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Oh, how many times have we heard these rationalizations for a 'contingent commitment' (sounds like a commitment but only in place if nothing better comes along).

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Would be wonderful to close out this year with the trophy from the Big Dance!

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This is handy. We all know the common ones, and this chart decides the other ones that pop-up from time to time.

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Players and Doers
Players learn the commands
for the video game and run up the score. Doers learn how to do something to get results. Players value image – being in the right place, knowing the right people,
being included in the right projects. Doers value completion –

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Word Inflation
while back, I collaborated on a project to produce a document suitable for public dissemination. I
noticed that when collaborators sent back edits and improvements to
the draft's author, each received a comment like: 'Awesome Changes!',
or 'This will real...

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The Company Picnic
Ah...the company picnic.
Fond memories of fried chicken, hard dry burgers, 15 varieties of
potato salad, a dish with melted marshmallows on top, a mystery
casserole, and some wrinkled burned hotdogs. And lots of employees with
their families. Sometimes lead...

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Processing...processing...processing: this is like that - OK now I get it.

We are comparative creatures and it works well until trying to explain to another person without the same frame of reference.

After a minor procedure i has a large bandage on my arm. A colleague asked about it and I told him I had a punch biopsy done. "What's that," he asked?

Oh, it's a hollow-core punch that penetrates the skin and collects a sample of what's underneath... "like the core sample inspectors take from the roadbed to assess the quality when building a road (i was on a road crew in my youth).

"Huh, what's that?" he said. My metaphor created more darkness instead of illumination.

Seth is right on target!

"In search of metaphor" #topblogs #feedly

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