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Jacob Dixon
JDiX, jack of all trades.
JDiX, jack of all trades.

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Can I just comment on how FUCKED it is that the NFL now wants to complain about all the missed PAT's when they're the ones that moved it back from the 2? How stupid is that?

When you see games in college ending 69-66 and you remember that this is why defenses in the NFL are so awful and undisciplined. 

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World Series Game 5 got better ratings than Sunday Night Football (via

Bruh, you want that Von Miller money? Bruh. Why you gotta act up. We had such a good thing going bruh. Now you play for the Browns bruh they may never make the playoffs your entire career. 

Derek Carr is a top QB. Nearly top 5.

Lol. Of course. 



Well would you look at that, it's fucking nothing. 

Pats offense running well so far, Ronald Darby is no slouch though I love his hustle. 
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