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Here we go: The first beta of "Now Playing"

Please share this post with anyone that'd appreciate it, i'd like as much feedback as possible.

It expires on the 25th.

For anyone on <4.0 avoid the menu button, you will get a FC.

I'm a little nervous, but enjoy!
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After having played with it a little bit, it feels smooth and looks beautiful !
I think that a queue of the songs which are going to be played would be useful, even more if it was easier than in the Google Music app (for example, removing a song by swiping it to a side like in Gmail).
Also, as Lorenzo said, settings will be very welcomed.
And finally, an icon which is easier to identify  (you could change the color and the shape of the base, and/or the font of the "P") will distinguish it from other apps...but that's just a little detail for the official release :).
Amazing UI! Gorgeous and smooth!

I really, really hope for Play Music integration soon. Otherwise, this app is useless for me as all my music is in the cloud.

There's an unofficial API available if you want to look into it, totally your decision:

Well done Jack on this app!
Amazing. Just one bug I noticed: in the album/genre/artist/etc view, if you scroll down, then back up very quickly, the image at the top doesn't come back down. It doesn't always happen, though...
Here's a little feedback if you're interested. (I'll edit this if I think of anything else) 

I think this app has a lot of potential for sure. The UI is great, and the app runs smoothly so far. I think the large widget also looks great. 

However, it needs some more crucial features to become great. Things like choosing which folders are added to the app's library, a shuffle all function, maybe a black UI option, resuming playback on headphone plugging in, things like that. Google play music integration would also be very impressive. 

Also, not really a fan of the small widget. Looks kinda squished to me. And why isn't the back track (|<<) button in the notification widget? Seems a little silly not to be there. And the pause on headphones being unplugged seems a little slow to me, although it may just be my piece of shit phone.

Oh, and the icon is weak. But I'm assuming that's just a placeholder.

Despite these things, I really like the player overall and will be using as my daily player to test it some more. Awesome job so far!
Pretty great for a beta. Its smooth and looks neat! No folders is a big miss for me on this build though. I'll get you some feedback on features after you have a couple more builds out. Cheers!
Btw, is it just me or the album art is low res on the playing screen? I know all my album art is high res (I have an OCD with that) but it appears low res.

+Ron Amadeo You should probably have a chat with +Jack Underwood and make this app closer to perfect. 
+Jack Underwood, this is great. I'll save any suggestions for later builds, as I know this is just a first release. Great job on making a slick looking app! You made it seem like the whole process was nothing more than snapping your fingers! 
This is great! I love the design! (maybe a holo dark version in the future?) I am on 4.2.1 and the menu button doesn't work as you have warned. Also, the search function causes a FC. I'm going to try and use this as my daily driver. Layout of music is great and lock screen controls are functional. Bluetooth headphones work.

I'm loving the beta and can't wait to see how the final comes out. 

- Holo Dark option
- Maybe a "plus" button in the playlist tab to add playlist
- Show album art on lock screen/notification bar controls
- "Shuffle All" option when in an album/playlist
- Ability to add multiple songs to playlist at once (always annoyed me that you couldn't do that in Google Play Music...come on google!)
- Tweaked logo...looks a little bland as is
- Widget Album Art guess i was the first! :P Keep on with the good job: with the right amount of customization an maybe an equalizer or something, it might be a very serious pretender!
It really looks nice! I'll continue to try it out some. Thanks!
Will we able to make themes for it?

Holo like theme
Less Apollo Interface
Snowcover (iOS) like widget?
The design is lovely and it is very fluid. However I managed to crash the app very fast! If this is due to a bug or unstability I am not sure as I did not get any warning nor did anything unusual to make it happen. 

I have a Nexus 4 and I started a song. Left the app to check if the music kept playing properly and to see the widget in the notification drawer. When I, through the recent app button, decided to go back to the app everything but the music froze. My software buttons became unresponsive and I had to lock and unlock the phone to get back to my homescreen(the music still playing). When I tried to get back into the app it was just black screen until it eventually gave me the error message that "Now Playing is not responding" and I was able to shut it down.
This far I am unable to recreate the error but still I thought you might wanted to know.
Tested on a Nexus S running Android 4.1.2.
The layout is great, everything I look for in a 4.0+ app.

I did have stability issues with crashes fairly regularly (and always when hitting the menu button) although that's probably more to do with the 2 and a half year old hardware than your coding.

The interface is very attractive but could use a little colour, just to spruce things up a bit. Other than that it's very exciting and I'm looking forward to your updates.
I heavily use the 'Recent' tab. Even more than the 'Albums' tab. Would be great to see that included in a future build. Great app mate! 
Yeah there's no reason to have so many tabs that it makes it difficult or time consuming to maneuvre
+Matt Yates I'll add the recents tab, but I think that's the limit on how many can fit comfortably. 
The way I see it, recent songs can be implemented as a concurrently built playlist in the playlists section. I was looking for a Recent Albums tab. Thanks for considering this.
+Jack Underwood I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to the meta data on my music files. Google Play Music doesn't let me edit ID3 tags 'on the device' . Any chance of getting this feature in NP? (including all MP3 tags and album art) 
+Vamsee Nunna Download MP3dit and you can :) But of course it'd be awesome if we had this in a music player.
+Vamsee Nunna Yeah it's defiantly a possibility. Maybe not on the first release, as there are things i would prioritise first, but it can defiantly be added at some point!
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