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"We should hang out" - Monkey in Kung Fu Panda
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i just reposted this on fb hahaha
AND YA I WANNA HANG OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, I didn't know you did that character. It's because I saw the movie in its latinamerican version...
OMG to think of it, somehow that monkey makes me think of Jakie Chan
!!! heheheh very nice the monkey cool !!!
Хороший мультфильм, интересный персонаж! Спасибо, мастер Чан!
why are you raping a animated monkey???? KONY2012!!!!
Mr.Chan, have u ever met an actor named Robin Shou?
HOLY CRAP THATS YOU? XD'. How is it that I never notice who the hell does what voices XD'.
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What's up brother smiley face
when? you are really good¡¡¡¡¡¡
you in my heart----
Wong Fu
i totaly think so and i think UR AWESOME too. keep up the good work!!!!!!! :D>-<
ha ha ha!!! ( im laughing my head off)
YEA MAN hey jackie can i call u jackie well any way i want to talk to u on gmail directly so wat should i do
thats awesome man . try posting more pics that show you doing kung fu
I watched Kung Fu Panda I when I heard Jackie Chan's name with it. Before start I came to know that he has just given voice for a character.

Though movie was superb, monkey in all had hardly 3-4 dialogues in the whole movie, one of which is this one :P (others as I can remember: " One who can atleast see his toes" "He is so fast"-for Tai Laung ....
I just love dis guy!!! Better than His 1st (Bruce) and Next (Jet). My opinion.
the best person of the century, one of the best people for one thousand years
"Agreed" says Panda in Kung Fu Panda.
Mr Chan....only one thing to are a LEGEND! May you continue to defy the laws of physics for a very long time...
I would like to see how that goes
monkey is one of my favorite animals because they are very intelligent, more so than dogs!

Jackie Chan, pazi da ti ne pobegne!!!!!!
Jackie Chan so ser for depois da febre amarelakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
I found it respect of person!!
Thank you very much.
ha great pic i love the movies that your in 2 haha
Jackie can you please help me about advice concerning BA COMMUNICATION which I am studing. via (
quiero ser el hombre
quien me enseña a pelear copmo estud
jackie danos algunas clases pues no seas malo de defensa personal porfa
the first Jackie Chan, ur the best,don't feel bad when people call you 2nd Bruce Lee cause your still Jackie charm one
believe it or not, this is called hanging out.
this movie was best i watched it with my bro
jackie chan should have been to the role of a panda.
They did not give Jackie (the real martial artist) enough of a part in that cartoon. Seriously, A fat Panda who gets good at Kung fu in a few weeks by eating food played by Jack Black vs. an agile Monkey played by a Jackie Chan whom (in real-life) trained his entire life...

Shows how much we pacify americans lazy consumer-heavy culture. While we consume, china produces and saves the money we give them, while staying lean. 
I completely agree +O. Liam Wright As good as the movie was, I excitedly anticipated Jackie Chan's appearance, motion acting and voice acting but was sorely disappointed when it was an extremely minor part of the movie.
Yeah why  a big fat panda it should of been umm a i dont know but NOT FAT
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