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FTA: "So you get people like Joe Romm describing the people on the two sides of the debate this way:

But the difference is that those who are trying to preserve a livable climate and hence the health and well-being of our children and billions of people this century quickly denounce the few offensive over-reaches of those who claim to share our goals — but those trying to destroy a livable climate [ie skeptics], well, for them lies and hate speech are the modus operandi, so such behavior is not only tolerated, but encouraged."

There is no hope for rational, logical discussion in these circumstances - true believers are beyond all of that.
Steve Zwick walked back his comments about letting skeptics’s houses burn down and tries to clarify the point he was trying to make. I have further comments in a new Forbes article here. An excerpt: Steve Zwick has posted an update to the post I wrote about last week and has decided the house-burning analogy was unproductive. Fine. I have written a lot of dumb stuff on a deadline. In his new post, he has gone so far in the opposite direction of b...
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And yet talk shows keep booking them.

They are best avoided, but if confronted, it is perhaps best to take Plato's route and dialectically walk their comfortable logic over an open manhole.
+Jon Pederson - tempting, but that would make those that are skeptical just like them which accomplishes nothing and delays serious discussion.
I can offer an example on another topic: 9/11. Not a week after the attack, I was stuck for a while with people who were blaming the US.
I suggested that perhaps the US could do better by their Middle East neighbors. They agreed.
I then suggested that they ease the restrictions on immigration and travel, so it would be easier to visit and benefit from our resources (note: this had already been done). They agreed.
I then suggested that we make it easier for people from that region to get training and education in our schools so they can return with skills to improve their situation. They were educators, they were in agreement with this (also had happened)
I then suggested that we let them attend flight training school so they had some valuable skills that would surely be needed back home. They'd just been agreeing to everything so far, that it was kind of a "hang on a minute" moment. Lining up everything they already knew and believed, and seeing how it ran in the world as they understood it, they ran into problems with their own beliefs (well, not much, but enough to leave me alone).