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+Steve Maxson Guess what site finally got approved for coding this month!

Pretty sure that's your design, ha.

+Christopher Ardelean Do you have any experience with setting up FTP stuff for IIS7? I just created a Windows Server out of an old netbook, but I can't get FTP working properly. I can FTP in to C:/inetpub/ftproot but not C:/inetpub/wwwroot. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

+Christopher Ardelean Server crashed about 10 minutes ago, if you didn't know.

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+Christopher Ardelean  I have a programming question for you. 

Every week, or day, or whatever, I want to wipe out all my Internet Explorer bookmarks and import my Chrome bookmarks to Internet Explorer. I know there are services like Xmarks that sync bookmarks, but that always ends up with duplications, and weird file structures, etc. I don't want to sync my bookmarks, I just want my IE bookmarks to reflect my Chrome bookmarks. 

I found this tutorial, but it makes no sense to me. It's programming based, so I thought I'd ask you. Can you help me get this compiled or whatever? Once I have a working copy of the program, I can just write a batch script or something to automatically run every however often. Although, if you wanted to be awesome, and finish writing this so it would just work auomatically, that'd be great. 

+Christopher Ardelean Do you know if there's a way to move placed blocks on our FTB server? I think I need to move the top of my base up 5 (one more floor) so my arcane levitates will work properly (they'll go 5 too high as it is right now). Really hoping I don't need to tear down the top and rebuild it, lol...

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Can't wait for Feedly for Windows!

+Steve Maxson +Christopher Ardelean Do either of you use a "Read Later" type service? 

Also, new Google+ is lame.
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