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Here's a sneak peek..
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Zach M
+Jack Underwood - How are you going implementing the motion stuff on earlier versions?  Motion is a big part of material design and I know as an android dev implementing nice animations on anything below 4.4 is a PITA.

Or is the materials look only going to function if you have an L device?
Impressive....most impressive. 
+Luke Sleeman it's going to require an L device yeah. I'm going all out. the animation and stuff just isn't going to be possible pre L.
+Jack Underwood - good to hear. I don't know if my daily driver will get L in a timely fashion or not, but it's important to go all in and not half-ass it to accommodate lower versions. It still looks really nice in 4.4 and below.
yes please 🙋
Love everything about this except for the weird positioned action bar icons :) very uneven...
Ah man this looks sweet! You really do fantastic work.
Can you change navigation bar color too ?
+Jack Underwood How exactly are you going to push this update to be for L devices, when there are no L devices at least till the end of summer? 
OMG wheeeeen???!! I'm sorry I shouldn't ask for ETAs but I'm too pumped for Material Design and I'm dying here waiting to test material design apps 😱
Well that's nice, but what happens when you push out this update and the tens of thousands that aren't on L do what?  I mean you're talking about pushing it to people that flashed the custom L preview not even a regular stable build. 
+AR Diesel you can make it available for only those running L...don't worry about it 
+AR Diesel people who aren't on L won't even get the update. I'm not sure why you're so against it to be honest. 
Omg I can't wait! And you have another willing beta tester here if you need one. 
I want that on my Nexus 4 running L right now (or when its rush) and yes I'm one of the nuts who's running the L preview on the N4
+Josh Crowe Because there's a visual inconsistency with the Action Bar (or Toolbar) icons and the system bar icons (maybe until they change the status bar icons to the mockup ones). 
+Josh Crowe The rationale behind this, at least from my perspective, is to give a visual distinction between the status bar and action bar in the app. Extending the action bar color behind the status bar without any protection makes the distinction vague, and while you and I both know the icons on top belong to a separate system-level interface, some users may be new, and it's best to avoid possible confusion.
Damn man! Looks so good. Can't wait to try it out on my android L preview! 
Now if only the nav bar would blend in with the colors of the app :)
Woah. That looks great. Is that a screenshot, or just a mockup?
So funny to see people so excited about a calendar. Wait... Not a calendar. Excited about a SCREENSHOT of a calendar. As if meetings and appointments will be better. Life will be better. You'll be happier and have more free time. You'll have cooler friends. All thanks to you beautiful new calendar.
I'm not putting down Jack. It's just funny to see the public get giddy about an app. Let me click a day in the past and be one button away from the photos I shot that day... Then I'll be giddy.
+Thom Hiatt that wouldn't be a problem if i made both Today and a photos app - unfortunately i don't.
That's incredible, cant wait to get my hands on this!
Wow that actually looks fricken awesome. I'll take it now.
I hope you get rich from this... This world could really use more developers like you who follow Google's design. It's just so beautiful!
Google's Calendar app really needs an update... it's just... not very good. Multi-Color Star support in the gmail mobile app would  be nice too... just saying...
can't wait to see it alive with all those fantastic animations...
Please get a beta program going on!
Looks awesome! I thought Google didn't want people to submit apps that used L preview APIs to the Play Store yet though?
Très beau beautiful ! wahouuu !
Will there be any testing program for the new L apps for us who are trying out the L-Preview? It would be fun to see some more L-apps besides the dialer and calculator. 
I recently acquired this. I couldn't be happier 
That will be my next calendar app.

If it has a detailed month view widget. ^_^
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