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Getting to the next donor is important, more important than crunching some family that won't likely write a check.
Hillary Clinton's motorcade raced from Keene to Claremont to Concord, obliterating speed limits throughout the Granite State as she kept a tight schedule of off-the-books events on Monday.

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Or one can stick their head in a dark place and pretend things are peachy.

FTA:[Becoming British is overwhelming for many young Muslims. For some, first gangs, and then radical Islamist groups become a means of escaping their uncertain worlds. If we are to deal with the threat of radicalisation, then we must understand these parallel worlds that exist all around us.]
The world of Mohammed Emwazi, the man alleged to be the IS executioner nicknamed Jihadi John, was not an easy one to grow up in. Emwazi was born in Kuwait in 1988. His family are from Jahra, a town near Kuwait City. He's of Bedoon origin, which in Arabic literally means “without.

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The only trouble with any of thee methods is the foolish notion that dispatching a POS should somehow not be a stressful experience, unlike the experience that many [most] of their victims faced.

Hire the Mafia to put two(2) 22 rounds into the back of their head on the way to breakfast some arbitrary morning.
On Friday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a law giving the state a new tool to use in executions: a chamber filled with nitrogen gas. If lethal injection—Oklahoma’s preferred execution method—is declared unconstitutional or becomes unavailable due to a drug shortage, the law would authorize use of a gas chamber that executes...

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This is about Harry Reids butt buddy billionaire.

FTA: [As Politico reported earlier this week, Mr. Steyer had “his fingerprints are all over this week’s spring meeting of the Democracy Alliance — an indication that the influential coalition of liberal donors intends to spend big to elevate climate change, and that Steyer plans to be at the forefront.”

All of the major action items will hurt unions, reduce wages, drive up unemployment, and make the poor poorer. Mr. Steyer may as well be saying of America’s working class: Let them eat cake.]
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and the whole gang of Democratic leaders claim that one of their highest priorities is to lift up the middle class and reduce the income gap between rich and poor.
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In 2017 folks will whine and wail about what a sleaze Hillary has 'turned into' while ignoring all of the evidence available today before the election - DOH!
“Crony capitalism has defined Clinton’s career, from her tenure on the board of Walmart, to the Wall Street execs whom she surrounded herself with at the State Department, to her allegiance to Cisco, even as it violated principles on which she staked her tenure,”
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+Bill Frisbee And those who don't will be called pigs for not supporting women. 
FTA: [The funny thing is that some serious news involving Mrs Clinton came out this week, but has mostly elicited yawns. First, it was revealed that she had simply ignored congressional inquiries into her use of private emails during the time she was serving as Secretary of State back in 2012. Second, it was reported that the Clinton Foundation would continue taking money from foreign governments – even as Mrs Clinton officially ran for president of the United States.
None of these "serious" stories garnered as much coverage or commentary as her failure to leave a tip at Chipotle. This is both a commentary on the American public and the American media. But it's also a warning to Mrs Clinton about how it will be the little things that kill.]
"Serious" stories about Hillary Clinton did not attract as much coverage as her failure to leave a tip at a Mexican restaurant, writes Matt Lewis
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+Jack Stanley Please don't confuse the liberals "Democrappers" with the truth!!! Spay or neuter your Democrappers !! 

Jack Stanley

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I think it should be torn down - this is the era of "open borders" - time for the man in the oval to show his leadership in this issue.
The mediaeval approach to protecting President Obama was scrapped over maintenance concerns and 'having to retrieve people from it.' A Democrat from Tennessee proposed the wacky idea last year.
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Jarrett-Obama are determined to enable the Iranian bomb and the inevitable use against Israel - their goal and their eternal shame.
Proof positive: A lot of thought went into Hillary’s visit to Chipotle

h/t Twitchy
Pew first: Gun rights top gun control in major public opinion shift

And you know which party wants people [gun] control.
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Actually I am more concerned about the fact that she is pre-bought by many dubious governments in the ME.
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She's guilty of Monkey Laundering!  Peta is is pissed!
But they have not learned anything from this - bad policy and poor planning strike again and again and ...
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And all of those reservoirs that have been denied over the last two decades wouldn't help at all /sarc

Then again raising silage for export is really smart.
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