Dubious EMN meeting on 'quantum computing and quantum communication'?

Yesterday I received a second 'invitation' (probably many reading this are getting these) from what looks like a mixture between a fishing scheme and a 'vanity event' that simply wants your money. Am I wrong? First they asked me to be on some conference committee which I replied "No thanks and don't put my name on your page". Now I'm an invited speaker. Invited to pay them $675USD that is! It's only $475 to hang up a poster at the event. But act now, this is early bird pricing. At the door and I quote, it's “cash only” so you need to take $875USD with you.

- http://emnmeeting.org/QCQI/registration/

Am I wrong about my judgements? Looks like a business putting these events together to make a profit and picking event topics based on what they can sell.
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