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I design powder kegs.
I design powder kegs.

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How do you like to be pitched a collaboration idea? What do you look for in a collaborative partner? How badly have you been burned before and what's the best way for a potential collaborator to figure that out?

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I'm hacking and slashing text with some natural language processing software. My current target is Robert E. Howard's Conan stories and the first three Kull stories. The wordcloud below is made from the most frequently used adjectives within those stories.

Top adjective is black.

Top 30 adjectives:
black - 1388
great - 1230
other - 738
long - 606
dead - 540
last - 518
own - 462
many - 432
white - 428
more - 412
dark - 404
broad - 370
human - 370
few - 364
red - 354
open - 346
such - 338
old - 330
wide - 316
first - 312
strange - 298
green - 292
golden - 290
naked - 290
short - 272
wild - 268
cimmerian - 246
tall - 246
blue - 246
full - 242

Notes: Not all adjectives may have been caught, and some of the things caught may not have been adjectives for a variety of reasons. On the whole though, I'd say it's pretty solid. Also, the counts are best thought of as representative. Slight variants are not included (e.g., greatest and greater are not included in the count of great when they probably should be).

I fucking love words.

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So I have this idea... and I'm parsing all this text (or trying to) and I'm extracting nouns and I get all these in order:

short skirt
brown thigh
insolent step
importunate companion

Seems like everything is working more perfectly than I could have hoped.

_The jungle was a black colossus that locked the ruin-littered glade in
ebon arms._

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The French are so good with the synths.

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GALACT.A by Pascal Blanché for Comicon


Editor question!! If a plural is abbreviated into a singular sounding word, does it stay plural due to the "source"? For example: regex is a shortening of regular expressions. So, do I say:

Regex is fucking magic


Regex are fucking magic

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Back in the future, when Hell came to Earth, Battlejuice was born.

I mean... come on. How can it not be fantastic.
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