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Steve Wozniak on how he wrote Apple Integer BASIC. He wrote it from scratch, self taught, with only minimal notes on interpreter design. He built it incrementally, adding hardware and software features until it was powerful enough to implement Breakout.

Several serious mistakes: 1) not knowing any better, he based it on HP BASIC rather than DEC BASIC. 2) He left floating point out of his BASIC to save "a few weeks".

Those decisions cost Apple dearly, both during the Apple II's lifespan (because it forced them to license Microsoft BASIC) and during the original Macintosh lifetime (Microsoft forced Apple to scuttle a high quality visual BASIC that Apple had developed for the Mac.)

...and that's why you should involve a PM early in your project. :-)

I just uploaded v1.0.69, which fixes crashes related to showing/hiding the action bar. (Sorry about that!) It should become available from the store in a few hours.

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I have just published version 1.0.68, with limited Material Design support. (Limited to Android 5.0 and newer devices.)

New version of TEA has been released.


New launcher icon. (

Widget icons can now have multi-line text labels. (FrankWestlake)

Improved Russian localization. (Timofey Lisunov)

TEA can now be used to display other application's terminal sessions. See ITerminal.aidl in the source tree. (Alexander Rvachev)

Close non-standard file descriptors when launching subprocess. (We tried doing this before in 1.0.55, but didn't know about the ANDROID_PROPERTY_WORKSPACE environment variable.) (Jack Palevich, Alexander Rvachev)

Fixed minor NDK compiler warnings.

Dropped support for Android 1.5 (Cupcake). Had to do this to enable the ITerminal.aidl feature.

There's a new version of Terminal Emulator for Android, v1.0.65, which makes Term widgets work again.

I just pushed a new version of Terminal Emulator for Android. v1.0.64

It fixes a security issue that allowed untrusted third-party applications to launch TEA to run scripts.

Unfortunately, it also breaks "Terminal widgets". (Because as far as TEA is concerned the Launcher is an untrusted third-party application.)

I'm trying to figure out how to restore the Terminal Widgets feature without putting back the security issue. When I figure that out I'll push a new version.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

D'Oh! Android Terminal Emulator has been removed from the Play Store. The reason it was removed was that the application name starts with the word "Android". I will be renaming the application and publishing a new version shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I moved the projects for two libraries that Taipei-Torrent depends on from to github. Hopefully a simple go get -u will fix things up.  The two libraries are go-nat-pmp and bencode-go.

I released a new version of Android Terminal Emulator today.

v1.0.62 Small improvements and bug fixes.

The Term shortcut dialog box now has its own file picker in case you don't have a third-party file manager installed.

Bug fixes:

Fixed crash when tapping on the last character of a hyperlink and the link was the last text in a line.

Improved handling of multibyte characters.

Updated Hungarian translation.

We now do continuous-integration testing against go version 1.3 and tip

Feel free to use 1.3 specific features in pull requests.
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