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I think I am too old to understand.
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Progs are trying to drag the rest of us into the asylum.
breastfeeding is beautiful in every way. what is the problem? ive given snacks to my children up to 2 yrs old. after that age they dont ask.
+iris m - these kids are 3 -5 years old, that seems a bit 'odd' to me.
it may be statistically rare yet grown men like to suck on female nipples, too!
+iris m - it is hardly statistically rare, but generally not with Mom - as I said, i am too old to understand this and proabaly do not want to.
+Jack Stanley I think, you're too young to understand. ;)

All the old folk around the neighbourhood can tell stories of how it was normal to breastfeed until 3-5 years of age, and all the young folk find breastfeeding over 6 months unnormal.
i meant that in western culture it is rare for mothers to nurse children older than 2 yet i dont think there is anything morally wrong with nursing older children. the natural development of children will have them becoming less interested in nursing as they get to 4 & 5 years old anyway. for comparison i mentioned that adult men like to put their mouths on womens nipples, perhaps not for milk tho.
A sinking MSM rag trying to be edgy. Is there really anything more to it?
+Sophie Wrobel - @ 3 score + 10 I think i am old enough, I also do not remember any 5 year olds being breast fed in my kindegarten, but I will ask my 96 year old mother next time I visit.

That could also be a cultural difference between Germany and the US.
+Jack Stanley I would agree on there being significant cultural differences in attitudes toward breast feeding. For comparison, the arab world tends to feed until 2 years of age based on religious traditions.
+Sophie Wrobel - I wouldn't have batted an eyelash at two years, though I think teething is natures way of suggesting that it is time for plan B, but what do i know, I am male.
+Jack Stanley teething is not an issue if the baby doesn't bite. And just like we don't bite when drinking water, babies don't bite when drinking milk (or, they might try once and never do it again).
+Sophie Wrobel - OK, I surrender to your 'experience' or observations, better you than me with a typical 5 year old trying to catch a snack from Mom - I still think it is weird.