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It was past her bed time already! Lol. 
where are my greatgrandchildren?
Lol I bet that's what she was thinking
Now she realizes she does not have full control over her body even!
i lied when "she" came down on the parrachute
Now you're just some country that I used to own! (Some country! I used to own!)
Now you're just some country that I used to own!
Didn't the common wealth already split up when this young lady had come to power?
Weeds the flying shoe when you need it
You never owned China, you idiot.  You only owned those whose ignorance, meekness and hospitality you took advantage off.  You ravage them and stole their gold and their wealth for the sake sake of your greed.  Shame on you!!

چوچولش رو بخورم الهی ! 
To the Gotye beat...

"Looking at these countries that I used to own"
Who Is This beautiful Lovely Woman ?
Hey who's the .
Wowza!!! That right there is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who Is This beautiful Lovely Woman ? Plz Guidance
I want to woo This Beautiful and lovely woman
I'm going to marry By This respectable woman
Is it because her husband is still sick???
Where I Can find This beautiful wife?
Can i kissing This beautiful woman? 
Its time to bring this shipment to the shore.....
I've forgotten what i started fighting for.
she's mad she didn't get her prune juice XD jk jk jk
She still looks greedy, greedy for publicity.
I'm 17 years old ... Is She willing to marry me?
What is Her name ? Plz Help Me ... Apparently I'm in love
I think she was more thinking... "This is the worse opening ceremony  I have ever seen"
I love this. She was frowning even when the Brits came on.
what is going to be happened on 3rd of august??????
I read the line to the tune of Gotye Somebody that I used to know
Thats a shame. But thats to be expected when its past your bedtime and you dont want to be someplace.  You also noticed that when everyone else stood up, she kept seated. That was, to me, a lack of respect.  
Stop crapping up Google+ with Reddit Memes.  You know Facebook is the place to do that!
They woke me up for this, I can't even see them. And my butt hurts.
+Jeff Cuthbert G+ is no different from Fb tbh. Both are social sites :P
Just because it is from Google does not mean it is the best of the best.
I think she was thinking "Where i am?"
copies her great great great grandmother ( queen victoria ) 
one is not amused
That is funny as hell!!!!!!!!!
she looks upset!
I wonder who was dumb enuff to pee in the queens cornflakes.....smh
She is pissed......i wonder what at .....damn thats a frighting frown .....
I saw her crack a smile, once that night. She seems preoccupied. It's hard being a Bond Girl.
the queen looked quite upset through the ceremonies - 
sry for not bein uneducated as much on the olympics...but who is this sad women??
too funny, is that oldzheimer syndrome
is she queen victoria ?! Plz Answer Me ... Who is She ? 
Wait a minit...she just jumped out of a perfectly good chopper, imagine her depends. I woulnt wanna be sitting in it. I'd be pissed too.
she is Elizabeth II ?! Oh My God ... How I Can Marriage By She ?
Wow, has Courtney Love really gone downhill! :)
God Save the Queen To The Recycle bin
What Is Queen ? All OF Girls And Women Is Queen ! 
No, it's not. If it was Queen Victoria, it would say, "We are not Amused."

BTW, the person in the photo is Queen Elizabeth II.
Now entering the former British colony The united states of America 
Scottish National Party are trying to sell Scotlands water to the highest bidder , by privatisation , Alex Salmond , named and shamed ...)
LOL!!!!!!!! Too bad for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like english ... i love america ! ... Iran Is My Life ! 
I am Iranian. But America is something ... We love America ... our authorities lie say ... We Love America
Regard to all the people of the world wherever ... 
ever notice how nobody there smiled except for olympians
Gimme gimme gimme just a little smile...
That's not anger, moodiness, boredom or dismay, that's pride.
+Shannon Dalan wow it's nice to see you can't follow a line of thought.. first you post a comment unrelated to the topic and you misquote the speech to boot.. at least you're consistent. lmao
Yeah I think it starts to bother her that she start realizing that she owns so many billions and have everything and when she dies she can take nothing with and the fact that she did not even take one poor life from the street and fed that soul in her gold and glamour. What a waste? 
She just looked tired.  For someone her age, and that time of night, with the added bustle and worry of whether the Olympics opening would work out, no wonder she looked that way.
I'd bet that she couldn't get over Daniel Craig!!!
How you make fun of a lady who has pink feathers on her head? How can they still have a queen? Of course, they let an Australian totally control their press for decades. But hey, I don't want to sound like Mitt. My family is SCOTTISH - Hoot man. 
This photo of the queen is bringing the world together in a chat... priceless... :)
my uncle laphed when i told him that!!! LOL
I wish she was my grandmother. She's great
Ah come on guys, leave her alone, don'cha know a "I need to keep this fart quiet" look?
"Oh my I hope that doesn't smell to bloody ripe... "
Hehe that'll teach her not to have her beano® before every meal...
Doh! And forgot those bloody Depends® under garments...
"Oh when will this event be bloody over, I must go and powder my... nose..."
I wish I was King of England ! 
The only thing I could think when I watched the ceremonies and saw the Queen was "I am not amused."
The whole Royal Family looked like they were bummed about their seat locations or something...
Having Her as my head of state is incredibly far better than even the merest possibility of having Mit Romney as president!

And I never had to put up with GWB either.
You know she was just upset because she wasn't getting more attention. How much do you want to bet she was singing along with Hey Jude? XD
Elders use to be worthy of owning countries.
If I was a British king ... Kingdom become a republic !
Lol, she's like 100 years old.  Old people look grumpy no matter how festively you dress them.  Just wait, you'll be this beautiful if you make it this long too.
OTOH this meme is hilarious!
I love the look. She reminds me of grandma lol
Because of Constitutional Monarchy, in my experience as a French Canadian, there has been the Empire of English and the service of English.

The last century has mostly been the service of English.

England has taken the best of Europe to the farthest extremities of the world and England has also dearly suffered to protect the world from the worst of Europe, while going on to study the knowledge She has come in contact with. 

From Avalon to these current Olympics, the world monarchies have now received lessons of grand humility when needed and of humble grandeur to express the solemn beauty of being servants of the justice and of the peace that secures liberty. 

Because of Great Britain, all languages of the earth are now offered a practical guide to self-governing, to live out the universal Faculty of Living as human Being. 

Because of the Commomwealth and because of the entity of terror-anti-terror working at circling the earth under militarization, humanity is given the opportunity to end the repeat of history's worst memories and to restructure the distribution of wealth with integrity and equity. 

I'm hoping to find how to ignite Canadians to invite her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, to join us in the company of the BBC, the CBC and PBS, to preside over the gathering of the Permanent Pepople Summit to officialy launch: "...cleansing our vision of the Crown...", with the help of Mr. Obama, President of United States of America, of Benedict the 16th, head of Vatican and the Aboriginal Grand Chief of Canada, getting ready to host, helping the world to get ready for the up coming China - Canada partnership . 

As we progress to level with each other, we shall behold the rise of Britania and of Europe's inheritance, joining with the inheritance of all Americas, of Asia and of the Middle-East into humanity's harmonisation and completion of one another.
reality she was 100 years old ?!!! Oh My God ... I Need Marriage By She And a Condom For United Kingdom ! 
She did not seem to be very enthused about the whole thing!!!
+suraj kumar then close your account and get off of Google Plus? Not sure what you are doing on here if you don't know how it works.
Maybe you should get a career in being the leader of the army? You get to take over countries, if you want.
she got a bad hair day
I feel sorry for her, perhaps she did not feel good that night, but still had to come to the ceremony.
چوچول این زن رو با چوچول همتون و تمام ملت جهان بخورم من .. کیر همتون رو بخورم ... من اگه پادشاه شما بودم چیکارا که نمیکردم براتون ...
All those countries are doing so well now...
Lol. She jolly well look miserable didn't she, why only God knows
LMAO she looks like an old drunk  "won't you be a good ol' chap and pass the crumpets and rum" 
More like "Look at all these countries I helped to get their independence from my colonialist forefathers".
This was supposed to be a joyous occasion. She looks so mean.
Looks more like, if I still ruled these countries I'd put these debt creating idiots behind bars!
ace boo
im scard she looks mean
+Erica Evans Would you look happy if you were just thrown out of a helicopter? :(
They keep saying she has a great sense of humor. I'm more than willing to believe that. However, I didn't see her smiling once last night. Not once.
just makes me so sad, oh liz ,the gown is good, not a happy camper.
The comment should be. I sat down when my own country came out and I did not clap to welcome the sports men and women as my seat felt better and I had something on my hand.  However, if I looked behind me I would have seen the younger royals stand and clap and cheer our athlete's......  wow what a leader and royal patron to our country NOT !!!   Bring on William for King at least he knows how to understand who we are.
grandma, abeg no ves o, ur time done go
It makes me sad that the laws IOC gets passed are so unfair for people who just want to enjoy the darned event to the fullest. #occupythegames  
No, it's proper protocol. Being the monarch, the athletes are supposed to cheer her , which they did with great enthusiasm.
 that's her look. she never gives away too much. Same look even during her recent jubilee celebrations. So if that's the yardstick you're using to judge the opening ceremony, well.....
Was it a rough nite out???just woke,great one...
occupy wall street...
down with usa
down with england...
down with liz...
Damn... I seriously burst out laughing when I saw this :D
no it is not the expression she is showing Jack. She is saying see how many countries I ruled but now I can't afford to buy small house there. see how china and India has emerged.
"Philip. Tell me again. How did these Americans get away?"
Absolutely true. We needed some cheers from her when they host big event.
I think she rocks... She had just jumped from a helicopter. Shouldn't she get back one or two of the smaller ones?
But still we have thousands of immigrants wanting to live here....if you dont like our country f@#* off back to your own oppressed shitholes
Banks own them today through virtually reality fiat money. Imagine!
When you are 86 years old, heck, when you are 50 - it's past your bedtime after 8:30PM!   
She scares me. I want to ripe the feathers out, and slap a smile on Her face
I keep seeing this on my stream, and I <3 it everytime.
I am very  pleased to queen Elizabeth  . she is a marvellous & prestigious lady, iever seen that.
Should have been me, jumping out of that helicopter...
Lol did u see the queen jump out the plane with James like the pics..omg

I will take up space so none comments
actually it would be "we used to own" as she was a little late to the empire and only had a commonwealth to deal with at her coronation
What do you expected to whom jumped from chopper
Oh, bugger off! Queen rules! Literally
Did she actually jump from shopper?....... That could be attempted suicide.
ha ha and yes she did jump off the shopper
My theory is that with all the constant God save the Queen business that goes on she reckons it would probably be incredibly embarrassing to die at an event like this so the grumpy face reflects the massive amount of effort she is putting in to make sure she doesn't drop dead.  
Too bad Sean Connery wasn't in the chopper w/her - never got used to the "new" 007s...  She looks about as happy as her son... 
I thought google+ was for normal people not half wits if your that bored , jealous or just bitter why not grow up or just go back to Facebook 
Where the hell is that tuxedo fool called bond 007 ? He was supposed to save me from the trouble....
Lol I loved how she entered on the helicopter with James bond and then supposedly parachuted out of the helicopter lol best bit of the ceremony
"You woke me from my nap for this? How dare you?" ......
She is very old.people must feel her.sir mehdi abbasi u r so naughty.don't do it anymore.its not safe for u
"Off with their heads!"... oops! Sorry! Wrong queen. Lol
LOL FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The exact WTF moment . I wonder what she is looking at ??
She is very old.people must feel her.sir mehdi abbasi u r so naughty.don't do it anymore.its not safe for u
The opening ceremony...I said WTF all the way through it
Just imagine if you made one bad move and everyone was criticizing you. Give her a break.
Mibey she was thinking . There's so much riff raff in here
I need a gin n tonic pronto
Now They're just some countries that I used to own !!!
+Shannon Dalan No. Your quote is the Romney campaign's edit of what Obama actually said. The actual speech in its entirety was a version of Elizabeth Warren's "it takes a village" speech.

What's really funny is that Romney also made similar comments only days before Obsma's speech was jumped on by the Romney video. Romney is a liar and a thief. By all means, promote him and vote and elect him. You can eat your words later.
Its a shame all those countries left if you are British
funny or not?!that's halarious
Last. Time is posted something about her on g+ I've got told off. So now I'm gonna pass on it.
Like she really parachuted in
I feel a Gotye cover coming on.  "Now you're just some country that I used to own!"
So can you honestly say that if you had a camera pointed at you're face for 4 hours solid. They wouldn't catch one shot of you not smiling. You've also got to realise how old our queen is and how late at night this was took. Bravo for enduring the whole show. As brilliant as it was by the time we got up to letter k even I got fed up and went to bed and watched the rest in the morning.
very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure when obama loses he will try to proclaim himself as King of England. Just as she said here michelle will say "There's no law in this country that will keep him from being King."
for those of u who dont know this the queen owned austailia and used it to put criminals there because it had no resources
for those that don't know. nick moore cant spell Australia to save his life
...and may the odds be ever in your favour. Let the Hunger Games begin!
What she is really thinking is how did I survive that plane drop
god bless her soul but she needs to invest in new clothing
Or maybe James Bond didn't live up to her expectations !!!!
I hope some of you morons are able to carry on a job when you are 86 years old.  She has to do what she is told to do by advisers.  Aren't you lucky that you can please yourselves what you want to do when you want to do it, and not have cameras in your faces 24/7.  Queen Elizabeth is a great ambassador for this country, she works hard and pays taxes and deserves to be respected.  If Google allow trash like some of the above on their site, I want nothing else to do with it.  It started as a bit of a funny joke and some of you have ruined an innocent giggle!
Blob!! (just going along with the weird sound thing!! Hehe) LOL. ;P
That is hilarious! It so looks like she is thinking that. :-)
Would you look happy when your  its past your bedtime and all you want is to be tucked up with your hot chocolate!! 
It's a dam shame we won the war because half of you would not exist UK keeps giving more then any body esle and we still get slagged off we could have join the Germans and where you be than
Too bad, your greed is ending and you cannot do anything about it bitch!!
She owns Scotland still... for now....
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