that would be like selling a game all but the ending for 60 bucks and if you want the ending as well you have to pay an extra 25+

I was able to let go that ME2 had some DLC that would effect ME3 and that I would have to either buy it or read what happened but this is stupid.
to get an optimal ending, you just need to be prepared. you can get to the max preparedness without multiplayer. Multiplayer adds another way to get preparedness other than story mode, making it drastically easier to be fully prepared when the end game comes, but it's not required. you need to do grindy type things in single player, or grindy things in multi player, one or the other.

dont get me wrong, i'm against all the things you mentioned, but dont write off your perfect ending just yet. you can do it without multi player. :)
with a drop of 1 percent a day you have to play the game really fast if you don't want to use multi player
It's pretty simple, EA is the devil. Ask anyone in the industry. They are the destroyer of dreams and don't believe in anything beyond a bottom line. From the moment that I learned I would not be able to play this without extensive Origin and EA ties, I knew it would be an epic screw up all around.

Perhaps there are buccaneers in a lagoon out there that will help me out with this matter. Team those guys up with a trainer of some sort and I can hopefully see this adventure through to the end and then forget about it.
In metroid, you can only get the best ending if you beat it really fast. In Final Fantasy 9, you have to get to a certain point near the end really fast in order to get the best weapon. Having a time restriction isn't really a new concept.

I'm not a fan of multiplayer in general, but if the goals can be reached with or without it, then I don't mind, despite the 1 percent per day drop. It just becomes one of those extra challenges.

The day 1 DLC is annoying, though. I like the idea of giving life to an older product with little extras, but if it's out on release date, it doesn't feel like extra, it feels like a crippled product with features locked. Instead of giving extra longevity to a game and adding replay value, it cheapens the perceived value of the original product.

I'm also quite pissed that the PC version needs Origin. EA can suck my balls.
I guess for me its just fuel for the fire. I hate being rushed in games but you have a good point about the "beating it fast" thing.
I will definitely pirate this game. I'm not giving 1cent to these price gougers. If I feel guilty, I'll buy yet another legit copy of Mass Effect 2.
This is just ridiculous
Its a shame, The game its self is great, It made me cry a bit last night
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