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Apparently the "Always Listening" part of the S800 isn't open for developers to take advantage of yet.

Crappy move, +Qualcomm +Qualcomm Developer Network

Can you release it, please?
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Well that's pretty disappointing to say the least
Rob J
Pretty s*** that is.. But I guess the ability for an OEM to expose it is there then maybe it can be done through custom ROM's? Unless it's tied into the driver in which case what is the point of it, I doubt OEM's are going to do like Motorola has
Well, this is frustrating. Really REALLY frustrating. It's q3 of 2014 and there still isn't a way for us to use the hexagon dsp. I'm tempted to sell my N5 and get a Moto X. Or maybe wait for the Moto X2.
Hexagon SDK provide the ability to custom a dsp to make low  energy cost applications,maybe we can use the dsp to archive that 
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