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Half Hiding


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Phone || Samsung Galaxy S5
Processing || Snapseed
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Jacob Dix

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Late Night Reminiscing


The other evening I asked my son, now seven, to clean up his picture books he has drawn and written, before he went to bed. He did, and as I checked in on him he held the stack of them, some 20 books in his hands. That's quite a library he is assembling, I thought. It got me thinking about paper, this essential of all essentials in a child's creativity. The iPad has NOTHING on the pure and raw joy, the texture, the potential, of paper.

My dad worked as a truck driver in the 80s, my childhood, for Penn Lithograph paper company. He would load and ship huge spools and palettes of paper all over the place, in the greater Los Angeles area. There was a bonus to all this. The wasteful company would throw out tons of paper. It was in all sizes, all colors, all textures. The A4 size always came in stacks of 50 in plastic bags, which we opened at one end.

To organize it all, my mom, a carpenter by hobby, built hundreds of thin shelves in our hallway closet. These were lined with reds, blues, earth tones, yellows, violets, and all manner of creamy whites. Smooth, rough, glossy, matte, textured, patterned, every shade and tint. Many a combination. All of this paper, again, would have been thrown away. And I can happily report that all of it was put to use, in origami, drawing, painting, crafts and your standard paper airplanes.

After my dad injured himself at work, the flow of paper stopped. It eventually ran out, and I moved on into other avenues of the creative world.

Seeing my children now go through paper at the rate they do, at the rate I did, I can relive the feeling that paper invariably possesses. Whether I drew something or not, folded or crumpled, failed or succeeded, it always carried a feeling of potential. I still feel it in an art supply store. I felt it as my son was cleaning.

All the things one can do.

End Reminiscing. 
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+Eve Aebi +Asa Gislason+Anneli Westman+HOP MANAD+Roland J. Ruttledge​ Thank you all for your comments. I was thinking about the difference between paper and the tablet/phone screen. These devices always start out with the exact same initial conditions. Kinda boring. 
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Jacob Dix

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The sky is saturated with weather. It's going to rain.

The opening lines to my debut anthology, There Is No Rest. 
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+Warren Harrell thanks brother! I'm really happy you bought a copy! 
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Jacob Dix

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Camera FV-5 Update 3.0

Camera FV-5, the best camera replacement app on the Android market gets an update to version 3.0, making it even better.

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Camera FV-5, the best camera replacement app on the Android market gets an update to version 3.0, making it even better.
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+Keith Barnett that's good news. I saw the update myself. Glad it worked out better.

For editing raw, btw, Photoshop Express can do so too. I think Handy Photo edits raw files though I've not tried. Both are free like Snapseed, though Photoshop Express has some in app purchases like noise reduction. Just in case you want to expand your tools. 
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Jacob Dix

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Ball Lightning

an encounter with a bridge

The monochrome image (DSLR) is by +Trace McLean​. I supplied the lightning (iPhone) and animation (Android). The original image by Trace is here:

Phone || Samsung Galaxy S5
Processing || (iOS) AlienSky, LensFX, (Android) Photo Editor
Tags || #Mobilography #MobileArt #AndroidArt #iPhoneography #iPhoneArt #Gif

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Like the balls at Spencer's that the electric follows your finger
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Jacob Dix

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All That Remains

Cycles and Epicycles

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Phone || Samsung Galaxy S5
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Jacob Dix

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A long exposure on my phone of Stockholm during a recent photo walk with +Alex Lapidus​ & +Linda Villers​. This is actually a regular image stacked on two long exposures, to clean it all up a bit, bring out the best of each shot.

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Phone || Samsung Galaxy S5
Processing || Long Exposure 2, Photo Editor, Snapseed
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+Alex Lapidus I'm looking forward to it!
Thank you +Eve Aebi​, +HOP MANAD​, +Linda Villers​! 
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Jacob Dix

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There Is No Rest is now available for purchase

Go grab a copy and put your feet up!

#ShortStory #Fiction #Anthology #eBook #Paperback #Purchase

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Page || +There Is No Rest​
There Is No Rest is now available for purchase, both as an eBook and in good old fashioned paper form.
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Thanks +Benjamin Kappel Schmidt​! 
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Jacob Dix

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There Is No Rest is nearing publication

November 27th
Did you know our fellow NovoPulp HQ Member, Jacob Dix, is About to Publish His Debut Novel with Hermit Studio?
There Is No Rest by +Jacob Dix

At +NovoPulp we have talked about doing special editions and novels for some time now and this book is our first offering. Although Jacob chose not to publish under the NovoPulp brand, it still feels like it's a milestone within the NovoPulp community. Many of the same people who are in NovoPulp HQ also worked on There Is No Rest. That is why we wanted to share the double good news with you today: we are publishing TWO books for you this Christmas :D

Read More including the Book Blurb:

Learn More about the Book:

Published by Hermit Studio:

#indie   #publishing   #fiction   #christmas2015   #scifi   #sciencefiction   #shortstory   #anthology   #HermitStudio  
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+Jacob Dix ok Jacob thank you , i Will commende your book even tomorrow or after tomorrow , I am sure I will enjoy it very much
Have a nice time :) 
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Jacob Dix

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The Last Leaf

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Phone || Samsung Galaxy S5
Processing || Snapseed
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A hope for life. 
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Jacob Dix

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Leaving Lines

Leading Lives

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Phone || Samsung Galaxy S5
Processing || Snapseed
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+Heiko Mahr thanks! 
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Jacob Dix

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The Terror of Frogs

And so I ran through shadowed night,
Caught midway 'tween darkness, fright.
Alas my fear clutched 'round my lungs
And short a breath, to safety's gate I sprung
For yonder was the home I knew, its living room a light!

But No! my fear it grasped and held below the knee,
Around my ankle, something! It was upon me!
I ran through reads, like wind in trepid flight
Escaping through the gate to find whom held so tight
'Twas a little frog, more scared than I, who knew, between us two, that I could faster flee!
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+HOP MANAD thank you. 
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I use the hashtag #Mobilography for all mobile photography work. There are quite a few others who use the hashtag as well. Smartphone photography is my personal outlet of creativity. I am a father of two beautiful children. I live with my family in Stockholm, Sweden and happily spend most of my time with them. My home is filled with the sound of their laughter. I have a Masters in History and Education. Jesus' life and teachings are incomparable though I find truth in many, many places. Don't worry, I'm not a bible thumper, but a scientist as well as religionist. Science and religion -- religion of the personal kind that is -- are complimentary, compatible and when harmonized via a self-critical philosophy are desirable. My religion is my own. So you won't hear me talk about it so often. If you do not love, you have nothing. 

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