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One of the most innovative devices released, it will be interesting to see how well it works in practice...
Meet the phone that can transform into a tablet and a notebook. Does it live up to the hype?
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+Paul Newport Well, you can put a faster processor in a tablet than in a phone, but it's not the only consideration...
The only drawback I can see is that the tablet is not a standalone computing device. So when the phone is not installed, the tablet is a pretty paperweight. If the phone and tablet could be used separately but docked together when needed (you'd probably need a "Which O/S?" menu to allow the phone to take over), this would be a world-beater, IMO.
Then it really could replace existing phone/tablet/laptop combos.
+Rob Thorley Why would you want to use them separately? If you do, you can already buy 3 separate devices, at extra cost, each with its own CPU and screen etc.... Then you just have to accept the reduced communications features (they don't all have a SIM) and the need to cross-sync data....

With the PadFone, it's the same OS (Android 4) but swiched between phone mode and tablet mode to handle the tablet-sized screen.
+Jack Schofield Well, I'm married with three children, so there are four other possible users in the house. I understand the phone and the tablet will cost upwards of £650 (more with the keyboard), which I think is a bit expensive for a phone with a 'monitor'. If I could use the other hardware to distract / occupy the wife / children while I'm using my device of choice, that might be worth investing in.
+Rob Thorley I think you should just buy five iPads, which can't cope with more than one user ;-)

Where did you get your understanding of the price from?
I'm very interested in this phone / tab combo, believe me! It's on sale in Taiwan for $980 all-in, and I think it's been priced at 700EUR for the handset and tab, with the keyboard 150EUR extra. I've converted those prices into £ roughly.
It's a lovely bit of kit, and the stylus/Bluetooth headset is genius, but if it lands at £800 or so all-in, I can't see it being very popular.
Having said that, I am a cheapskate, so I hope I'm proved wrong because I think this kind of innovation should be applauded.
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