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This is my updated circle of #Mobilographers which began with a core of mobile artists known to me, followed by controlled crowd-sourcing to discover others. All profiles have been checked, so that everyone in this circle regularly posts, has a gallery or album of #MobileOnly images, or posts such regularly. The original post if here:

I encourage all within this circle to share it. I recommend this circle to others for the beautiful, creative and artistic content its members produce and share.

I am going to crowd source one more time, because I know there are more #MobilePhotographers out there. If you would like to be included in this circle:

1) Plus this post.

2) Leave a comment with a link to some of your recent mobile photography work.

3) Share the circle, so that other mobilographers have a chance to see this and join.

4) Know someone who is a mobileographer? Mention them in the comments below.

Numbers 1-3 must be done to be included. Let's get organized!
In this Circle:
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Pick an ig image and copy the URL (its in those 3dots bottom right of the comments) and paste it in :) +Cherrie Flea

You'll get the hang of it. You're in. I went looking for more, found your profile and lots of beautiful images on instagram. Great work.
+Michelle Robinson It is. Out of fairness to those who were added because of the post, I share it a second time. I also took the opportunity to find more Mobile Photogs.
And by the way everyone, I must say that since adding everyone to this circle, my stream have become flooded with such lovely and creative images. It's a good circle of quality.
Thanks for the inclusion, Jacob! Not only great mobile photographers here, but some really awesome people too.
+Mona Jud It's almost embarrassing that I didn't put +Michael N Sutton in the circle! Of course. Here he is curator of +mofomo and I didn't get him in here. You're in now Michael!
By the way +Jacob Dix you might have also miss out on a couple of great mobilographers, Alexander Kesselaar and Tammy George, as I just tally with abhishek chamaria similar circle.
Hi Jacob
You can add me to your #Mobilephotographers circle if you like.
I haven't picked up a DSLR in 2 years, all my photography is taken with my iPhone.
+Steve Tang there are several tammy george's. Can you ping the one you mean? Alexander is already in the circle.
Great group of mobile photographers sir!
+Rahul Roy thanks! Hadn't even imagined it would make it to What's Hot. Had intended on getting mobilographers together, and now, promoting the group at the same time. A definite plus.
Hi Jacob, I'm not sure if I'm meant to share this post or share only the circle... and I'm not sure how to share a circle actually... :)
Liz C
Jacob, thanks so much for including me! It's very much appreciated :-))
Thank you so much +Jacob Dix for building and sharing this wonderful circle and for including me!
Thanks you +Jacob Dix for creating this marvellous circle and including me. I'm pretty much a mobile-only girl now, and love editing on my phone too. I've followed the circle myself and (as you know) shared it.
+Angela Montague of course. I saw a few more mobilography pages and comments pop up in my stream but I had no idea who the individuals using these pages were. It seemed one more level of organization or group cohesion that didn't exist yet. Sharing the post is one thing, spreads the circle to others, but following the circle is a lift to my stream. I set it on full blast.
I'm going to share this one more time in a few days (without crowd sourcing, as a closed circle) so that everyone in it will get shared.
There are a couple rules to get into this one +Louise Fryer to help spread it and for quality control.
Howdy Jacob! I'd really like to suggest that you add +Nicky Sanford to this circle. She is extremely active in the mobile photography circles. This circle would be incomplete without here inclusion!
+Jay Stuto you got a link to your instagram account? Please also see the post's rules for inclusion.