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A fabulous new book in the making showcasing the amazing images of red squirrels and their precious forest home by award winning wildlife photographer Neil McIntyre. Neil is working in partnership with Scotland: The Big Picture to try and raise the awareness of the red squirrels and the need for reforesting to help them continue to flourish.

This book is being self-published using Kickstarter crowdfunding as a means of raising the finances. Any support you can give this campaign would be greatly appreciated whether it be financial or by sharing this information.

Thank you. 

Thanks for the invite +Jerri Smyth love reading poetry but don't get as much chance as I would like

Thanks +Crystal Angle I have wanted to get back to running for quite some time but lacked motivation. Hopefully we can all help each other :-)

Are you sure I am allowed to play on here since I am from closer to the east coast lol :)

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Good Morning G+ people's and a Happy Sunday to everyone.

It's a glorious day here but I will be stuck indoor painting......sympathy people lol

Have a great day ya all..!! 

So okay my ifruit contract is due for an upgrade in September so I thought I would start looking around now. +Martin Reading and +Grant Mckee have already recommended the S2 and S3 but wondered what everyone has.....and what do you like and dislike about it?

Answers on a postcard please to : below :)

Obviously the threat of me heading south again was too much for +Martin Reading and +Kevin Ferguson so they decided to send some sun north hehe

Or maybe it was +Annette Marini huff and strop yesterday lol

We make a great team Annette hehe 

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Thank Crunchie it's Friday not sure the brain would have lasted much longer.....

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It seems I am a bachelor oops 
This is also known as the "Bachelor Method" of washing dishes.

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A bit of a spotty / stripey mish-mash today for probably the final ladies assault on the #sockwars stream before we totally break for the summer :)


Bring it on ladies !!!!!
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