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Jaclyn Karabinas
mom, wife, educator, consultant, arts and technology advocate
mom, wife, educator, consultant, arts and technology advocate


I could use some think partners on advising schools who are carefully working through the implementation guide for GSuite to be HIPAA compliant.

A number of issues have popped up that really just need to be solved by policies, but specifically, the administrative team really wants to use Autocrat to merge student data on to forms, mailers etc. What is the opinion here about Autocrat security? I know that in order to run, obviously the script (not the developer) needs access to the files in drive and the data being merged, but it's still bringing uncertainty.

Thanks for anyone's experience on this!

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Has anyone had this issue lately when setting up the merge? I have not come across this one before! I only have headers of First Last Email for an emailed certificate merge. Thanks, friends.

Hi, all! I've been using Autocrat to merge documents for a student assignment for a few years, upon form submit. For the last week or so, it isn't merging on submit. I can manually merge, but it won't do it automatically..
I have deleted and re-added triggers a few times, but still nothing...I am stumped! All my usual fix-its aren't helping me.

Any ideas are appreciated!

Anyone having merge issues today? Mine has been working, but then just stopped.... Thanks!

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Hi, all. Lately I have had random people not be added as editors to merged and mailed docs. There is no real pattern, different people, all GAFE addresses. The emails are chosen by multiple choice so it isn't a mistype. Any ideas?

What a great way to use the tools already available within GAFE to collaborate!

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Hi, everyone! I am surely just tired and can't see the error that is right in front of my face...but Autocrat isn't merging on Form Submit. My trigger says that it is- so it must be a step along the way that is stopping it. I can manually run the merge, however. 

I am running FormMule as well and that is working perfectly. Thank you so much everyone!
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