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Jacob Curtis
Social Media pays the bills. Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist | Community Manager & Storyteller.Check out my work online!
Social Media pays the bills. Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist | Community Manager & Storyteller.Check out my work online!


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So what exactly is Facebook authorship? Basically it’s a new meta tag, writers and publishers can use to show the author profile or publishing page for content posted on Facebook.

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Switching it up a bit and seeing how my tutorials perform when published on Monday. Looking forward to seeing the data.

This week's tutorial covers Audience optimization, a new feature for your Facebook page posts!

Enjoy! #Facebooktip   #Facebooktutorial   #facebookmarketing  

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Facebook really hasn't publicized it's latest Professional Services search feature.

Here's what you need to know in my latest #SocialMediaMinute

#FacebookTip #SocialMediaMarketing #LocalBiz

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Ever notice some Facebook Pages have a grey check mark verification badge next to their business name? It’s because they’ve been verified as a local business on Facebook.
While this isn’t to be confused with the blue check verification badge seen on profiles or pages of celebrities or major brands, applying to get your local business verified still has its benefits. 

This week’s #SocialMediaMinute will cover how to verify your local business page on Facebook.

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First #socialmediaminute  of 2016!

This week’s #SocialMediaMinute will cover how and why to set your Facebook Page’s messaging status to Away.

#Tutorial   #facebookmarketing   #communitymanagement  

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Ever wonder how to automatically add your old or new YouTube videos to a playlist? I found myself wasting too much time adding each individual video to my playlists that when I stumbled across this auto add feature I had to let you know!

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My latest tutorial is live! Facebook Bluetooth Beacons are still in their infancy but have a lot of potential for real-time-right-time engagement. This is a must for local businesses! Not to mention it's free!

#Facebooktips   #tutorial   #Facebookbeacon   #beacontech  

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First contributing article for +Social Media Examiner!

Are you active on Twitter?

Does your business participate in Twitter chats?

While it may be more challenging for businesses to participate in chats from behind a logo, it can be done.

In this article I’ll explain how to engage in Twitter chats as your business, so you can grow your network.

#TwitterChat   #TwitterTips   #socialmediastrategy   

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Visual Strategy Saturday | A roundup of some of the best branding & design articles from the past week.

Happy Hangover #Saturday Badasses! {oooh, is it just me that's hungover?? Wedding weekends will do that to ya.} But enough about my latest excuse for drinking myself into sleeping in! Let's get to the good shit.

To help you create visuals that get you notice, here's your heaping dose of the best visual mastery strategies from the last week.

This edition of visual and branding badassery is brought to you by: 

1. How to Use Visual Content to Drive More Traffic by +Donna Moritz via +Social Media Examiner

2. 7 Best Visual Marketing Apps to Create Social Media Graphics by +Rebekah Radice, LLC

3. 9 LinkedIn Publishing Tips That Can Build Your Visibility and Audience by +Denise Wakeman

4. The 10 New Rules Of Visual Content Marketing
Read more at by Paul Bingham via +B2C

5. How to Embed Native Facebook Videos on Your Website by +Jacob Curtis

Pin them all for later:

If there is something specific you're looking for on the visual side of things let me know - holler at your girl in the comments and let me know what you're looking for so I can keep my eyes opened for ya!

#visualmarketing #visualcontent#socialmediatips #visualstrategysaturday

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Facebook just announced that you can embed their native videos into your website or blog. Here's how to embed your uploaded Facebook videos OR embed Facebook videos uploaded by others.

#FacebookVideos   #Facebooktutorial  #FacebookNews #FacebookUpdate
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