Chris Pruett (developer of Windup Knight) tweets:

Lotta press about Android piracy lately. For the record, our piracy rate [on Windup Knight] is about 12% on Android and about 15% on iOS. When Wind-up Knight for iOS was a paid app, the piracy rate was more like 80%. For both Android and iOS, close to 100% of our pirate users are in China . Those users can't buy things on Android anyway.

I think piracy is, as always, a red herring. You can't stop it, but as long as it's slightly arduous, it's not a lot of lost sales. Because a huge number of people who pirate software would never buy it in a million years. You aren't losing a sale to them. Piracy starts to matter only when pirate users can cost you money in other ways, e.g. network bandwidth and server cost. Yet another reason to be a free app in today's mobile marketplace. 

[Jack: This is an edited version of a series of 10 tweets by c_pruett on twitter. I copy-and-pasted them together, and also bolded the statistics. Here's Chris's first tweet of the original tweet series:
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