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Jack Montgomery
Enjoying Hiking & Dining on and off the Beaten Track
Enjoying Hiking & Dining on and off the Beaten Track

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Writing route directions for the Canary Islands is an immensely satisfying job, but there are aspects which frustrate the hell out of us and which would see Mr Spock being carted off manically gibbering over and over again “but it’s just not logical captain.”
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Some writers despise travel lists, viewing them as lazy travel writing designed to pull in lots of readers with the minimum of effort. However, statistics show people like lists. They’re the tapas of travel writing. In the one sitting you get to experience a taste of many different locations in bite-sized chunks. Plus, importantly, the good ones are very useful when it comes to travel planning.
The sad truth is that many travel lists are virtually useless.
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Foodies will immediately suspect the title of this piece to be a fabrication. Why would anyone in Italy or Provence stray from local food which is so divine it deserves a religion in its honour? Confession time, I didn’t. Bergamo and Province simply came in handy for getting in a lazy alliteration.
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The ascent was steep and, although it was only 10am, the sun was already shooting warm rays at us; sweaty beads decorated our foreheads. The climb was more challenging because our route started at around 1300m where there’s 3% less oxygen in the air than at sea level.
That 3% makes a difference.
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Mackay can be on the bullish side, pushing past to always be first to get the best views, or standing at the prow of the Zodiac as though he’s captain.
But his gruff, butch facade crumbles when face with a rickety ladder climbing through the jungle. His short legs are just not long enough to bridge the gap between rungs. His bushy eyebrows furrow and a worried whine escapes his mouth.
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After 6km of continuous ascent, the pink hue of our faces and levels of perspiration increasing in direct proportion to the gradient of the climb, we reach a signpost that points to a series of steep steps climbing skywards off the path.
‘Blaueishütte 40mins’, the sign says.
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A chic boutique hotel with a Michelin starred restaurant, set at the rear of the lovely Plage La Roya in the Gulf of St Florent in northern Corsica. Rooms are set around an interior courtyard pond and garden, and the contemporary design of the building maximises light and capitalises on St Florent’s warm and sunny climate.
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When you spend a lot of time walking on various Canary Islands you learn more about them than just how good the walking is. The fact the majority of visitors to Fuerteventura opt for all inclusive hotel packages on the coast has a knock on effect on what's available in rural areas.
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A few years ago we decided one of our objectives would be to walk across the Canary Islands following the GR131 and staying at rural hotels along the way.
Walking the GR131 is no longer on our ‘things we want to do’ list. But not because we’ve been able to put a tick against it. We have walked extensively in the Canary Islands, crossing islands on wildly varied footpaths and staying at some belting rural accommodation. We just haven’t used the GR131 to do so.
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The lunch spot: The easy way to get to Rathlucken Hütte high above Goiserer Tal (valley) in Bad Goisern, Austria is to drive. It’s what a lot of the locals do. But a more satisfying way is to climb from the valley floor, from somewhere like St Agatha, letting grandiose views unfold as you ascend, winding through forest and crossing pastures before arriving at the delightfully higgledy piggledy terrace of the Rathlucken Hütte.
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