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Jack Longchamps
Interest in History, Psychology, Neurology, Anatomy, Marketing, 3D Computer Graphics, Solar Panels, Off-Grid, Photography, Science, Science Fiction.
Interest in History, Psychology, Neurology, Anatomy, Marketing, 3D Computer Graphics, Solar Panels, Off-Grid, Photography, Science, Science Fiction.

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Why did I stop posting here about a year ago ?

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Our Humanist Hobbyist Nemesis
#Know more about #George #Soros
What connects Syria,  Hillary #Clinton , Caribbean Holdings, Bernie #Sanders , the head of #Columbia University, the #refugee crisis, assorted #left -wing journalist types (from #Salon’s Glenn Greenwald to disgraced former MSNBC host David #Shuster ) with top level financiers like the #Rothschilds ? George #Soros does. You'll be surprised of the #New #World #Order he has in mind for YOU.

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Obama and Putin on the phone, live ?
If the Saudis insist on forcibly removing Bashar Assad,  that could make the desert glow in the dark, President Putin allegedly told Obama on an accidentally non-secure telephone line. Here's the report from superstation95 :

According to rumors, a call between the two leaders was somehow routed through an insecure telephone circuit.  the rumor mill is rife with claims the call between the two leaders dealt with the situation in Syria and, contrary to White House comments saying the leaders agreed more Diplomacy was needed, the call instead was an extraordinarily heated call, replete with name-calling of a vile nature and actual threats of war!

The rumor mill churned out details that lend credibility to the possibility the call was insecure and recorded.  For instance, Putin allegedly told Obama that he would no longer tolerate Erdogan (The Turkish President) "protecting and assisting terrorists, then engaging in sneak attacks, while hiding behind the shield of NATO." Putin also allegedly referred to the Saudi Arabians by a less than diplomatic epithet, and he allegedly went on to say that unless Obama "put a leash on these dogs, Turkey would be on a Russian Bear's menu."  He allegedly also said that Saudi Arabia's intent to forcibly remove Bashar Assad "could make the desert glow in the dark."  If true, it was a direct nuclear threat against Saudi Arabia!

Obama allegedly made clear that NATO would not allow that to take place, to which Putin allegedly chuckled "NATO is falling apart; they can't even control their own borders!" He allegedly added "they have no power to interfere with Russia!"  Putin also allegedly made clear to Obama "These people are doing your bidding, get them under control while you still can or Russia will do it for you."

There are a variety of varying versions of this phone call, but all of them seem to indicate the phone call was about Syria, Turkey assisting terrorists, and Russia being unwilling to tolerate it anymore.

We must again reiterate this is 100% rumor-mill gossip within media circles and to our knowledge, no media outlet actually has a recording of the conversation.  ALL OF THIS INFORMATION COULD BE WRONG.

In the past, however, we have found that rumors somehow have a way of ending up based in fact; and its only a matter of time before such facts come out.  It is in that light that we felt it newsworthy to offer this GOSSIP, with several clear disclaimers so there is no misunderstanding.  There is NO PROOF that any of this is accurate . . . . but it may be. 

Decide for yourselves!

Sources at the Denver International Airport who work in the air cargo business tell us " Things are being shipped.. . a lot of things.. to destinations north of Anchorage. Non-disclosures, shielded manifests and need-to-know are being implemented."

The only thing of interest north of Anchorage is Fort Greely, home of the United States Military's Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense systems. Those systems protect the United States from Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles coming over the North Pole from places like . . . Russia. Why would the US suddenly be concerned about nuclear missiles coming over the North Pole at us? Maybe because of what the US is doing in Syria and the fact that Russia is rapidly approaching the point where it is going to stomp on the terrorists and their foreign supports? Looks like Obama and his failed Presidency are about to get a lot of us killed.

This is not a joke anymore, all the fiddling is just to win time. They're going for gold, Full Spectrum. THINK. If they don't manage now, they lose the initiative. They're losing the info war. Where I look, comments sections are closing down. It may be too late for them tomorrow.
So, last chance for the US to give the New World Order the exact form they want.
They've been working on this for twenty years and now it could be over? No way...

We're in for deep shit- Turkey's all set to invade Syria and there's a news blackout in the West. WW3 could be dead ahead, our elites are losing control, so they go for it. This is my best news source so far. Duck and cover...

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I see more and more that the US NEED Islam and ISIS to make sure they will keep control over Eurasia.
The EU was unneeded competition anyway and is better off wearing the veil.
They call it "World Order" and are telling themselves they are great humanists - just by the way.
We're on the verge of a great war, messieurs-dames, and our betters, the witting ones, have decided it is worth the risk - because it's likely that Russia, being outmanned, has to back down (and the Chinese don't want to lose customers). But the risk of war is high now, and if it has to be, it will happen. 
Because they need depopulation, and they want to rule.
#turkey #islam #ww3

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An interesting, still growing, cooperative collection

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This is actually not a bad Saturday Video from Occupied Crimea, probably initiated by the local Tourist Board - remember these suppressed people are all performing at gunpoint, but it's still a nice Saturday night video, reminiscent of summer.
#crimea   #summer
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