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Jacob Dixon
JDiX, jack of all trades.
JDiX, jack of all trades.

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If Gravity wins Best Picture, I'm done. #Oscars

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When Hulk Hogan tells you to do something, you don't ask questions, you just do it, brother. 
Tryin somethin new ,brother. Anyone who shares my posts will be added to my circle brother HH

This holiday season, remember what's really important.

I hate when the stupid way a person structures a sentence makes me unable to understand what they are saying, and then they look at me like I'm the one who needs to take English class again. 

Oh Orpheus, don't turn around too soon. 

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How ridiculous and scary this is... 
We just updated our Transparency Report, showing how many requests Google gets for information about its users. But we're not allowed to give the full story because the U.S. government says that requests under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) must be kept secret. We can tell you this: Requests have more than doubled around the world since 2009, and more than tripled in the U.S.:

Share this if you believe you have a right to know what our governments are up to. 

The first person to utter the word "remember" to me tomorrow in person is getting punched in the jeans. It was a failed rebellion and an average to above-average movie, we can get over it now. 

We exist

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WARS on Kinkade
Can't say I'm a huge Kinkade fan, so seeing these images really makes my day! It's just the right amount of twisted to make it fun!
Artist - Jeff Bennett 
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