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“Life will knock us down, but we can choose to get back up.”
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I'm the first plusser :D love you Jackie :) <3
Great advice.... the remake of Karate Kid really captivated my two young children (seven and eight). I'm looking forward to more!
this is true but sometimes it's not easy
Yeah Jackie, I like
"Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again."
Life itself is a combat of everyday
دا باشا الكوميديا والكونغ فووووووووووو
Ahhhh, the fearless hyena. (Which I saw in french the first time) The scene with the chopsticks is epic. The humourous undertones of the entire movie was to be the signature from this great martial artist and stuntman. Teaching us that a smile, a wink and a giggle can be as powerful as any punch.
يا سلااااااام جاكى ده ملك الكونج فو بعد بروس لى يا حظى ملقتش مدرب عدل فى حياتى يعلمنى
So true,we can allow obstacles to stop us,or we can use them as stepping stones to move forward.
Obstacles come and go. I have had so many that I feel like I have become immune to them and just jump over them like nothing. To me it is life and they will happen. I am lucky because most of mine have been little. Knowing that people have already faced big obstacles will help me if I ever face one. Knowing I am not alone and there are others that have been here and done that.
Love karate kid! So touching and inspirational! :)
hello am charlesappiah and i want br your friend
A Powerful Movie, that's why I wrote an excellent Movie Review about it. The inner method to achieve total awareness, the powerful Moral Premise of this KK, great movie!
oh... thats the karate kid!!!!! i just loooove it sooooooo much!!!
Great shot...I want to focus on remembering the "SMILE" moments
Anybody who needs to see your About page to know you deserves a kick Jackie! Keep rocking! :)
the great wall of china the movie kk I have it
This sounds like something Sphynx from Mystery Men would say.
krate kid is my faverout film
إذا كنت فعلاً جاكيشن فأريد أن أهمس في أذنك : أنت شخص يحب الخير والأعمال الخيرية وأنا أحب الذين يحبون الأعمال الخيرية ...بمعنى أني أحب أعمالك ولذلك أريد أن أهديك السعادة التي أشعر بها : أنا أعرف الجواب عن الثلاثة الأسئلة المحيرة :
ـ لماذا أتينا إلى الأرض ؟
ـ ومن الذي جاء بنا إلى الأرض ؟
ـ ولماذا جئينا إلى الأرض ؟
وأمتلك إجابات مقنعة إن أردت الحصول عليها .....أحبك وأحب لك الخير جاكيشن
有认证系统的, 是假的,或者没有认证而已.. 看到后面的对号了米有?
In order to know how strong your legs are, you have to fall down.
Mas oud
مام یه خداداد عزیزی داریم شبیه توِ والاااااا
حالا از اینا بگزریم چرا این عکس باید هات شه این همه لایک بخوره شِیر شه بعد کسشرای ما اونجوری مظلوم واقع شه یزیدِ عمروعاس
عه سلام یادم رفت
پ.ن : عمرن اینو گوگل ترنسلیت بتونه ترنسلیت کنه پس زور نزن یکی زور زد رید
Excellent quote. one's resilience to get up again shows the real strength.
Honestly, this was a poor knock off of the original Karate Kid. I expected more from Jackie Chan here.
Having spent time in China, I though the Jackie Chan's version was a very good movie. Personally, I would love to see a part II.
being beaten down is not the worst thing the worst is after hitting ground don't fight back to get up
My nana used to say, "When you have been kicked down into the mud, you can sit there getting dirty and cry about it, or you can get back up and keep going." Some things are universal.
I remember this line in the movie you delivered. You did an outstanding overall performance. I enjoyed watching this movie 2x. Good job +Jackie Chan ... Do not retired, keep making great films or I will knock you down so that you will get up stronger. :) Kidding, of course. One last thought just came up while writing this comment. I know this is a long shot, but I like to see you in Star Trek film with some kung fu actions.
great advice....and always true...
Weli A
No matter if it's the real Jackie or not. That's the nice quote!
ee ya enpiese la itra pelicula ya kiero k salga para verla
так держать
me too i dont get tire of watching it
is this a scene from a KARATE KID where china man teaches this kid KUNG FU??? whats with the KARATE title!!! maybe just maybe a KUNG FU KID... :-) joking...
liked this movie...will smith's kid is amazing...!!! nice job....
Just wanna say Mr. Chan I truly admire the success you've built in your career. You're truly an inspiration!
As it was said in Batman Begins "Why do we fall down? To learn to pick ourselves up."
Whisper Words of Wisdom
Tko leti, vrijedi,
tko vrijedi, leti,
tko ne leti, ne vrijedi.
I think i have watched this movie like three times!
Sometimes life steps on your hand as you attempt to stand.
We run a small WTTU/ATA Martial arts school and I can attest to the truth of this comment.
I have added you in the spirituality circle. Inner struggles define the spirituality better.
11 more +1s until the dreaded number
i have seen this movie..I love it!
Thoughts influence our moods and if we choose to be positive in our thinking we can have happier more productive life's.
True man, want mooooore of u & Jet Li, thx.
I thought this was a great remake, but they really should've changed the name. He wasn't teaching Karate. Major oops.
True man, want mooooore of u & Jet Li, thx.
Life will never knock Jayden Smith down, unless he gets into cocaine when he's older.
Do you have a ninja spinjago character in works:-) ?
Or he gets involved with the wrong woman.......or man.
I was wondering if you used G+... glad your here.. now my son will never get off the damn computer since he is one of your biggest fans, next to Bruce Lee and Jim Carey. (Ever since the Forbidden Kingdom this has been the order of things with him.)
that movie was awesome when i saw it
Thx for the update Jackie. Nice to hear from from you.
eres el mejor d todos los tiempos jackie soy tu fan desde niño Dios te cuide y Bendiga siempre...
Nicely said.

I was diagnosed with stage IV of a rare form of cancer about 4 years ago and was told there's no known way to cure what I have and no way to even deal with it. I just about gave up right there but something inside me said that can't happen. I started doing a lot of research about cancer and how to deal with it. I found that there's tons of research going on and I found a study that sounded like it might be something that would apply to me. I've been in the study for over 3 years and the drug just got FDA approval and is the first of its kind to deal with this type of cancer in a non-invasive way.

My story isn't a bowel of cherries and this isn't to say that anything has been solved, but if you stay positive and choose to get back up, and really mean it, then you've already won.

Life is not for the faint-hearted, go live it...
All depends how far your down before u cant get up by yourself and need a helping hand
who isnt a fan of him? I agree with you!
It's true and awsome butt we should believe that we can do that
You are my 偶像!
i really like the quote
S Bo
Jackie Chan has so much swag haha i wish jackie could teach me karate...
My 3 favorite karate dudes> 1: Jackie Chan 2: Jackie Chan 3: Jackie Chan
Jackie I have seen you get knocked down many times but you ALWAYS GET BACK UP! Take care Jackie. PS: I used to live in Hong Kong and can still speak Cantonese, I was also in the action movie Champion Operation 1986 where I played the Chief of Police & a TV series called Fung Sui.
Why is Mr. Miaggi Jackie Chan? This is FUCKED UP is that Will Smith's kid?
What the fuck is going on!?
Meanie ^
That is so nice by the way Jackie! I am your biggest fan!!!!!!!
yeah. U ar right mr jackie. But lif is up and down wen it knock u down make sure u stand up again
All Brazilian peoples... LOVES YOU JACKIE!!! você é o melhor...
Thanks I'll make sure to get up when I fall down.
old jackie like old macdonald lol
All it takes is a liltle confedance !
Soo will beer but u can't always choose to get back up
Maybe you should focus on making better movies.
i totally agree with you when that happens to you its a big choice that you have to make and its almost like a life or death situation and whatever decision that you decide to make will either work for you or become a problem
the first film i see you in was "druken master " and ive tried to get as many films as poss ever since . Thankyou for an entertaining life !!!
I,love thia guy and,yes we must try to succed that nd,love tje movie especially with you and jaden smith great job,you should make some more movies together
wow I like it soo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jackie chan is dead though...
Wow it's my dream boy.
كبرت ياعم جاكي
If we do not wake up from this DREAM. we will still be DOWN! And that is the TRUTH!
Are you kidding me Mr. Chan on Google+. Awesome
google+ just got better with Mr. Chan and some great movies too!!!
he's a dictator thats his last name
Erk Lok
Not if it knocks you out!
It is so true mr: jackie sir thanks. are few and far. if you need work try makecash28com we heard about it on youtube. but it's an at home job on your computer making $25.50hourly. its steady income and you can take care of those cute kids of me hun god bless
lolololol open youre eyes jackie
Yup sure Jackie :: we can choose to get back up :)
ter nea
Wrong....not all of us get back up.
that kid looks like the other kid on youtube who thinks he is a supersaitan
My 7 yr old son is your favorite fan he says that he's gonna make a movie with you one day
Jackie Chan I love your movies since I was 8 years old. Any new projects for this 2012? I'm 41 years old and I live in Seattle Wa.
Hey jackie, everyone keeps calling me Jackie Chen because my name is Jack Chen
goodnight jackie'm from Brazil and all the people you love by from children to adults much success to you hope to see more movies.
VERY WISE DUDE!!!!! ( I mean Jackie Chan sir.....) LOL
more $$$$$$$$$$$$
Do it more from u'r big inspiration...
成龙大哥,jackie chen, we love you.
i watch all of you movies jackie chan and i love you jaden smith
Very true! That's something I've always believed in! If you don't get back up you'll never know what wonderful things could be around the corner for you!! :) 
That Saying is so True Jackie Chan, Life is aways about Choices!!
My dad likes you action movies and all the great movies you are in! For me.... I just love you

I like you both jackie & jaden...this is my favourite dialogue from the movie.
wow i love that move good jod Jackie Chan
We have to fight for our own life because no one else can do it 4 us.
international,show we all same inside
True, making that choice is not easy you really have to be more confident, hardworking ..
how nice this picture
i have seen your movie, i like it
its really a gud movie i liked it very much
Love Jackie chan but karate kid sucks ass ! I didn't know karate was Chinese? 
very good movie...
inspire us to do the best in our live....
this is so fake that profile picture is Bruce lee
only wen we r ready to knock the life.
+Saivon Brown bahahaha was that a joke or are you really so blind that you think thats bruce lee lol
love both of these , best works :)
interesting ni g very interesting a
P Gh
what if we don't want to get back up?
That's for sure totally agree the getting back up that makes us strong.
i now jackie chan.his my fabaret.his film karati kide the famous
you are truely right Jackie
Thank you for let many of Us, get to know you through your work. To inspire greatness, hard work, humility and sheer will power, and even more for your kind smile. By the way I'm your fan lol =)
AJ Katt
Is this the real Jackie Chan or just a fake profile?
Sometimes life knocks you out so many times you just can't stand up any more. I enjoy watching movies with Jackie Chan in them.
Yes, yes...but sometimes, you need a little help. You can't always get back up on your own.
I love all your movies they are clean fun with good plots.
I like ur moving" when I was young it gives me fun nd I still like it but no time 4 relaxing..........
Jackie I really love your this movie its name is Karate kid m i right????????? It is a picture of train when u r going with this karate kid to a hilltop.........
I'm come from Vietnamese ....
I'm really like Jackie chan (°!°)
من هاذ ؟؟؟؟ مبين انه صيني او تيلاندي الله واكبر ما في شي احسن لتحطه
When u goin to cum back out with new move
Reminds me of another quote "Tis not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts"
Cars will knock you down but paramedics can get you back up again
post something else.. this doesn't make me want to circle you. I can get this shit on facebook.
Jackie, you r mind blowing. been ur fan since i was so young
i was sow ur all picture this is so different than all
Върха си в този филм! Най - добрия !!
those are great use of words. you are a wise man
hai jackie .......................
they told me that u now english very well and now ur fluent
that is a true satemaent jackie chan
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