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Jackie Gordon Singing Chef
Eating, singing and laughing all the way.
Eating, singing and laughing all the way.


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The scene last Saturday in the brand new event space at The Institute of Culinary Education was pies, pies, pies and more pies as food bloggers and culinary professionals gathered for the fourth annual Pie Party Potluck Live!

Make, bring and eat pie with friends was the theme of the afternoon.

#foodblogger #newyorkcity
Pie Party Potluck Live 2015
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Check out my latest sizzle reel!

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Have you checked out my new recipe channel?

It's looking mighty tasty!

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LOVED meeting my FOOD FRIEND +Dadisi Olutosin  in person, in my neck of the woods!  

We met right here on G+!!! Love social media for introducing me to food peeps!

He has exciting Food Fun coming to Brooklyn. Stay tuned!
Happy Twi's-day people!!! What a spectacular night I had in Brooklyn. Got an opportunity to meet and break bread with a long time social media friend, Ms. Jackie Gordon. If you don't know here she goes by the nom de plume of Jackie Gordon Singing Chef.

We had a wonderful meal with a couple of my other close friends at La Caye Restaurant and Wine Bar in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn and the food was delicious. Take this as a friendly reminder, when you manager your social media image properly and respectfully interact with people you meet the best people in the world.

I'll will share a few of the photo's from last night's meal throughout the day. Stay tuned and have a wonderful day.

#CarpeDiem #LaCayeBK #ChefLife

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How To Host A BBQ in Brooklyn Bridge Park has tips and a checklist for a planning a barbecue with a multi-million dollar view on the Brooklyn foreshore.

There's a recipe for Meatloaf Sausages and few other dishes that would work well for a BBQ.

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Hey Everyone and I mean PARENTS!

My friend +Elie Venezky  is creating an amazing new app called +1 Math that provides an easy, fun way for students to master math and excel in school and on standardized tests. And it’s will be easy for parents to use, too and it's on Kickstarter.

If you have kids that struggle with math and you want them to ACE the SATs and ACTs, you should help him make this project a reality!
+1 Math will help a lot of students get better at math without the shame that sometimes comes from learning at a different speed.

Elie wants everyone to have this app, regardless of income, so he’s giving it away free to students from low-income families. (250,000 students next year alone!)

#sattutoring   #tutoring   #mathematics   #teens   #teenagers  

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We'll be chatting. You could win PRIZES! Come hang with Kenmore,+Momma Cuisine +Jenni Field +Marnely Rodriguez-Murray, +Kit Graham Samantha Ferraro and I for spring food and home fun!!

Join us for the #artofhome Twitter Chat Thursday  4/16, 7pm CST. 

#twitterchat   #prizes   #kenmore   #artofhome   #foodbloggers  

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When I walked past Aux Merveilleux de Fred on 8th Avenue, the cook who  making the Merveilleux in the window must have put a spell on me because I spent hours making five kinds of them and had no time to make an Easter bonnet.

I think it's a rather FAB gluten free dessert, although I still like pavlova better.

#meringue   #glutenfree   #glutenfreerecipes   #dessert   #dessertrecipes
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