This new feature is big.

Thanks to +CircleCount +Daniel Sandstein & the team for all the hard work they are doing. The feature means you can save, categorize, and tag your favorite public posts. Not just posts you make, but posts others make as well. Keep track of old posts using this feature as well.

While you are at it, have a look at my own list of links.
New feature:
Manage your favorite posts with CircleCount

Starting today you can manage your favorite (public) posts of anyone on Google+ at!
The easiest way is to use our Chrome Extension, which has been updated right now for this feature to version 1.4 (see at the end of the post for the direct links).

Please check the album of this post to get a better overview about this new feature.

You can use this feature like +Rahul Roy did for his last two weekly posts ( and, but you can also use this feature to create your own favorite posts page like:
- (by +Jaana Nyström)
- (by +Benjamin Cortis)
- (by +Jacob Dix)
- (by +Luc Suy)

You can also set tags and get special pages for a tag, for example the page of +Rahul Roy for the tag "Google+ Tips":
- (by +Rahul Roy)

You can start directly (without the extension) here:

Here you can find some randomly choosen favorite post pages:

Some links regarding the extension:
- Install the extension:
- Force the update of our extension:
- Rate/review the extension:

Any feedback is welcome!
You can also show us your favorite posts page or tell us how you will use this new feature (like a weekly post).

#circlecountupdate #postmanagement
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