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Facebook is done. (IMHO)
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just another reason to leave facebook.
I had this on my personal account the other day, over £3 to have my updated status appear in my friend's feeds, very sad.
+Jack C Crawford Even worse than this is the fact that commercial entities can use your likeness for sponsored posts to promote products. They did this through a recently deceased friend of mine. It was very sleazy in my opinion. 
Even the screenshot looks ugly ...
Spoils my G+  Stream ;) 
I don't think they are done. It's too large an entrenched friends and family environment. But they will have to find ways to monetize if they want to stay relevant for more than the friends and family crowd.
When the announcement for this came out, all I could think was, "Way to increase Google Plus' usage." This seems very short sighted. Finally G+ may have gotten the help it needed.
When they investors come calling, things can get pretty wonky.

Total desperation move.
I don't think people will stop using it, it is just a pathetic way to raise revenue. 
I am really surprised that there is no advertising on Google+
I've heard about this but this is the first time I've seen it.

Buh bye FB. waving
As if we needed another reason to leave that horrible, horrible network.  I only keep my account around for SEO purposes, rarely signing in.
Their method of reducing the number of people who see non-promoted posts definitely seems like an act of desperation. Maybe they shouldn't have spent so much on Instagram.

I doubt they will be done, but I think the professional traffic will migrate much faster as a result. 
+Greg Vlahakis , you would be amazed how much people spend on tokens for games, I know several self-centred people who will pay to have their crappy post at the top of the feed.
Yeah, I am not real happy about this, but I have been told there is a work around for your posts to still show in others newsfeed.
I know several small local businesses (photographers) who tried it to get out word about specials -- when FB started it post views dropped from thousands to a handful overnight, so the photographers decided to spend the $$s and see if that got the word out. It sure did...their posts got likes from Pakistan and Germany and all sorts of countries that were just a wee bit far away to use the photographers services. And no likes from locals, and no comments from locals, and definitely no sales to those locals who used to post by the hundreds on these small biz posts before the change. I have no problem paying for GOOD advertising, but so far neither regular ads nor promoted posts seem to fit that category. 
Wow!  What great comments!  Thank you folks!
"I don't often post on Facebook, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends."
+Greg Vlahakis yeah I am sure everyone is going to run out and spend $7 so they can tell their friends that they had a salad for lunch.

Hell you are assuming they have 1,000,000,000 user.  honestly I would be surprised if they have less than 400,000,000 actual users and in all honesty I don't think 1/1000 would actually ever use this so we are more realistically looking at 2.8M and that is before people realize that it doesn't really do anything they couldn't do 15-20 years ago for free with email. 

Welcome to the future according to Zuckerberg
This is such a crappy idea. I hope it kills Facebook, but fear it won't.
This will drive away small business, but probably not the average user. I bet most average users don't even realize this feature exists! I'm not sure what it would take to drive away the average user. A severe security breach? Paying to use Facebook? So far they've been able to withstand everything Facebook has done to them over the years. It's like that line in the Eagles' "Hotel California,": "You can check out any time you like, but you can't ever leave."
I don't see the problem with this, no one is forcing you to promote a post. Facebook is done if they can't turn a profit. People paid for virtual crops or sending little pictures as gifts. At least this has some value to certain users. Twitter does the same thing. 
This is why f'n +mitt romney is always in my feed
And that's why I never messed with that B.S., waste of time.
Waw thats so sad, to think that I need to pay just to say Im hungry to my friends...
Wow, this is just dumb. I hardly go on Facebook anymore. I actually only go because of my family and friends. I wish more people would move over here.
+Jack C Crawford  As the user experience erodes under profit pressures, users will start abandoning FB for other platforms.
Not a huge user of Facebook but I don't see any reason why this can be considered as bad.

Typically, independent professional can use it to promote their work, photographers for example.. Also if you want to announce a major event in your life such as your wedding, or even sell someting that sounds like a good opportunity to do so.

Anyway, I don't see this at the death of Facebook.
Thus explains the "your friends support Romney" status update I am constantly seeing... MAKE IT STOP!
So now people and companies that invested heavily in Facebook page development are screwed. Unless they PAY to reach their followers, most of their investment is gone. Social media is really useful, but a service owned by someone else can't be your only digital media strategy.
Not the mama! I don't use Facebook anymore. But I bet all these sites try crass ad things anyway.
Yet another reason why I began moving to G+
it wont work b/c no one (relatively speaking) is going to pay. they will slowly migrate to other platforms. indeed, i think so too - fb is on a downward trend
And too......Note how Skype is attempting to charge for calls NOT connected to Facebooks video chat.  I make free call with Google, have NO phone, just use wi-fi (paid for or not) and call free anywhere in North America.
Like James said above I am constantly seeing the Mitt Romney ads and they're getting annoying. Switched over here and am loving it so far
If we charge it they will pay :) -mark Z
Genius, their product is making money from it's products.
I don't always post on facebook, but when I do, I pay for it so I can spam more people than jus tmy "friends"
Thats why I dropped Falsebook. G+ only now.
Hell yes G+, facebook is my (legacy) social networking for the uninitiated, same way people kept myspace for old contacts :)
Failbook continues on it's epic path of epic failure.

and my family wonders why i have no respect for them.
My advice to Mark Zuckerburg: Find some young genius born in the 90's and ask her to reinvent Facebook for you. And don't sweat, we know you have the skill to write the algorithms and the leave the rest for us.
+Michael Sammels 

when you post on facebook, it appears in the news feed of everyone you are friends with. but it doesn't appear at the top. Corporate posts do.

by paying you essentially rent out one of those top spaces on the news feed keeping your post on top for an allotted amount of time.
They sold their soul to Wall St.  They have to find a way to make money somehow. 
+Zander Gavin Well, now instead of everyone in your news feed seeing all of your posts they only see some posts mostly from the friends they interact with most. For Facebook pages you'll see about 15% of there updates with the new algorithm unless they use promoted posts
It's bad business.  I'm used to companies being lame; I'm not used to them committing suicide.
+Brian E. Young 

hence the inherent beauty of Google+, you can not only make your posts visible to certain users in your circles, but you can also keep certain users from flooding your feed with their incessant nonsense. This is G+, not twitter, yet some people feel the need to treat it as such.
+Zander Gavin Yes that's one of my favorite features here in G+! Surprised that Facebook hasn't tried to copy it. There lists feature is similar but not as user friendly
+Matthew Cecil 

America Online did it when people caught on that more and more AOL was nothing but a massive Spyware program, that took nothing short of a reformat to eliminate all traces.
+alec iles 

i am perfectly content NOT being bombarded with every little scrap of BS from people I know. It's annoying enough when my feed is flooded with Paris Hiltons nonsense and I don't even like the bitch. I've blocked her 3 times and still her messages pop up./
This is BS! I guess this is how they have to make up for the Stock Flop! No other revenue coming their way! 
Facebook had its day in the sun.
I run a page with just under 1M likes. Facebook wants to charge $2000 to promote a status message to all of the follows.
Google isn't counting on G+ being a massive success for a while.  I think as Zuckerberg is forced to screw over users more and more in order to keep shareholders happy, people will start moving here.

Especially since all their friends who are already on it won't shut up about how much better it is than FB.
The web will take ur soul no matter what you pu in it.
Not the way to make money after having so many users, count me out

Paid posts have been working well for Tumblr so far...
Γάμησε τα ρε πήγα να γράψω κάτι στο profile σου +Phillip Sestakof στο Facebook και ξαφνικά μου πετάγεται αυτή η μαλακια, LoL να πληρώσω για να ποστάρω!
Facebook is too commercialized.  But that is the price for free.  Google+ is slightly different in the sense that Google will be selling a business edition.  We get Google+ for free while they get input and feedback to improve the product so they can sell the business version of Google+.  We are the base for which Google+ will be a service businesses will use.
Is this a new feature? I have seen promoted posts on my fb account weeks ago and now can't see anything new in this photo. If it's a new feature what is difference?
what is new, is that you have to pay so that your subscribers get your news. 
Its a way to monetize for them. Its not for everyone of course, but some people will pay to use this for sure. 
+Dan O'Brien , I know there are people sharing their favourite, or most hated brands, and the brands themselves have their own pages, but we do not yet have to put up with pay per click adverts here.

This is why I never used Facebook.
I hope Google keeps G+ clean of this type of things. I suppose that this type of "easy money" is always tempting for some.
+Oswaldo Agurto Google will never do this. At most they will introduce ads just like in their search but I highly doubt they will go down to that level.. I think Google is doing just fine with their 100 million / day ad business.
So glad i deleted my fb along time ago
ya that's way i swapped into the awesome world of google+
Let us all be honest for a minute. Google started as a search engine. nothing more. Over the years they acquired Youtube, built cell phones with Android, produced an Operations Software, about to start marketing their own desktop computers, established a Social Networking site that is more than adequate competition for Facebook, as well as numerous other ventures.

There are so many conspiracy theories about "the Corporations" going to control everything, and Google actually does seem to be heading to that size. Personally I welcome it. Because I look forward to the day that Apple and its fanboys are shut up for good, and a search engine exists that can tell me where my fucking keys are.
she always love me bcus of my money. Now i need true love.
new wall st speed record of taking a good idea and fecking it up, way to go.
I have a FB account, but never use it.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results....

Can any one say MY SPACE?....
Twitter will be next to go....and everything else follows...
But no need to worry , they're will be some other form of social media app/website to post all your shit too! 
o dear, i bet some suckers will pay too lol
What did they say?  Facebook will always be free?  *cough* bullshit cough
Since my friends and family use Facebook I'm stuck. I wish they had a premium account so that I could pay to remove adds, games, and clean it up. 
I'll promote you post for half the price. 
How much are you gonna pay to let people know that your "gearing up for the weekend!"
These images have been floating around for months if not years. Every now and then they pop up. That's not to say I this won't happen In the future. No worries from me though I left that sinking ship already! 
Agreed, this is clearly a desparate attempt to show stockholders they can earn money by methods other than advertising. So happy to be on G+.
Just figured that out now?
I'm happy I never had a Facebook account :-) 
What the hell do you mean by "done"?! This is business if you didn't know it. What's wrong with you people?! It's a money making tool. What else did you expect?! Pink-coloured public tribune with freakin' butterflies all around it and you on the top and the whole world listening to your random meaningless shit that you might think is important?! And all this for free?! Cmon! Don't be rediculous.
+Ignat Savkin He mean "done" because when you take a social platform which most people viewed as a great place to keep in touch with friends, and turn it into a massive advertising business, it will quickly lose it's appeal. That's my main reason for being "done" with facebook...
i can't imagine any of my friends on there paying $7 to tell me they ate chinese food for dinner.
It kills spontaneous and free social networks. Zuckenberg dont know what to do with his computing project.
I think all these social networks are becoming too much. I think I have more meaningful relationships in-person. 
3 real friends on G+
50 real friends on Facebook
15 real friends on Twitter
10 friends on Linkedin
2 on Pinterest
3 on Youtube
It's too much noise and information OVERLOAD. 
Advertisements before every video, intrusive ads in the sidebar, ads in my gmail, ads EVERYWHERE. 
Why? Did they force you to pay up?
I wonder how they came up that number. I wouldn't care if it said something like 50 cents or something. Or maybe it's aimed at business users that would be stupid enough to pay for that. They should Change the name to Face Checkbook
i think Facebook is no longer able to survive the fame and popularity imposed on them by the success of FB and so they don't know what to do anymore - they are out of ideas.
Someone complained about this on my Facebook feed. Everyone said they'd start deleting people who used it. Looks like the beginning of.... 
 G+ promote is free? or not .
The anti-social network has been dead long before this...
It's real. You don't have to use it. But Facebook Inc. needs to show its investors it can make money. How many sheep will willingly join the slaughter? That's what will be interesting to see.
Why do you people think facebook exists? To market to you... and the fact that your on google plus isnt any better. Google plus is only collecting data about you so companies can pay google for your information so they can market to you. Why do you even care? Its a free service that you draw entertainment from. Ads are every where... youtube, facebook, google, hulu, netflix, tv, radio... every where. Its not like you HAVE to buy something.
WHO CARES????!!!! I don't use FB!!!!
Facebook offered me this when I made a public post. It's just sad.
All people do on FB these days is rage about who is being stupid on someone else's post. They hate Obomney, or need your prayers. Or both. It's no longer a place for friends. It's a place to be Unfriended for an lol in the place a :) should have been. 
Mark zuckerburg isn't a business man. He's a computer geek. He needs to step down as CEO, remain on the board and get someone who knows how to make money for the long run without pissing everyone off.
This might only affect people that have a large number of followers/friends.  For people that just use it for say family communication, they may not filter.  
People love it so much they would pay for it 
Same here +Kevin Lynch , I had just posted up a status to say a local road was shut, and was offered to "promote" it for £3 or so.
Logically, they should start paying me for not posting if people are paying for their posts to be read!?! :)
I heard the free posts are seen by about 15% of your friends. I wonder if it's the same 15% every time or if it picks the 15% randomly each time... if it rotates, I think we can bypass this scheme by just posting the same post 7-8 times in a row, maybe 10 times just to be sure... did I stutter? Hell yea, but I stuttered for FREE.

I wonder if the post volume went up x10, if the fb servers could Handel it...

Another strategy would be to tell your friends to sign up with 10 facebook accounts, surely one of them will be in the 15%... just think how many 'friends' you will have then...
After reading an article about this ( ) and seeing +Jack C Crawford's post, I am done with Facebook. Ive pulled my FB advertising from their grasp and will progressively move myself and my business to Google+. 
+spencer lawhon Not "market to you." Market you. Period. You are the product. and besides, i feel like Google is a little(key-word) more trustworthy than a dying company. At least Google is still making massive amounts of money and has little need for petty change(to them) like that.
As much as I have gripes with Facebook, some of the inane crap I have to sift through and its privacy issues, I don't think this will really affect that many people. I don't care if something I post is at the top of someone else's page of halfway down. If they see it, they see it. No one is going to want to promote what they have just had for the lunch or a picture of them out drinking; I would guess that this is more for people with something to promote (literally) or something to push in our general direction - not just that they got some last night or they're down because nobody likes them...
Man, sometimes I am happy, other times I remember there is Facebook.
one more reason to use g+
Ryan Ng
So you can promote a post by paying for it? Nice.
+Tihomir Šarčević kontaj debile .'
A ja mislio to samo glasine, no ocito se prevarih... btw poceli su mi bacat reklame na Android aplikaciju, pomijesano s news feedom s vremena na vrijeme lol
how much do you have to pay to remove the "sponsored" mark?
wow, i predict that facebook will soon b just as a wasteland as myspace. G+ is where its at!
Never had a Facebook account I wish there were more people on Google Plus at this point. So many of my friends won't switch over because it's too much of a pain in the ass, I believe this is the platform for the future but Google really need to figure out how to get more people on board
Welcome to publically traded decisions. I will be glad when you're gone, big blue.
Now all my emotions can have a real audience!

I don't know why the need to promote stuff. I'm getting adds everywhere in Facebook just from the likes of other people and targeted advertisement...
Cool! My posts are so important that I'll pay twice that! 
(not) Not smart.
The sad thing is, there are fools out there that will pay this. And yes they are fools cause anyone who would pay $7.00 to promote that they're at the local burger house with BFF is a fool. 
As long as G+ continues to offer this oh so unique social experience and can keep the retail wolves at bay, I and many of my friends, acquaintances, colleagues and followers will continue to be a part of it. Hangout is built on some really solid technology and is such an immersive and interactive way to actually share with others that, oovoo, fring and others are years behind, and hating it by the way. All the way around, just the most cutting edge social concept I have had the pleasure to be a part of. I try to explain to friends what a BBS is (come on, back in the day, you remember...leisure suit Larry?) any way, G+ is on, circle up!
they're dead...
direct shot in their own heads...
First my space fox bought it then it die now Facebook start trading in the stock market its now dying 
Who gives a fuck, post something that's real useful. Like how to start your own business, or where to find a job, or how to create a government that will not become corrupt.
this is plainly disgusting ... I hate this money grubbing bastards
There'll be a lot of broke narcissists out there.  <G>
Facebook ran out of ideas to make money i guess! It's just a matter of time before it's wiped off from the face of earth. 
I've been getting these too. Is Facebook that desperate?
They been doing this for Three weeks now every time you post something or even if you put a remark of your own they want you to promote it. So they must be losing money 
I saw that... pathetic

twitter and google+ better than facebook
Plus they do not let you play the games that you started with on there they keep switching you to other games but now they have other people which are not on your friends list ask you too play the games
I hate the sponsored posts. I REALLY hate the political sponsored posts.
That's ok, because Google+ is already here.
This stinks!!! Makes me want to spend more time on Google+! I've learned more here and networked with some great people here. Facebook, lata for that!
I hear Facebook's stock is doing terrible 
if you guys don't like facebook then just don't use it, don't even think about or talk about it too
The 1% and the 99% won't like this. Seems to be a Bozo move.
Isaac S
I closed fb almost a year ago!
Is this for real? The most stupid idea I have seen in a company at this size...
I would pay to un friend certain people until after election day
Oh yeah I saw this the other day when I was doing a post. I personally think its aimes more at businesses than the average general punter. Don't think it'll kill off Facebook though. Its not like you HAVE to pay to put your post up is it? Generally the average normal user just wants to send out a message to there friends and family anyway, so there'd be no need to use it. As for killing off Facebook - while I'm not the biggest Facebook fan in the world its the only social network at present that everybody in the not internet obsessed world knows of. As much as I like Google+, none of my friends are on here. Until that changes I'm afraid it ain't goin nowhere.
I can see this being used heavily by teenagers. Attention-seeking messages such "I'm sooo sad today.... :`(( ", "I'm fat" will be massively promoted in news feed. +Facebook+, you are doing it wrong. Parents, prepare for the bills.
Horrible. Making profit that way. Oh c'mon FB.
Is anyone actually surprised that facebook would do this?
i got an idea facebook stop tryin to steal peoples data/money and stop the mickey mouse shit sponsering. grab the best dev teams u got throw there ass in the bunker make them design facebook bizness develope bizness apps and programs and go steal those rich ass corprate bastards blind they use mobile and dont pay taxes they got all kinds of money steal there data. leave us poor social people alone.
Facebook clearly doesn't get it. Just because you have a billion regs and whatever 200m uniques a day doesn't mean you can do whatever you want to fleece users. There's plenty of ways that facebook could have made all this work . . . starting with diversifying . . .

Learn from google, dumbass facebook. Search was free. gmail was free. whatever else was free... but they built services BASED on that stuff that costs money.

Lucky me, I've never had a facebook account. No shit. At first it was just procrastination. Then it was bucking the trends. Now I'm looking downright prescient.
Oh so they now asking for money , next they're going ask for a kidney . I feel bad for Facebook users 
It's for this very reason that I refuse when companies invite me to "like" them on facebook. I, as I'm sure a lot of folks did, started liking everything that I liked. It wasn't long before the companies that I liked were blowing up my news feed when all that I really wanted was to see what my brother stationed in Japan was up to. By all means advertise on facebook. If I want something you show me, I may or may not check it out. I don't mind if it's of to the side. Just don't let it obscure or hinder me from checking on friends and family.
They're going to monetize the news feed, I would expect a lot of pages ads in my Facebook soon...
+Gianluca De Santis 

two problems there. is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE! or to put simply, incredibly difficult to delete a Facebook account.

2. it's certainly long overdue that one strikes a blow to the other. If I were google, I would cut off youtube support for facebook. which would put a nice little dent in the ease of access facebook prides themselves on. 
Facebook trap. A billion user with almost nil revenue. Charge and they will leave.
hai n modi is repit on comand
WooHoo Facebook still sucks. Been gone from there for months
me too got fed up face book was taking your info,and just advertizing like hell havent gone there for a while
I am done with that crappy overrated piece of crap site
Can't believe it... still I belive there will be people using these paid services of theirs
And this is where Google steps in!
Now desperate people can be desperate and poor :-) 
This is the first step before they really start charging people for their service and or having a Facebook account.... 
Facebook probably feels it can do this because it has an effective monopoly. They might be able to pull this off, sadly. 
That was the last straw for me. Account shut down. 
Eventually it will be like adding one more #neon  light down the main strip of Hong Kong or New York city
So, +Jack C Crawford, why exactly is Facebook "done?"

Because you said it was? That's some pretty awesome power you wield. 

Care to back up your statement with some insight into why the company is going to fail due to this feature that you've posted a picture of?
Seeing this article was the final straw for me, just deleted my FB account for good. Been thinking about it for a while mind you. 
Everyone on here saying google + is better is an idiot... google + is doing the same thing as facebook. They are collecting personal information on you so companies can pay them to target market to you. Quit whining ads are every where. Google also reads your cookies from other sites and allows companies to place display ads on a bunch of different websites so a companys advertisement can literally follow you. If you are SO offended by ads then break your computer, break your tv, break your phone, burn your editorials and go live under a rock... 
MZ started realizing that ...  everything in life does not come for free :)
I don't have a facebook so forgive me for not understanding, but why will someone pay to show what can already be seen?
Its a promotional tool companies can pay to give their important posts more exposure. When a business make a post on facebook it usually only seen by 15 - 20 % of its fans. Its not meant for the public.
If I have something to say so important that I need my friends to know, I'll just call them and make sure they know, saving myself seven bucks.
I really can't understand people that complains about Facebook but keeps using it.I like Facebook, it's a nice way to share music and photos and to stay in touch with people from distant places, that's why I use it.
If anyone has a reason to leave their Facebook account, well do it, don't look for more reasons, go ahead and do it now!
By the way, I think the reason why Facebook sometimes gets disgusting is because the people there, some of the people in that social network makes it ugly sometimes. If you leave Facebook, that people is gonna leave it too and is gonna follow you to the next social network on the rise.
+spencer lawhon I got this popup after making a post on my personal facebook page.  This is being directed at everyone.
+Aaron Wood This may take effort, but if you look at the first twenty comments, you will see that I later amended it to be "my opinion"
+Aaron Wood By done, I mean that their growth will decelerate and eventually decline.  That is my personal prediction.  This "promo" thing is a desperate move in my opinion.
No sé porqué mierda Google piensa que ésto me puede interesar. Si alguien sabe cómo hacerlo, pídale a Google que no me recomiende mas nada. Gracias.
Facebook: Self-Destruction Sequence in Progress. Users are advised to stay away.
My country is hot in Nov
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