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"There's a formula to my films-people expect certain things out of a Jackie Chan film-but within those expectations, I want to give people a shock."
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More, more, more! Like your posts. You're very interesting.
what a strong man...Jackiee chan is different
a leading actor in the heart.
Nobody is more serious than Jackie Chan in terms of making movies.
You are one of the most talented actor... Keep it going :-)
love your action scenes,you are total entertainer! ♥
So... how do you go about that, Mr. Chan? With new and more remarkable stuntwork, or by throwing a curveball into the storyline?
How was your experience in India, Mr. Chan ???
Anyone in the acting business will tell you that comedy is a lot harder and more difficult work than doing drama. Thank you +Jackie Chan for making a difficult job look easy, and for bringing laughter to our screens!
Can you plz open a blog to enable we your fans and film maker learn from your expertise
which movie do you like
no burce lee is the best kung fu masters of masters
yani egon o kadar büyüdü artık kendini lokomotif sanıyorsun,sen olmazsan makinist ikizlere treni sokar..
in which language doyou talk
Ada M
This is the actual Jackie Chan??? You rock dude!
Bruce lee can,t do like this, :-)
Just - yayyyeeaaeeiii
THATS CRAZY!!!! luv the pic!!!
U always amaze me!!!!
Me too .. i watch your movie .. again .. and again .. :D
Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton would have been awed by your work.
hi i am alina from rumenia and i live in denmark and i am a very big fan of jackie :P
love u r movies but i don't want a shock,jackie,.
I love jackie chan in my heart
change your profile pic!!! >:(
Very good picture though. sorry to be rude but your profile picture is a bit... revealing
yhu are awesome i"ve seen almost all your films their awesome
Mr.Chan what is that old pictur? What do you want to till us?
i love all your movies. expecally rush hour and everything else
Dude your stunts are awesome and I am grateful for your hard work.
you know , you are always the best ! :) Jackie Chan
Cool n darring stunt. Keep going Jakie.
Ur formula works... never ceases to amaze me ur technique and antics in ur moves for over 2+ decades watching ur movies <3
Seen I was young I like very much Kng Fu Film like Bruce Lee,Jet Lee and the one that are the best and eager to watch the movie of Mr.Jackie Chan. Hope you make more movie that we can watch international
haaa i like that move soo fun
nice pic.. i love jackie chan very much.... whatever he does is enjoyable.... quite brisk, ever smiley, enjoyable........
Possibly the most entertaining action film star there has ever been. I love the comedy and insane stunts he pulls. Best of all though... He is real, no wires or green screen. A brilliant mind in the film industry. Sure I love Bruce Lee and Jet Lee, but there is only one Jackie Chan. Next in a more similar but more serious martial artist that dose his own stunts is Tony Ja. He is incredible as well and has a way of making such intense films. But I still prefer Jackie, his stories, action and comedy will never be reproduced quit as elegantly as his were. And from what I have read he is a very humble and intelligent man.
you are wonderful... I only wish I had been the one to take the photo!
I love ur karate kid movie and also i love jaden smith
infact i lyke ur movies, u are a man of men
Jackie, whom you would like to back up: Zhen or Zhao?
Pierre, don't be a jerk. Lee has been dead for years. Jackie Chan is a great man and a great entertainer. Go troll somewhere else.
jackiechan my best favourable star in every aspect
can anyone tell me what has happend with some of jackie chans movies from the 80s and why isnt it on dvd... and what is he up too at the moment???????
ooooo i want to know what kind of shock too!
I wonder if jackie will do another rush hour movie w/chris tucker???
Dont Hurt Yourself!!! ohh nevermind too late Sorry
çok sempatik çok etkileyici. :* Jackie sayesinde çok erkek dövdüm :)))
I recently watched the Chinese Connection, you are as close to Bruce as it gets these days Jackie
That crazy I love all of Jackie Chan's films !!!
Check out oldmengoneyoung on YouTube, he's almost as funny as Jackie Chan
Love all your movies Mr Chan... I wish you would make a movie every 6-12 months....tehehehe...I'm such a BIG BIG FAN... For sure keep em coming... ;-) Your AMAZING... Best regards
Your movies are awesome. Can watch them over and over again. U r cool!
Jackie Chan all the way!
I LIKE JAKIE CHAN..peminat no 1
Dear Jackie Chan, I miss you. Stop getting old, and make more awesome movies.
wat where you trying to do
Cool!!! I love those kind of stuff in movies!!! I like how you act Jackie!!
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
Love all your movies Jackie . . . A great mixture of action and comedy.
I wonder if that waas part of a movie?
I like your action Jacky-the best...You are fantastic!!!!!!
Classic JC maneuvers, love this. You are amazing!
Your formula works, sir! Please continue using it as long as you enjoy to. Thank you!
'mr nice guy'i like all your movies
is the scene of the "nice guy" movie of jackie.
jackie is easily done this stunt
I think there is no star in Hollywood who can also easily.
Jackie? you make me wonder especially the chop socky chooks in cartoon network where they film you as the chicken but keep up man but never get your mind corrupted by all this fantasy always be who you are.
Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us
Jackie Chan best action man ever!!!
you acctually believe Jackie Chan put this? Hah!!! errrmmmmm? Not in a million years...It wud be his language not english...!!!!!! haha xx;)
that would be awkward if you saw that in real life
Unfortunately his body has paid the price.
im your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know, there are much easier ways to catch a bus.
Hold tight :)

How about a movie about a go championship. you can go to the mountain first to find the old man and train. And he can tell you to eat one mango every day or something, and then you go to the tournament and it is full of scary looking nerds, and you might have to make it a musical to fill the plot somehow, but i think it could work. its free advice. dont ask nothing in return. namaste.
I'm one tomorrow of your having biggest Fans .love your movies there awesome Nick
i TruLY admirE YOu mR. jacKiE chan _ i LiKe YOur FunnY and acTiOns mOviEs -
I think this was Mr. Nice Guy +mia deserto. I am only making an educated guess, but I do remember wagging school in 95 or 96 to watch him film it in melbourne. I remember seeing them using a horse and cart and there is a tram which also suggests Melbourne. Not one of his best films, but Jackie is like pizza: even when he's bad - he's good.
What I love about Jackie is his bloopers .. how many actors or actress' will show the mistakes they make ... its awesome ...
Sweeeeeeet.....It's Jackie!
lol that looks funny but weird my family loves watching movies about u awesome!!!!!
North America need a little more Jackie Chan. I love his movies.
hes awsome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats why every movie of yours is worth to watch! ;)
That looks so funny but danger.. I like your movies.. :)
Gino S
Always love your movie, fun and full action
شخباري هل فلم من سنت عقروقه هههه لوووول والله انا فاضي قاعد اكتبلك تعليق
be careful , :)) .
goshh . wat the *
One of the few people I still look up too. Inspired me to study the martial arts long ago.
Circle me google+er's and i'll do the same! <3
Only you can do this Master. Other will need either CG or dupe wil ropes pulling them.
Hey Jackie,how are you? U know how much do I like your films?
Very much
U will always be my generations Bruce Lee. U are truly inspiring. 
Jacki thanks for your spirt of fun in all you do!!
Love your moves.
jackie the man (wheres sammo)
maintaining neat timings.......
Please circle me google+er's and i'll do the same! <3
you are my favourite actor..
多希望成龙现在还是年轻,中国已经没有像你这样的用生命来演戏的演员了。期待你的 《十二生肖》
There is this one and another that were make close that I get mixed up some times. Is rumble in the Bronx where he helps that lady and is also a cook for a show and some time in the movie he give the handicap boy a sage game gear. Lol I have seen almost every Jackie Chan movie and the ones I have seen I have seen more than 3 times. I really liked rumble in the Bronx and Shanghai noon and Rush hours where ok but Chris Tucker talked to much in those. Lol Not to big of an Owen Wilson Fan either.
Jackie Chan seems like he acts for his fans and not the money. He always is smiling and seems to be having a lot of fun. To many people get to wrapped up in life to enjoy the little things. Like rain for example. People hate gettings wet on rainy days, but to me I am lucky I have legs and the chance to see the beauty. I would rather be rained on then sitting in a hospital after getting my legs cut off cause I got hit by a car. I was in a wreck before and broke my neck. I was cracking jokes to calm down my girl friend of the time. I looked at the empty and said sorry. He goes why? I go cause I bet I look like a wreck. Lol Later after we found out I broke my neck he said he never seen any break their neck and make jokes. I asked if that was good and he said can be of just means I am crazy. Lol It hurt bad, but atleast I was a live. I enjoy stubbing my toe now. Just because I can.
and such a wonderful shock, Jackie that we want to experience it over and over again. Keep up the good work
Kaka Li
you are the best.
Are you a Harold Lloyd fan, Mr. Chan? Love your movies.
I can assure you, as a average person who has seen a great deal of your movies, I have never been left unshocked...
成龙大哥 据说你很害怕打针 不知道是真是假
Eh Jackie Chan,you last name come because you descent from people that practice Taichi chua Chan stile?
I need to do a movie with you jackie i do my own stunts as well alittle singing alittle danceing would love to get into the buisness at any level> By the way i love all of your movies even from way back.Im 45 so ive probably seen them all Take care and Have ablessed day
Raman v
nice guy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
No one can do this act but some people have true hurt to do this one this sunt for us for entertanment i proud to be for a great men.
i think tour films are very good and some time funny my wife like to watch then as well
Since i was 8 yrs old i love to wacth all of his movie.....his the best!!!
I like watching your film because it always makes me laugh..:)
hi, sir! wh0le family was an avid fan of y0urs..all d stunts u do,awes0me!..:)
hello,sir your action is soo good
I simply ve fan with ur movies. Thanx
i am ur best fan jackie ive watched all of ur movies
dangerous but amazing!!! i love this
Hai jackie ,im jeck..hehehe
i start watching your movie when i was a kid .....great!!!
I wish you could make movies like the old ones :( they were the best of their kind
That is just amazing stunts .....
i also wana be just like you sir

i feel sooo special just cuz his b-day is the same as mine,lol ^_-
jackie you are my idol..forever and ever..:))))
jackie chan you been my favorte over all actors i have seen all your movies an cartoons
waiting you do the action in Bali....
u are so funny.....i really like u style off really like....
jackie your soo awesome i totally wish i had moves like that
Fei Yu
You taught me that there are many types of genius.
i wish you were here and teach you techniques
you are a good actor, but that's all.
I hope everyone I knew would not be like you.
I am a man, but I am not one of what you mean "man".
ever notice whenever jackie gets in trouble or in a sticky situation he does the funniest faces? exibit A XD
I just love watching all of Jackie Chan's movies!!!
五毛, 你好. 五毛, 再见

Hello, 0.5Yuan; goodbye 0.5Yuan.
Ola, 0.5Yuan, Tchao, 0.5Yuan
must apologize for sucking Communist Party ass first, otherwise, i refuse watching his movie.
Yes, the movie is very funny I saw.
your one of the realest actor i have ever watched, comparing you to the greats, no one can denied that in all of your movies the stunts you pull off are far more difficult then they seem trust growing up trying them myself lol. In the end day in and day out your an inspiration to all of your viewers and fans i hope you stay in the film making business for as long as you can thank you for the countless hours of entertainment and laughs you will always be an idol.
It's ridiculous. The man with angle-like wife who had sex with other actresses and refused to accept illegitimate child until DNA approved, regards himself as "A great teacher, a kind person, and a good man". It makes me vomit. drunken master..., the protector is here..:)
my all time hero.. :)
Its a pleasure to add you in my circle..!!
this is your it fake..?
You always give fans a pleasant shock. You will love the smiles and enthusiasm.
hi jacki my name is amir ilove you very
I agree Jackie. I love that photo :)
why did you molest jaden smith? you ruined many lives by doing this
U r movies r too good.mindblowing dear.doin good job carry on.we lov u all.
mike ag
jackie you are great funny and one of the most memerable people on earth comming from canadian white boy peace my friend
U r da my always best of da best hero jackie ..
the best there is!!!!!!!!!
Are you looking for somebody there? Great ability! When are you going to come to Moldova? People are eager to see you. Just try it, it would be great if you made a tournee over the world.
Thanks, your fan Vasile. +37368873499.
You are so awesome Jackie. Cool move by the way! :D
that must be hard jackie and u roooooooooooooooooock!
Jackie you too much! Keep entertain your lovers. Great!
it looks fearsome but as soon as you can we are waiting.
you are so good at doing all the stuff you do
Jack X
Your Awesome!!!!
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amezing. Supper stunt... I like this
u know what she was really disturbing girl but she likes u
Do u do all the stunts for real
jaja,,  y esta  es  muy  buena,  genial  ,,,
funny how he looks like he's crapping himself, suppose i would to if i was there!
Tell me jack how can i get a shot acting with yoj in one of your films zack
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