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Internet Business and Marketing Consultant, Associate Dean at DirectionsU, CEO of Brick Road Media and creator of C.A.S.T. for local business owners.

Former full-time conservationist for several non-profits.  Highlights included spending lots of time in the wilderness teaching city slickers how to track mountain lions, black bears, and other assorted critters of the wild Southwest United States and Northern Mexico. 

For the last 15 years I've taught thousands of people from small business to Fortune 1000 companies how to get more traffic through search, link building, and blog marketing.

I've authored several ebooks over the years including Power Linking, the Authority Black Book, and my latest book, Bending The Web

I co-founded of Blog Success, one of the first blogger training centers on the web, was started in 2006-2007 and has taught over 8000 members how to build high-traffic, profitable blog-based sites.

These days I blog at and Directions University, and I help local businesses get found on the web with my firm, Brick Road Media.  I'm also Associate Dean at Directions University.

How Can I Help YOU?

If you are looking for help gaining much more exposure for your site, whether you are a Fortune 500 or a part-time author, consultant, musician, coach, or affiliate marketer, you should contact me to find out what I can do for you.
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"Jack, that session we had to discuss my business and blog blew my mind." -Nancy Marmolejo, VivaVisibility --- "He is a man of integrity and actually cares about people and their long term success. Congrats Jack! You are the real deal." — Jerry Hart, --- "Jack rocks social media like no other!" — Michelle Price, | "Jack is a super-pro in the area of online marketing and branding. He gets my highest recommendation." — Nathan Anderson,
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Indiana - Chicago, IL - Washington DC - Albuquerque, NM - Richmond, IN


Jack Humphrey

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Mind blowing show today with Amy Camie, Harpist who showed us how to leverage the entire dang Universe to grow our businesses! ‪#leveragmasters
Amy Camie is a classically trained 'spiritual' harpist, recording artist, composer, author of “Loving Life…all of it – A Walk with Cancer, Compassion and
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Jack Humphrey

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There's really only one great battle raging on Earth today.
The "news," and what appears to be happening to everyone because it is all that we see on the web and TV, is never representative of the whole picture. America is never one thing. Generalizing how an entire country is doing at any given moment is a gross oversimplification that hurts us badly for several reasons.
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Jack Humphrey

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+Felicia Slattery on Leverage Masters Podcast today sharing her "house story" (you have to tune in to know) and all the leverage bits contained within. :) #leveragemasters  #leverage
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Jack Humphrey

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Practice, passion, obsession, yes, they all have something to do with it. But there is something else that isn’t quite possible about what they do. Something “other” that brings magic into it in a big way.
All my life I've marveled at the amazing things people can do. Musicians, athletes, people with all kinds of wondrous, fantastic talents that beguile us an
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Jack Humphrey

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Email marketing might be great if: 1) You can get them delivered. 2) You can get them opened. and 3) You can get clicks. But it's not happening and never will happen again like it used to. Time for something else to take the lead IMO.
Say you want to take advantage of the massive open rates of text messaging (that beat the hell out of email open rates, let alone abysmal delivery rates of
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Jack Humphrey

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Jack Humphrey

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I have a good friend who is in a competition that would mean the world to her business if she won. If you would like to support one of the best virtual assistant companies on the planet, please go to this page and click "Vote Here" > scroll to bottom of list > and vote for "Virtual Assistant" so Jacqui Davis's company can win! Thanks!
We are back again at LogMeIn for our next event, MIN #88! But wait, prepare to be even more impressed than before, this is LogMeIn's brand NEW, SUPER SLEEK location in Boston's Fort Point. It is the same street (just the other side of the street). 10 innovative products are ready to showcase on TUESDAY (yes, TUESDAY) July 12th!
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Jack Humphrey

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Cassi Eubank "Rock Star Results Coach" is on Leverage Masters today with an awesome message about how you can achieve Rock Star results in business and life! ‪#‎leveragemasters‬
Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast at
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Happy birthday!

Please join my free website

Please read my free books

Thank you
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Jack Humphrey

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Special thanks to Liz Hester and Ed Oakley for a great show today on Leverage Masters podcast! #podcast   #leveragemasters  
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"How to" vs. "Why do you do?"
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