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Today, we're updating the Hangouts app for Android.

Since our last release, our main focus has been to improve stability and performance and we’ve addressed lots of the feedback and suggestions that we get from you!

We've also made lots of under the hood improvements that will allow us to build even more great features going forward.

Enjoy the new release and stay tuned for more!
Hangouts is a messaging app that lets you send and receive messages, photos...
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Fan-freakin-tastic interview with +Dan Thies on Traffic Masters Radio today!

If you want the real scoop on Facebook (or any paid ad strategy) to gain more leads and customers, listen in.  You've never heard some of the stuff Dan shares in this hour-long gooldmine of a podcast!
It's not just about Facebook marketing.  On today's show, guest Dan Thies from Marketer's Braintrust breaks down what it really takes to capture the attention of an audience with paid ads and make it work for your business. You've never heard anyone talk about some of the stuff Dan shares in this show.  And you can take what you learn straight to campaign and put it to work for you.  Once again, we could have sold access to this show and had 100%...
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Jack Humphrey

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Wonderful post dear friend i LOVE IT AND YOU TOO.MAY I BECOME PART OF YOU PLEASE. 
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Something that you might be interested to learn about Social Media. - The Hierarchy of Needs for an Engaged Social Media Audience. :)
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Great bit of information.
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Jack Humphrey

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Almost makes winter worth it. Kinda. Maybe.
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when i was his age, i loved winter too.  skating, hockey, bumper jumping, sledding. 
Now, not so much.
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Jack Humphrey

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No words...
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#loveyourpets  day is everyday for me and the backyard birds much to the chagrin of my husband= what $30 for birdseed!
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Jack Humphrey

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+Jack Humphrey cute, really cute.
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Jack Humphrey

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Exactly . >>> But also >>>
Once you are discovered by customers, you must focus on lead generation tactics that will allow you to develop long-term relationships with your customers ...  [ Also from the article ]
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Great interview today with Steve Daar on Traffic Masters Radio!

 Steve started his marketing agency to serve businesses and non-profit organizations that have a mission.
Today's interview is with the founder of Conversion for Good, Steve Daar.   Steve started his marketing agency to serve businesses and non-profit organizations that have a mission. After learning from multiple early entrepreneurial failures, investing thousands of hours and managing over $1.3 million in online advertising spend for Fortune 500 level businesses, our guest wrote the book, Profit Hacking  
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Jack Humphrey

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Any +Joel Comm joint is bound to be worth attending.  Learnin' is going to take place here for sure...   #joelcomm  
Get reigstered now and discover how to become a recognized expert in your field!
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Jack Humphrey

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The vast amount of cranium space in an Owl is taken up by their big eyes and sight system.  

Their brains, then, are actually pretty small.  Owl brains get the leftover space.  So "focus" is a literal, more than a brain-power, term here.  

They are such great focusers because there's not a lick of anything else going through their minds - they don't have the capacity for it.  Which makes "Wise as An Owl" pretty ironic.  :)
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The eyes have their own intelligence even in a human being. That is why I have sunrise for breakfast. I eat with my eyes and the morning sunrise feeds me all the nutrients I need to start my day and allows my hormones to activate in a healthy way.

That is also why I encourage people to only wear sunglasses when it is absolutely necessary. Sunglasses are a major health issue because they trick the body into a false state of being and that creates disharmony and dis-ease.

HeartMonics Harmonize Life Wellness Membership provides the most up to date Self-Care to Self Insure your Wellness for a happier healthier life with a greater quality of living. #HeartMonics 
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Jack Humphrey

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This was a great show this week:  +Natalie Ledwell and +Cindy Ertman were on talking about their new show "Wake Up!" and we had a blast talking with them!
Jack and I were super excited to have Natalie Ledwell and Cindy Ertman join us on the Traffic Masters Show this week! Natalie Ledwell is the bestselling author of ‘Never in Your Wildest Dreams', an inspiring speaker and co­founder of Mind Movies. Natalie has reached over 2.1 million people around the globe. Cindy Ertman has a passion for people and is the Founder of The Defining Difference, a success based coaching and training company, devoted...
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Internet Business and Marketing Consultant, Associate Dean at DirectionsU, CEO of Brick Road Media and creator of C.A.S.T. for local business owners.

Former full-time conservationist for several non-profits.  Highlights included spending lots of time in the wilderness teaching city slickers how to track mountain lions, black bears, and other assorted critters of the wild Southwest United States and Northern Mexico. 

For the last 15 years I've taught thousands of people from small business to Fortune 1000 companies how to get more traffic through search, link building, and blog marketing.

I've authored several ebooks over the years including Power Linking, the Authority Black Book, and my latest book, Bending The Web

I co-founded of Blog Success, one of the first blogger training centers on the web, was started in 2006-2007 and has taught over 8000 members how to build high-traffic, profitable blog-based sites.

These days I blog at and Directions University, and I help local businesses get found on the web with my firm, Brick Road Media.  I'm also Associate Dean at Directions University.

How Can I Help YOU?

If you are looking for help gaining much more exposure for your site, whether you are a Fortune 500 or a part-time author, consultant, musician, coach, or affiliate marketer, you should contact me to find out what I can do for you.
Bragging rights
"Jack, that session we had to discuss my business and blog blew my mind." -Nancy Marmolejo, VivaVisibility --- "He is a man of integrity and actually cares about people and their long term success. Congrats Jack! You are the real deal." — Jerry Hart, --- "Jack rocks social media like no other!" — Michelle Price, | "Jack is a super-pro in the area of online marketing and branding. He gets my highest recommendation." — Nathan Anderson,
Content Marketing Consultant
SEO, content marketing, branding, social media, leverage marketing
    Associate Dean, present
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    Internet Marketing Consultant, present
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Traffic Masters: Facebook Marketing Intel From Expert Dan Thies

It's not just about Facebook marketing. On today's show, guest Dan Thies from Marketer's Braintrust breaks down what it really takes to capt

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Thanks! - Marketers Braintrust - Proven Methods to Grow Traffic, Sales, ...

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Dan Thies, Author at Marketers Braintrust - Proven Methods to Grow Traff...

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Jack and I were super excited to have Natalie Ledwell and Cindy Ertman join us on the Traffic Masters Show this week! Natalie Ledwell is the

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