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Works at China Highlights Travel
Works at China Highlights Travel

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几家欢喜几家愁 jǐ jiā huān xǐ jǐ jiā chóu - Some are happy, some have worries. Or one man’s disaster is another man’s delight. #learning #chinese #saying

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Chinese Tip: 刺客cì kè Assassin
I was an assassin, now I just teach English, the job is more stable.
之前我是一个刺客,现在我只教英语,工作更稳定。Zhī qián wǒ shì yīgè cì kè, xiànzài wǒ zhǐ jiào yīngyǔ, gōngzuò gèng wěndìng. I was an assassin, now I just teach English, the job is more stable.
Eg2. 她是一个杀手。She's an assassin/killer. - Tā shì yīgè shāshǒu.
E.g3 他是一个杀手。He's a hitman. - Tā shì yīgè shāshǒu

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Impression Liu Sanjie印象刘三姐: This colorful and musically glorious extravaganza, uses songs, imagery, colorful lighting and costumes, booming music and local faces, to bring to life the celebrated and moving legend of the Song Fairy, Liu's Third Daughter.
The Impression Liu Sanjie (5 photos)
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Shanghai to Dalian flight only RMB99
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Macau to Shanghai only USD$81
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If we asked the average English-speaking web user what China cities they could name, we would probably get a list something like the one below.

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The Most Beautiful Places in China, Top Highlights of China
Great Wall, Li River, Yellow Mountain, West Lake, Lake Namtso, Victoria Harbor, The Bund, Jiuzhaigou, Potala Palace, Yangtze River, Wuzhen , Lijiang...

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