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For any developers looking to give their users a better web browsing experience for articles and other similar content, check out my new library! It'll basically take any URL, grab the text and images for it and display it for the user to view in a nice, consistent format.

Plus, it'll take less than a minute to integrate, especially if you're already using chrome custom tabs in your app, so what have you got to lose? Enjoy and feel free to hit me up with any issues you find or send me a pull request if you've added something shiny and new! 😀
Building a better browser - Open Source
BIG updates for Pulse, Talon, EvolveSMS, and Source

This one has been a long time in the works! In collaboration with the Googley +Jacob Klinker, I am excited to include a brand new, readability/instant browser in all of our apps!

This thing is fast, powerful, flexible, ad free, a data saver, and looks great. It stores any articles that are loaded on your device, and on the server, so grabbing articles is always super fast. For a closer look at how it works, check out the open source project below!

This has been included in ALL of our network-enabled apps, so get downloading!

Pulse (SMS/Tablet Messenger):
Talon for Twitter:
Source News Reader:
Talon Classic:

Available for ANY DEVELOPER
Not only did we make something that we think is really awesome... but we are making it available for any app developers to use, for free. I am hosting the backend for everyone, so you just get to drop it in and let your users enjoy it :)

The Android library is open-source and incredibly easy to implement. If you are already using Chrome Custom Tabs, it basically piggy-backs off of those APIs. Check it out:

Obviously there is no personal information in any of the requests, so there is no security concern, all we are storing with this project is the article.

If you are a developer, I highly recommend trying it out in your apps! It is a very cool project and a great way to give your users something unique and new.

You're welcome!

Additional Pulse Features

On top of this very cool new browser, there are numerous media enhancements that have been added to Pulse for v1.11.0. Within any message thread, there will now be YouTube and web article previews, directly on the message list! This also applies for the web and tablet versions of course.

Whenever a link is received in a message, it will automatically get parsed and loaded. That means that opening articles will be INSTANT within Pulse, from now on! This is a very cool feature in my opinion and really improves the experience, over just displaying a simple web link on a message. Check out the screenshot below for a look at how it works!

Jake and I are super stoked about this project and what it can do for apps, hope you try it out within our apps, then enjoy and integrate it yourselves! We have never seen an open-source project quite like this one :)

It is available and live on all of our apps right now! Enjoy all
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Jacob Klinker

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Main Google Home impressions so far:

I'm really excited that it can do things like "Play the latest MKBHD video from YouTube on my Android TV", however I'm very unimpressed that it can't do things like remembering I like to shuffle my playlists on Google Play Music.

Hotword detection has been very good, I was able to say "Hey Google" from across the room while it was playing loud music and it picked up my voice without any issues.

Overall, its a cool product that I'm sure will get vastly better as time goes on, assuming that I remember to use it. Even as just a very loud bluetooth speaker it is excellent.
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Going to try to snag one at Target today, if my target has one that is!
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Jacob Klinker

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New APK: Messenger (Text Messaging) 1.4.371 beta by Luke Klinker.
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I'm using EvolveSMS app for texting and pics and finally one person got my pic I sent them today. But none from yesterday. Why is this happening and since I reinstalled the app now my pics I sent on my side to that person is gone and doesn't show on my camera wheel. Help please 
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Jacob Klinker

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I'll be starting some work in San Francisco working at Google come September, so hopefully I can keep pumping out some great apps in the years to come!
Big News and Updates for +Klinker Apps, Inc.

Let's start off this holiday weekend, for those of us in the US, in the right direction! How about some updates for your favorite apps?

I am happy to announce that, as of yesterday, I am officially the sole owner and developer of Klinker Apps! +Jacob Klinker and I have had an amazing run, but unfortunately he is getting ready to move away and the new job isn't something he can do along with this work, so you are all stuck with me now :)

Along with this BIG news, I have got some pretty sweet updates ready for everyone! Talon for Twitter, EvolveSMS, and Source News Reader are all getting sizable bumps this morning!

Go ahead and check the pictures on this post for the full change logs, but some highlights:

- Pitch Black primary color option
- View media types (GIF/video) when looking at a users pictures on their profile
- UI improvements in app and for Android Nougat's multi-window
- Plus WAY more if you check out the changelog picture or the "What's New" section in settings

Source: Build for Android Nougat!
- Huge tablet UX overhaul
- Pitch black primary color option
- New article viewer
- Again, WAY more if you check out the changelog :)

EvolveSMS: Build for Android Nougat!
- Support for Android Marshmallow's internal "secure notifications" settings (Evolve had this before on its own, just supports it with Marshmallow's setting now too)
- New image viewer
- Transition animations
- And, for the last time, more if you check out the app!

Enjoy 'all - I can say with confidence, the future is looking so good for Klinker Apps! Look for more updates to come and maybe even a few more apps if I get around to finishing up some of my ideas and in-progress work. Let me know what you think!
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Jacob Klinker

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Whoops, looks like someone forgot to set the elevation for the status bar in the new Play Store update!
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6.4.13-C? It went back to the old icon, too. 
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Jacob Klinker

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In need of a new laptop and was really hoping that Apple would announce a refreshed line of MacBook Pros this morning with Skylake processors in them. Looks like I'll be hanging out in desktop mode until that happens!
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+Jacob Klinker Unfortunately a lot of that fault comes with using Linux. Linux Kernel RC 4.3 was the first to support Skylake, and even that support was in beta. Getting Linux onto Skylake was difficult for any manufacturers that wanted to. 

I understand the decision though. Whatever works best. 
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Jacob Klinker

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Pulse (SMS/Tablet Messenger)

After an amazing beta period, tomorrow seems like a good day for a launch :)

If you have been waiting on Pulse, my latest creation, to drop out of beta and into the production channel, the wait is almost over!

Pulse has been a blast to make. It integrates with all the devices you love, and use every day, to keep you seamlessly connected to the people you want to chat with.

It is full of features, perform as great and as smooth as all your favorite apps, and looks/feels better than any app I have been a part of.

If you aren't familiar with the app yet, you will be soon enough. Pulse is the ultimate SMS/MMS experience and continues to grow every day. I have so many cool ideas for the future of this app. If you are wondering what support will be like in the future, I think the massive amount of features and time that went into the beta says it all.

I am so excited to get this thing out of beta and into everyone's hands! It has been a ton of work and long nights, but worth every minute to get to the product I have now.

Enjoy all, and look forward to tomorrow.
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Jacob Klinker

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App idea: an alarm clock that turns on my TV and starts Chromecasting the previous night's Stephan Colbert highlights (or your preferred late night talk show) automatically.
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Jacob Klinker

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I've put a good 300 hours or so into building this over the last month and a half or so, very happy to finally take the wraps off of it and get started with some larger scale beta testing!

Text messaging is my go to form of communication with the majority of my friends who are not techies, so I built this with them in mind! Definitely not for everyone, but its been exactly what I need to stay in touch and the web app is tremendous once you've signed up and started using it!

Introducing Klinker Apps Messenger

Something brand new to brighten up the start of the week... +Jacob Klinker and I are excited to announce our latest app, and boy is this one something special.

A sleek text messaging replacement with amazing layouts and animations, that also allows you to text from any of your Android devices, or the web, right through your phone number!

What it is

Today, we are taking the wraps off of our latest project: Messenger (not the production name, by the way)

This is a new text messaging replacement that looks to improve on what we have done in the past. The design borrows a bit from Google's Inbox, but with most of our own flair. It looks great, and it works even better. Everything is quick and custom, but the major feature... It hooks up with any of your Android devices, as well as a web app, so that you can send messages no matter where you are.

The integration is totally seem-less and immediate. Get a message sent to your phone and it will instantly show up on your tablet as well. You can reply, dismiss, delete, whatever. Everything is synced between devices, including notifications, conversations, settings, and customization.

This app just works. No assembly required.

Feature Set

Fully featured text messaging with tons of customization! You get all of the messaging features that you've come to know and love such as:

- Seem-lessly integrates with any of your devices through tablet, web, and Google Chrome apps, to support text, picture, and group messaging, all through your phone number!
- Beautiful layouts
- Night mode
- Pin your favorite contacts to the top of the conversation list
- Smooth transitions between conversations
- Powerful, per-contact, theming support
- Blacklisting of numbers to stop the spammers
- Scheduled text messages
- Search messages and conversations
- Mute notifications on an individual-user basis
- Completely snooze the app from all notifications for a given time period
- Custom notifications for contacts
- Search Giphy for GIFs to attach to your messages
- Share photos, videos, and audio along with your messages

Once the app is set up on your phone, start accessing it from any of your devices:
- Check it out on the Android tablet version
- Head to to try out the web version
- Or, fire up Google Chrome and hit up to try the Chrome app

Please Note:
Messenger is for Android 5.0+ only. We did this because with 5.0, Google introduced a system level method for sending MMS messages. For more information:

How to sign up

Right now, Messenger is in a closed, limited, beta test, it is also only for Android 5.0+. Go ahead and hit up our beta community here to request access:

We will gradually approve people on a first-come-first-serve basis. No worries though, I plan on approving people pretty quickly, just want to control the traffic a little bit as we are getting going. I have no doubt that our backend will scale as expected, just want to make sure we clear out any glaring problems before opening the flood gates!

Once approved, the community description has instructions to download the beta from the Play Store.

How it relates to EvolveSMS

I would NOT consider this a replacement to our other messaging app, EvolveSMS. Evolve is awesome and super powerful, there is so much customization (through the theme engine), settings for just about every option you can think of, and features you had no idea you would ever use. EvolveSMS is for the power users, but it would have been impossible, at this point in time, to build everything, from the ground up, required for tablet messaging, into that app. It is too closely knit with its current implementation. We needed something cleaner to build this system, so Messenger was born.

Messenger may be the next installment in the Klinker Apps messaging saga, however, we will continue to improve upon EvolveSMS as well, hopefully eventually even bringing the tablet messaging, through this new service, to the app. Evolve will always be directed toward the power-users, Messenger is meant to just work, and doesn't have the same feature set as EvolveSMS does. For this reason, Messenger could not just be an update to that app, it had to be its own project so that people have options and not lose features.

EvolveSMS also integrates a few desktop messaging solutions of its own (Yappy and Pushbullet). Both of these are very excellent solutions and we don't want to take away from them at all! The reason we made our new service was so that we could have a similar platform to stand-behind and call our own.

What if you had purchased add-ons in EvolveSMS and want to move to Messenger?
All the features and customization in Messenger come for free. We are not looking to make any more money than what is required for hosting, so the feature pack and customization packs from EvolveSMS are not really relevant to this application. Eventually, when the app comes out of beta, there will be a very small subscription fee so that we can pay for the hosting, but since EvolveSMS always relied on third party apps for this functionality, nothing changes here. You can cancel your subscription to the other services and use our (probably much cheaper) service instead.

Wrapping up

Phew that was a lot. Some major work has gone into this app lately, but it has been totally worth it. I am in love with the look, style, speed, and functionality.

I know many may ask why we would put more time into the dying breed of text-messengers, but, for a normal user, texting is still the most popular for of communication, especially here in the States! Allo looks very cool, and you better believe I will be using it, but that definitely doesn't go for all my friends.

I hope you all enjoy what we have made! Hit up the beta community to request access, then let us know what can be improved! Desktop messaging, through a web app, is obviously the next step, and you will be glad to hear that it is in production, but we wanted to get this out to everyone and start testing before releasing that!

Enjoy 'all. I think we have built something pretty sweet here, let me know what you think!

Oh and one last side note… No, “Messenger” will NOT be the final release name! Much too generic and over-used ;)
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I think I found my new default messaging app. 
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Jacob Klinker

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One thing that I've been consistently unhappy about on Android is apps not properly supporting tablet layouts or continuing to innovate and improve those designs. Apps like Slack, Google Play Music or Movies, Inbox, etc. just give a rehashed phone design to us. There are a few great ones that I've found (Pocket Casts, Todoist) but those are the minority.

I've found a little bit of free time over the past few weeks and put together a little concept for what I'd like to see on my tablet. The app uses TMDb to look up movies and TV shows. Check it out and let me know what you think, do you know of apps that have clearly focused on their tablet layouts or have you had a similar experience to me?
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As much as the media says tablets aren't that popular as they were alot of us still use them and Android has surely dropped the ball on support. It's seems like 1 in 5 Android apps support tablets if that. I have a Galaxy tab note pro 12.2 and it's horrible.
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One very cool thing about having a tablet with multi-window support (Android N) is that you can test your app with different layouts all on the same device. For example, with Source I have some different settings when displaying on a Tablet vs Phablet vs Phone and I can see them all on the same device. Same for Talon.

This makes layout testing significantly faster.
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Finally got around to picking up a Pixel C for myself and been messing with it this afternoon setting it up. Initial impressions:

- Hardware is fantastic, build quality is far better than any other tablet I've used in the past and it is extremely responsive.
- Keyboard is a good size, was worried it would be too small for my big hands.
- Android N is a step in the right direction for multitasking. Haven't used the feature much yet on my phone but I find myself using it quite often on this.

Happy with it so far, hopefully it stays that way!
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That is absolutely correct +Artem Russakovskii​. +Luke Klinker​ and I both came to that same conclusion, we've always been very disappointed with the performance on our Nexus 9's but this thing flies through everything without a stutter.
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