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EvolveSMS and Pushbullet Integration

Today, I’m announcing a partnership with the awesome team behind +Pushbullet  on a project I think everyone will really appreciate. They do amazing work with integrating and mirroring notifications and other information between your desktop, tablet, and phone – EvolveSMS now take full advantage of this in version 1.8.0.

The general concept is this: you receive a message on your phone and are working on your computer on something important… Why bother picking up your phone to respond, that takes time! You’ll see the notification pop up from Pushbullet saying there is a new message and you can click on that to view it. Then, you can respond to the message accordingly and Pushbullet with send the message back to Evolve on your device, which will then send it out to the correct contact and you can go right back to whatever it was you were doing without ever having to pick up, or even be in the same room as your phone.

Here’s a quick video of the process in action: Quick-Replying To Messages From PC

Now, how do you get into the action? You’ll need to be part of the EvolveSMS beta community ( and have opted into the beta from the link in the community’s description.

Once you get version 1.8.0 Beta 1, you’ll have the capability from EvolveSMS. You’ll also need to be part of the Pushbullet community ( and have opted into their beta through a similar process as Evolve. Their newest beta version will be 14.3, so make sure that you’re on this version when trying it out. Lastly, make sure that your Pushbullet chrome extension is up to date ( and you’ll be all good to go, everything will happen automatically from there.

Enjoy, I know the guys over at Pushbullet have some really high aspirations for where they want to take this concept, so everyone can look forward to that!

There are also some cool new things in EvolveSMS in this version to look forward to: choosing from a list of recent conversations when composing a message is now supported, GIF viewing has been improved, along with other speed enhancements and bug fixes.
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Whenever i click on a message on my pc it doesnt open anything it just disappears.... 
This is an awesome feature, one that could actually make me jump to Evolve. One question? Is Chrome required for this? I use Firefox because Chrome on my system has some major issues and is prone to crashes.
Pushbullet has Firefox and windows extensions, I don't know if they have the feature yet.
+Raymie Humbert There's a Firefox extension and a Windows desktop app also. However, it appears that the new feature is exclusive to the Chrome extension.

+Jacob Klinker +Pushbullet This is a great news for sure as I already use Pushbullet's desktop app to clear notifications across multiple Android devices. That said, +MightyText allows you to start SMS threads from your PC, not just reply to them ... so I'll stick to that for now.
Ken Lee
Hope the feature fan out to other apps like hangout, whatsapp etc... Looking forward to it. Cheer... 
Force closing in EvolveSms since I updated to the beta. Submitted a few bug reports.

edit: clearing data/cache worked.

Edit2: force closes with Dark Theme enabled.
I installed all the apps, checked the versions, but nothing worked for me. What did I do wrong?
Works pretty well, the only issue I noticed early was that if the same number sends multiple texts only the most recent text is shown in the pushbullet notification, unlike on the phone it shows all messages in the notification.  I hope this can get fixed soon +Jacob Klinker 
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