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Now Playing has been removed from the Play Store after takedown requests from Sony.

It's pretty much the same thing that happened with Apollo.

There's not a lot I can do about it and I'm really sorry to anyone that purchased it from me.

I guess I'll have to find a new project to work on, lemme know if you have any ideas.

I was considering carrying on work on the Twitter client Boid, as they open sourced it a while ago, but I'm not sure we really need another Twitter client on the market.

I'm so gutted about Now Playing. I'll look into it. 
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Sorry too mate, you've put a lot of work into this and another big company comes along and shouts 'foul'.
What am I missing, how does Now Playing have anything in common with Sony?
Any new/status about open sourceing it. I'd be happy to build my own copy if Sony want to take it down.
Could you just post that updated .apk to Dropbox or drive because lots of people have paid for this app and now it's been taken out of the play store your not locked to only updating it via the store (I think that made sense)
Can you release the update anyway? I mean as apk hosted somewhere else, maybe only open to buyers... I really really love Now Playing and not keen on finding another app at all!
What's Sony's argument for that? 
Forgive my ignorance, but what was Sony's motivation? What do they say NP is infringing on?
You can try making an alternate Facebook client... The official app sucks
It is the best music player I have ever used on Android. I hope you find out solution.. This Google Play Store withdraw thing sucks.. 
Can you not carry on development like the falcon pro dev did for those who had a token already? If we've already purchased the unlock key, you can still work on developing and if people wanna buy an unlock, you got pay pal among other things. Or have you been served some sort of warning/injunction?
+Jack Underwood can you not just remove the automatic features that Sony have a problem with and put it back on the store?
If I'm not wrong the developer of Apollo said it was taken down because of the lyrics feature.. I'm really sorry but there must be a solution, and it's a shame because it was a good project..
I was getting a PS4. Not anymore. Hate big companies throwing their weight around. As if +Jack Underwood was somehow going to bring them down with his app. 
Twitter clients are a lost cause, mate, so I wouldn't bother with making them.
What about a Twitter feed aggregator/reader? Something like Google Reader (rip) but with tweets. 
Must have:
- Folders/Categories for each subscriptions
- Something to take note about which tweets are read or not
So how about ditching the lyric fetcher seeing as it must be the problem and not just give up with the whole app? Nobody I know uses the feature in any player anyway.

Or then just continue outside developing outside Play.
Now Playing is the best music player out there don't leave us pleaae
Please just take out the lyrics functionality?
Doesn't Play Music download album art and artists art automatically too??
I love Now Playing, but had to uninstall because it ate up all my data when I played it.  I was hoping for a fix, but now it looks like I'll have to find something else.
That's...dumb. Maybe look into removing the offending features?
That's total bullshit, you've made great strides with this app and it is the only music player I use on ALL of my devices... I hope there is a way you can workaround this, but if not THANK YOU for creating such a great app and I will definitely support and follow all of your other projects
Add another vote for continuing work on the app and hosting it elsewhere. It's too good to simply stop working on it!
Thanks for trying, Jack. As a person who bought your app, even I know your hands are kinda tied.

Many have suggested just ditching the troublesome features, or find a way to implement them that doesn't infringe on Sony's tech, but I don't code and have no knowledge of how that could be done.
I HIGHLY suggest those looking for a good player try Poweramp with the ICS/JB skin.

The UI navigation sucks, but the features and polish are there. I was hoping to replace Poweramp with Now Playing one day, but looks like that'll never happen now.
+Justin Hall
 You cant easily play the music you have purchased through Play Music with Poweramp so I wouldn't recommend this app.
+Matt Wedgwood thanks for the tip, but I haven't had any problems with downloaded purchased music using Poweramp. Are you thinking of streaming music? If so, I don't stream music to my phone. Well, not unless it's from my home setup.
+Justin Hall
If you just pin your songs in the Play Music app to save them for offline play, Poweramp's scan feature will not find them.
Just change the name, icon, and remove the features Sony had a problem with. 
Wait......what?? :( I love this music player!
+Matt Wedgwood I use my computer to download purchased music, never the Play Music app. Thanks again.
+Jack Underwood Ciao quest'app è la migliore! Infatti ho anche comprato la versione full.. non potresti proseguire il lavoro togliendo gli oggetti che violano i diritti di copyright??
Doesn't poweramp have that automatic image fetching too?
I didn't know this existed so I didn't use it before, but it looks awesome. You should continue development under a new name with two versions, one without lyrics for the play store and one with to distribute independently.
just offence....when will u open source now playing ??? any ETAs
even though I dont use Nplaying as i'm using nexmusic, FUCK SONY
No, we don't need an other Twitter App. If you are planning to get a good product, make something never seen before. 
Please don't pick another Twitter client, we don't need another Falcon fiasco with a lot of bitching and moaning about user caps that you already knew about.
Sux dude.  You had a good app with better sound reproduction than GMusic.  I'd say support those who purchased with any bug fixes avail from a weblink download.  
Remove the lyric support and re-upload please, rather have a great music app without lyric scrapper than living without it completely
Now Playing 2.0 - Remove lyric fetching and add ability to edit song ID3 tags!  :)
Please post a copy of the takedown request.
I don't think you should simply just give up that easily. I mean, maybe you want to stop, and that's fine. But I would at least try to take a stab at them. Big companies can't rule everything. It only helps to perpetuate the issue.
They don't want you downloading lyrics? Goes and downloads their movies and music instead Sony just joined the list under Metallica for me.
This is the best lightweight music app for android, why don't you try to remove the lyrics support and re-upload.
make a twitter client ! your design are awesome ! 
Same thing happened to Nexmusic player, you can remove the lyrics or just continue development off the PlayStore. 
What if you use an alternate lyrics provider? Lyrics Wikia would be more than happy to help you with that.
I would love to see Boid get worked on again. It was my favorite Twitter client when it came out and had so much potential. 
This reads more like an excuse to stop working on it than anything. Bored with it ? Tired of users asking for an endless list of features ?
Come on ! What For ?  +Kevin Hardy Yes, it's important for non - english speakers, you could sing along and help yourself. But I think it's a good additional feature. Could you used an open source lyric database ( if that such thing exist). Your player have the best interface yet I ever seen. Maybe you could use your talent to something, like a Feedly client with decent interface. Or a secret Twitter client that only available for few. (So you wouldn't get butthurt from Twitter)
Sorry to hear about that... You put a lot of work into this. Thanks for delivering such great quality.
So instead of fixing the app to comply with this, you're just throwing it all away? I might be a little harsh here but thats a bit of a slap in the face to anyone who paid for this app. I'd hope you're going to do the honourable thing in regards to them
I hope your guys won't think that I'm taking advantage of this situation to market my app, but just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm gonna be releasing a similar music player to Google Play around early-September. It doesn't use the cards UI like Now Playing does, but it still has all the other aspects of modern apps (thin fonts, etc). Have a look and see what you think:

Jack, I'm sorry about Now Playing. As a fellow developer (especially as a fellow music player developer), I can understand how much hard work and time you put into your app. Sony's claims may be legitimate, but they should have at least given you a warning before completely taking down your app. If there's anything that any of us can do (such as sign an online petition), let us know and we'll be more than happy to help.
Now, that you public again the Now Playing app, why i have to pay it again?
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