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"I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan."
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And never will there be another!
I liked your movies just as much as I liked Bruce Lee's films bruce was more serious though
you are the best of our time...Love ya sexy've earned your place....
Yes, you are the 1st 'jackie chan' ;)
Люблю Брюса Ли). И Джеки Чана тоже люблю, с юмором).У меня нунчаки даже есть с его фоткой -B.L.). Ходила на каратэ киокушинкай в 2005-2006 г. Потом спина стала болеть пришлось сказать стоп)).
Since i was little until today+Bruce Lee will alway's be My favorite " he's Legend"+ Jackie Chan your great ! + performer!;))
Just keep going Jackie Chan <3
Exactly, you can't be the next Bruce Lee, for ever.
like you movies so much. r u update your g+ on you own?
Lt Blak
Both masters of their own KIND
cool i think this is true ur born a origanal dont die a copy :)
Очень нравятся ваши фильмы,так держать!
Как драматический актер вы так же на высшем уровне! Спасибо вам за Творчество ;)
And you are the one and only super Jackie Chan-unmatched. The similarity is you are both exceptional in technique and presence, each in you own style.
i just love the comic aspect of ur movies
Wow two great names in one sentence. Bruce lee and Jackie chan , wow
Jackie Chan one-born movie star there will never be another ... Man you are the best ;)
And in that, Mr. Chan, you have succeeded brilliantly. And, I suspect, you have created a persona that will always be unique. I doubt that there will ever be a "next Jackie Chan." So I wonder what you would like to pass on as a legacy. Both you and Bruce Lee have achieved immortality. How would you like to see yours manifested?
Obviously he is right. :-] Bruce Lee is a world better...
mission accomplished. - there is only one bruce lee - as they sing in the stadiums around england.
As good as Bruce Lee as was... the world needs more individuals forging their own way then people trying to recreate past legends. Keep doing what you do so well.
ooooh i luv the moovie u were in
it was kalled
o yah rush hour
me and my bro watch that over and over and over and the moovie never ever ever gets old
想學李小龍馬上風, 你就想喇
You are awesome! And in your own right!
Someone once said that "You only imitate that which you like."
When I first saw one of your movies (I was reeeeally younger) I thought that you were imitating Bruce Lee moves but I remembered your face, moves and special character when I saw your next movie and the movie next to that and I never made the comparison again.
Since that time you've became on of my favourite action actors.
An action hero who is not only a great fighter but he is also funny and can make me laugh.

I can remember kids arround my age here in Greece started imitating your moves and calling your name but we never stopped calling Bruce's name too (even now I hear both your names in playgrounds!).
These kids (now men) are still working out based on your principles in the hundreds dojos that opened since these "good old days".

You'll always be the one and only Jackie Chan in our hearts :)

~ Isi
J.chan is in lee's level for a very long time.
hi jackie i like your style of fighting, I'm a huge fan of Indonesia, may I ask for something for my child's birthday gift
Your name is my nickname, plus im asian XD
You don't have a thing to worry about. You are secure in your martial arts skills and definitely secure in your skills as an entertainer. Your a master of both, JC......
right on! you rock! +Jackie Chan keep up the good work ... i believe we all have a special purpose in life as well as a personal specialty and you have certainly found yours :)
hey jackie ur so cul in ur movies and ur so unique and amazin!!!!!!
I still admire Bruce Lee as the best ever. But I am so glad we got to know and love you too +Jackie Chan! Love your movies and moves. I'm sure Bruce and you would have been friends:o))
Не нужно сравнивать. Они оба - великие!
Dan G
It can be only one Bruce Lee...and it can be only one Jackie Chan!
So what? And where's the point?
You can only be the best you, that what I always tell my kids
Your styles are very different and completely unique in each and every way. People just want to box everybody in the same category of greats, just because they miss them when they are gone . . . You are a great in the martial arts community as well as Bruce was and you will be remembered and honored, just as much as he, when your time of departure comes to pass. I have learned so much from watching both of you, on top of all my training years with several friends and colleagues, but what I have learned the most from you two, would be the discipline and courage, to always be true to yourself and not what others dictate, you should portray . . . I bow to you both, in admirable respect . . .
who was your trainer, if the answer is Grand master Yip you are the next Bruce Lee. Love your movies!!!
i like jackie b'cos he is not only the film hero but also a real hero nobody can do stunt like him..... Yes he is the real hero.......
be your self thats all anyone can be.
everyone and anyone that was asian and doing martial arts in the late 70's was pretty much labeled the next bruce lee.
i like your statement your self..nothing's same..
Great job Boss. Really U r said to be not only first jackie chan while last too.
grt u have achieved ur dream.
you still are....when you n chris tucker getting toghether to do rush hour 4?????
Bruce Lee never had your sense of humor 
i like ur face expression while u donig silly mistakes which would turned into your favour dramaticallty. . .
You are the probably the only guy I know who could kick someone's ass and make them laugh their ass off while you're doing it! LOL
play wild ones on google plus
P.S. its a game
hi jackie how are you? you are a multi talented actor . you can easily act all kind of funny,action,emotional and action roles.
Bruce Lee will always and forever be the Ultimate Legend. He busted his butt to stamp his name into time by teaching his unlocks of his abilities. Jackie Chan is doing the same in his own way. They both are Masters of an art with a passion for sharing. Weather its thru a school or a movie, they both are names that people are going to pass onto generations to come. I hold the HIGHEST RESPECT for both these gentlemen for breaking the boundries of selfishness to share there art in the best ways they saw or see fit. Bruce Lee is Ultimate Legend, Jackie Chan is the next Legend. Although another movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li is seriously over due. lol
Jim G
Greatness in humility!
Jackie Chan is the one and only Jackie Chan...Keep on Jackie I lov ya...
jakie chan in en büyük hayranıyımbu fotoğrafıda bende vardı.güzel
there's only 1 Bruce Lee & 1 Jackie Chan! thxs for all that u give us Jackie :)
There's only one word for you: 'KICKASS'
i remember that one cartoon that your were in it was funny
People do not compare you with Bruce Lee. You got different style by all meanings.
But still, Bruce Lee is a legend. You're amazing Jackie ;P
big differences between you two
there can only be one jackie chan and one bruce lee :)
no both are different. you are so fast. you are also legend.
you are better then are alsome.
i dont consider you bruce lee. you are yourself. i dont put you in that category, your funny guy!
Well, Bruce opened a lot of doors but others have definitely exceeded him in the world of martial arts movies. He took himself way too seriously and refused to do comedy. Jackie is in a league of his own: doing his own stunts and likable enough for leading man roles outside of pure action.
WHAA??? I wanted to be Bruce. Way cooler.
Ken Lin
я тубя уважаю тоже очень хачу научится боевым искувствам
Dear you are single and only one Jackie Chan in the world and no body deserve for it.
Since i young, i like to look ur kung fu movie very much. Satin of yard while fight like man
Jacky you are an amazing actor and your just awesome in general. :)
There is one and only Jackie Chan who made my youth! Aww, now i have to watch Police Story.
buuuuuurp sorry but ok you can be the first jackie chan
you r d 1st chan dnt worry...
Wow! Jackie my main man. I really love your films very much, you know, its a kind of comedy I really loved. One love my man Jackie.
all you have to do is be yourself in order to be the best in whatever you do.. Be outstanding in all you do.
you are the the first jackie chan and your the onlye jackie chan
Is that you now Jackie , you lookin fit keep up the good work 
you are indeed unique ...........just be "you"
ive always wanted to meet you[
new police story rocked
U ar wonderful... Jack
I'ld like to become kunfu master as like you.
Better! Bruce had no sense of humor.
hilarious! im new at this...... how do i start????????????????
hahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahhah very funny
You are a great actor! Since my childhood I admired your creativity. Thank you for what you do ...
Just tell me how many steroids you took so I can show off a 6 pack myself. JUST KIDDING.
You are the Best for me Jackie Chan !!!!!

You are the One and Only Jackie !!!!!
u doing grt job duad.u r best of the best
you are the only one ...special for us支持你~~~
There can be only one....Jackie Chan!
sorry but no way that's no one like Bruce. and yes you are very cool
i think its not true , every time u wanted to be second bru cele , but u never cant to be him u know?
Really i like you Jackie :)
are u really Jackie Chan or u just like him so u put that as ur name?
you are different ...
question - "What a delicious cake or a barbecue?
be yourself

Best regards from Ukraine
Hey, it worked out either way, you made some movies, made money, no problemo!!!
You are the vest Jackie chan!!!!
Why he wants to be the next Bruce if he already is the best Jackie!?
who said you wanted to be bruce? your wayyyy better!!!!!
cause you aint got nothing on bruce lee
it's more like a proper job of PR
convince me otherwise ....
there is even a answer from Jackie ...?

...but east or west Chan is best
Awh, Jackie, we grew old together-you doing your thing in the movies and me and the rest of your fans watching you do it so well. There will only be one Jackie Chan.
yup yup yup and i didnt want to share my name with a tech company in taiwan....
jakie is awesome and dont forget it
good old times with chan!
David it's "you're" you dumb fuck
Now also you have the powers and your moves are awsome....
Even i also now some moves because i am also one MARSHALL ART PLAYER
Both great icons of the art They would be great mates

haha you are the one master! and has the respect of the world!!
Bruce just wanted to be the PRE-Jackie Chan
just by looking at your face i laugh hence you are different.
ur better then bruce lee and who is bruce lee
jackie chan fit but ugly im a girl by the way
Aaron L
Your the best homie you keep it real ; )
chackie chan ur the one and only my fav movie of u is rush hour all of them u and chris tucker make a great team
WHERE IS JACKIE CHAN NOW ?? WELL HE'S nowhere to be seen
And that's why you are so incredibly successful!
There can only be one and that is you. No one can ever take your place.
Bruce Lee it's Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan it's Jackie Chan is here can not to be comparison!
Bruce Lee was the Key but jackie chan is The Man.
You are the best jakie but i love all your movies and ur friend jet lee and Bruce lee. 
don't be follower, be ideal, be leader.... very good.
i love bruce lee nd i love u 2 my heart jackie u r awsome very very gud fighter i like ur style ur fight ur movies my all best wishes for u my friend
Zian Lu
are you really jacke chan?
I love Jackie Chan, he's adorable! <3
I wanted to be the first Jackie Chan too. Weird.
Jackie, Bruce is the man. But you are too. And as for me and my family you get more love here. We enjoy all your movies and will continue to support you in all your endeavors. You captured the true essence of what it means to be an entertainer.
I love this and these dudes are amazin! they inspire me
Paul S
I'm lookin for the big brawl dvd
I love u. u r the pride of Chinese! Yes!
Right, me as the first Jackie Lee. =)
Your perfict for patch but u can't come over
I like Bruce Lee &Jackie Chan two great actors &martial artists. The best!
It'' true.....................
Oi Jackie Chan!!!Parabéns,pela magnífica pessoa que você é!!!Admiro você e o seu trabalho!!!Linda semana,com grandes realizações e muito sucesso pra você!!!Seja feliz hoje e sempre!!!!
I like the way u ur action drunken master. And other more.i wnt to learn watch all ur movies.inspired me much u r d man.jackie chan all my family.loves u a lot espcially my dad.Godbless olwez.
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. It seems as if old age is trying to fight you and i don't like it at all. Is there anything we can do to prevent that 4rom happening? I luv you Jackie......
I am the last Jackie Chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't try to compare Jackie to Bruce. Both are awesome in their own right. Go Jackie!
Jackie chan movies are crazy but fun to watch they are cool.

You have entertained so many of us, and for that I say thank you. We absolutely love watching your movies, they never get old. Thank you for being yourself, you are one of a kind and one of my favorites.
isn't this a little inappropriate considering Bruce lee is dead and you are basically saying this of of his fandom to receive your own larger fanbase.
I can say without a doubt that its hard to feel down when I watch a Jackie Chan movie.
You da Man Jackie!!!! The thing people dont realise is that we all pretended to be Bruce Lee when we were young down to the moves and the noises and the mastery of the nunchucks. Tell me how many people can do or attempt to do what Jackie Chan does in every movie. My whole family love Jackie from my 65 year old mother to my nine year old daughter. Though he was great, Bruce Lee did not have such appeal. We love you Jackie, keep doing what you do, you are not only the first Jackie Chan but you are the one true superstar!!!
Even +Chuck Norris admires +Jackie Chan!
He's a classic :) I love his movies (and there are a lot!)
Lee is the Dragon Jackie is the Tiger
By the way jackie is the Drunken master
Jackie chan is my favorite Actor. He might be old but damn can he move!
and everyone's different but wow, awesome! You, Bruce, Jet Li, all great and all different !!
Your In luck, because everyone else is taken! Shoulda had a V8
You are the one and only. Is just that there are many narrow minded people.
There can be only one, highlander that is...
And that's why you were so successful. You weren't trying to be a copy cat!
whenever i do sumthing ninja-y i always say "Jackie Chan" so u r tots the 1st
Джеки Чан самый талантливый актер с потрясающим чувством юмора.
OK Jacky your it Fight on!!!
There is only one Bruce Lee and only one Jackie Chan... we love both of you
i can beat him in a ping pong game:)
Martial arts r awesome and same with wrestling
no brooslee only the first JACKIE CHAN...
I watched Ip Man today. Best martial arts fighting scenes ever!
R u really seeing this is?or is this like a twitter thing 
Your movies are great I like that you have your on style and you dont copy from others just be you that's what the world needs
What you say now! You are really wierd but really cool at the same time!
Ps I am a fan of yours
Jim A
That is why we like your so much.
IS actually that buff?
He's cool
Dang I didn't know yOu was that buff
especyacular las fotos idolos totales yo llege a punta negra nomas ,me encantaria terminar
Bruce Lee is the high level that cant be beyond.
Джеки чан - это человек благодаря которому я начал заниматься спортом!
good choice allways be your own person
Your wish has come true, you are the first Jackie Chan:)
You already did it Jackie :)
u look different u look better older no offence
i prefer the Jackie Chan, much more happy n smiling a lot
You're completely right +Blaine Magee
Os J.E
Of course, that was right on several levels.
For me, it is two absolutely different persons, and my both idols.
And you just...did it! i admire both of you.. +Jackie Chan you were the pioneer in a lot of parkour..even before it was defined like
mape for yo  wat yo tank
برسلي اقو رجل في العالم
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