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FTA: Obama has set the stage for World War III. Iran will have puppet regimes in Syria and Iraq. They will be on the doorsteps of U.S. allies Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey. The future costs of his incompetence will be catastrophic.
If you look at it on paper, Obama is about to start World War III
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Interesting choice of finger to display!

Jack Stanley

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A speech that needs to be done
Many interests within the body politic continue to tell us all there's a necessary dividing line between Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, progressives or constitutionalists.  ...

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Make sure you are not eating when you read this absolute drivel

Jack Stanley

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And she likely still holds those positions privately while pandering to the left.

Jack Stanley

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Not to worry, Obama is never bothered by facts that obstruct his agenda - a disarmed population is a controlled population, that is why Hitler, Stalin and Mao disarmed their people.
On Thursday night, Barack Obama got on the television and preached to our nation that we need to follow the extremely strict gun control models that other Western nations, such as Australia, use in order to supposedly keep violent crime at bay. However, he’s really not going to like what’s being reported about what happened there today, as it involves the two things Obama really hates the most.
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+Wolfgang Fritsch To each his own.

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FTA: The president and anti-gunners know that women are the fastest growing demographic of new gun owners in the country, right? And that women applying for their concealed carry permits has surged 270 percent. You're going to try and tell them their Second Amendment rights, and their right to self-defense, are being curtailed ... good luck with that political campaign. It sure defies stereotypes, huh?
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Yet for some reason allowing a despotic regime, ruled by religious fanatics to get nukes is okay?  Obama has got to be smoke crack on an hourly basis.  How stupid can people get?

Jack Stanley

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Yet again the 'science' is  not settled and the models are incomplete.
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Jack Stanley

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LA Times claims Mercer was a white supremacist.
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+Jack Stanley -  I don't even know if that really happened. Alex Jones et al are not terribly reliable. I can fact check them. ;p 

Jack Stanley

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But those didn't move the agenda.
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It's like he's reading my metaphors!

Jack Stanley

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This reads like a novel until you realize that Obama's incompetence is the reason it is news
Obama today ran to the podium using a horrendous crime at a college in Oregon to rail against guns. As traumatic as these insane killings are, when Obama addressed the Nation, barely any information was available from Oregon. What was he up to? Was he throwing a shiny object, gun control, out there for the media to goggle at while, . . . while what?

Jack Stanley

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Maybe the narcissist in the oval should worry about this instead of politicizing tragedy.
Doctors Without Borders shared photos of a trauma center in Kunduz that was set on fire after a bombing on Saturday morning, saying that nine were confirmed dead and 30 unaccounted for.
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+John Tonkin The only outcry from me about the Putin - Syria fiasco is to note that he is doing something while Obama spends the fall with his thumb in his butt.

Jack Stanley

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You  pre-weekend WTF
Back in 2012, WUWT reported on professor Liao's bizarre human genetic engineering proposals to combat climate change - ideas so crazy even Bill McKibben thought they were stupid. Unsurprisingly, th...
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Climate what?
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