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Jack C Crawford

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Statista Chart: Underpriced or Overhyped?
This chart shows first-day stock price gains of tech companies that went public in 2014 and 2015:
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Jack C Crawford

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wants you to remember when you're LESS concerned with what is happening around you, in turn noticing MORE of what is happening inside of you...

That is the breaking point of when nothing can stop you!

Cheers all! ;-)))
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editing 😜
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Jack C Crawford

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There you go +Microsoft Developer   Well done.
The newly-open sourced Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit features fast, parallelized, and easy-to-deploy machine learning algorithms
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It's palpable :)
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Jack C Crawford

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A perspective on the news and campus violence from Dr. +Brian Altman
{Fictional story of the reporter}   #Merced   #Knife  

It was early on a boring Wednesday and she stumbled into her kitchen to brew coffee. The sun was spilling through the blinds of her living room window as she poured milk into a bowl of fiber and sat at a table on her high-rise balcony. She had allocated an hour on her elliptical machine and still had a piece to write for her evening show. She smoked the first of many appetite-killing cigarettes that would diminish the urge to ingest an aberrant calorie as her I-phone chimed a familiar melody that defined the caller as her boss.

Her heart pounded as she listened to his description of the situation. She found herself having to rise from her chair as she acknowledged her understanding of her assignment and had to pace the confines of her bedroom as she questioned the nefarious events that were launching her into action. Then she pressed the button that terminated the connection and tried to remind herself to breath. 

She sipped her coffee as returned to her balcony where she stared at the river that bordered her palatial apartment until her mind began to function. Then she pressed an app on her tablet for directions to the college where there was alleged to be a “shooting” and where she would anchor a national piece and smile at the cameras on primetime TV.

She jumped into the shower as visions of gun control danced in her head. She imagined The President wearing his patented sanctimonious countenance as he pontificated on the need for constitutional reform. She wrapped a towel around her wet body as she Googled the second amendment. She explored her dresser for her best push up bra to accessorize her best V-neck blouse. She drove to the studio where she had an appointment in Hair-and-Makeup where her scapula length blonde curls would be styled into a cute French braid. 

And all she had to do was find a town called Merced that was about two hours south of Yosemite. There she would be joined by the cameras and scowl her cutest scowl for the 6 o’clock version of indignant America.

She arrived on campus by mid morning, found the bridge between the campus and the dorms with a half of a dozen police cars. She did not see any helicopters, and she did not see the trucks with antennas and media logos. 

Someone told her about a student that had attacked another student in English class before running into the courtyard and attacking another student before attacking two more. Then he had ran across a bridge in the direction of more oncoming students where he was shot by a policeman.

She turned to find the best background scenery for “the shot,” one that would highlight her blonde streaks, her saline enhanced cleavage and the autumn folliage. 

“Where’re the cameras?” she asked no one in particular.
“Why would there be cameras?” No one in particular answered.
“To cover the shooting.”
“There was no shooting,” someone replied. 
“I heard a student attacked some other students.”
“The kid used a knife.”
“He killed them with a knife?”
“They think the victims will survive.”
“No one died?”
The blonde sat in her car and stared at her shaking hands that were clasped on her steering wheel. The president wouldn’t address the nation and lament about violence on American college campus. There would be no debate about guns or gun control or constitutional reform. The evening news would be about the airplane that crashed in Egypt and she would be assigned a story about a cat that was rescued from a tree.

She removed a rubber band from her purse, tied her hair into a ponytail and started the long drive home. 

I was in surgery on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 and I rarely answer my cell phone while my fingers are busy in a patient’s body. It was almost seven o’clock that evening when I learned about the incident, turned on one of the many televisions around the hospital and learned all about whatever political nonsense was eructated by whatever political candidate had stumbled into the direction of a camera. 

My daughter teaches psychology at the University of California in Merced where a “disturbed student” had stabbed four fellow students before being shot by a policeman.  But because no gun was involved the incident was not worth politicizing and I did not learn of her safety until I returned to my desk, turned on my cell phone and read her text message confirming her safety. 

Campus stabbings that don’t result in deaths don’t sell enough commercial time to be worth labeling as a story. 

Men and women who work in suits, sit in boardrooms and make entertainment decisions don’t deem college campus stabbings to be sufficiently sexy to warrant prime time coverage. 

The NKA – National Knife Association – must have a stronger lobby than the NRA and can block a constitutional amendment to have background checks before someone purchased a steak knife. 
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Jack C Crawford

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Epic ... +Mac Vogt 
What is the magic of escapism?

I saw this piece and my imagination wanted desperately to push through the window panel, and to live totally, separately.

There's a texture of tragedy to it, like unrequited love. An emotional burst of possibility in dumb tension, an aching. An ahh, to leave this world and to walk along this balcony of grass and stone, to breathe in the deepness of the blue in the sea, to turn the corner. It's more than idealized, it flashes inversion (an aversion?) to this world, these elements of our world, rearranged, from the ground up, and never exactly real. Oh but how wonderful would it be to feel the silent sun highlight our outlines, to explore to the sound of seagulls, to meet the people of this village, to hear their stories. To find years passing and to find the place changing. To find myself changing with time in this place.

What triggers a response to escapsim?

Totally personal right. Or maybe, in a cynical sense, it's not. Just get some coherent color scheme going, enough weird architecture, and appeal to sense of season, sense of height, and you can induce escapism in some percentage of people. How depressing is that?

(We have a whole industry oriented around the question.)

If we were to list all the ways these kind of pictures appeal to wonder, we'd be left robustly unaffected by this kind of thing. Right?

(The illusion fades by the speed painting.)

But then when something outside that understanding hits, some whole thing else, something breathing that awful magic, we'd be absolutely bowled over in its taste.

(G+ is chock full of it.)

I was a kid when I was exposed to the whole worlds of videogames. Does this make me vulnerable to a genre of escapism? Everything we eat programs us.

I ran around the fields of Hyrule, and let me tell you, that place existed. It was real. Of course it was. I was enthralled. Turned into adult Link DAMN! Damn. Stayed up at night wondering how the world I grew to love would be forever changed, and I eagerly dove back in. It simulated an escapsim within the escape.

I have an adult brain now. I find myself disappointed so often with media. Like this picture I posted, yeah, I got a glimmer of magic, but I also can't shake (and wouldn't want to) the recognition of this as kitsch and lame. Too pretty. Drained of all pathos. Uninteresting. That sort of a thing. I know this sort of thing. I see now what it's trying to do.

Is it ruined for me?

I could replay Ocarina of Time, but I know I'd find it dated and find my blatant celebration of nostalgia weak and boring.

Is this a bad thing?

I wonder... To pivot, am I interested in virtual reality as merely a way to make this sort of thing fresh again? Is this what technology in media seeks to do? If we are presented with a novel, larger resolution, we then tend to dive deeper. A world tends to pop if generated by technologic progress.

But it's like a hit of drugs. It wears off. It doesn't work forever. We can't enter anymore, and have got to find another way.

The CGI of Mad Max: Fury Road diminished the real stunts for me. The sense of danger, deflated. Because I seen it before. Because IMAX 3D is lame -- I know what VR is.

And... escapism requires the new, the new, the new, but it also requires an easiness about it. Can escapsim ever be challenging?

Is it essentially corruptive?

Art Cred: yatsudeTw []
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It is nice, i like it
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Jack C Crawford

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Written by my Saama colleague, +Arun Saksena
#Data #Deluge
More devices are getting connected to the Internet, which translates to much more unstructured data being generated over the next five years.
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Jack C Crawford

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Thanks +Heather Bond 
This is a something I posted 2 years ago today and is still relevant

And is the post that went with the picture.

Take A Walk Through The Landscape of Your Business

Today, take a walk through the country of your business, as if you were someone entering it for the first time.

Look at each page of your website or blog with fresh eyes.
Click on one of your offers, and follow the path your clients walk to enter more deeply into the culture of your business.

Are the natives friendly? Do they speak your language? Are there familiar landmarks along the way? Is there a clear path you can follow? Do you feel respected, loved and welcomed as an honored guest?

When the country of your business is in harmony with your values, your clients and customers will feel safe there. And that safety and stability are the ground on which they can stand when they come to you with their vulnerable hearts; when they offer you their trust.

Which qualities are at the heart of your business? Where do you express them most fully? What steps can you take, today, to align the culture of your business with your deepest values?
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Thank you for sharing +Jack C Crawford. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!
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The dog in "Tomorrowland". 
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Well +Jelena Milosevic​ given that about 99% of the terrorist action in the world is from those claiming Islam as their faith, I think the generalization stands. I didn't say that all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorist events theae days are perpetrated by Muslims.

Islam has a problem that it's peaceful followers must deal with. If the rest of the world who is tired of this evil deals with it, it will be with force and yes - innocent people will die. That is their choice. 
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Happy Diwali!
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Nice pic!
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Indescribable .... +Peter Gundry | Composer 
Hey guys, here is a new Epic Emotional piece called " She Wakes in Flames ". Definitely one of my favourite piece this year =)Like if you enjoyed the piece and have a great week everyone!
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MYSTERIOUS LIGHT UPDATE: Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles has confirmed through the U.S. Navy that the mysterious light in the sky tonight seen by residents from as far south as San Diego and as far north as the Bay Area, was a missile test out of Point Mugu.

Photo courtesy of KellyRene Nieves
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- My team and I created a new drug discovery platform for leading firms including Eli Lilly, Novartis and Takeda. This technology replaced legacy PC applications when PCs were the cat's meow.

Beginning innovation at home, I have repeatedly reinvented the way I make an impact on this world. Here are a few examples: 

I did my part to keep America safe for democracy as a Captain in the US Air Force, young consultant on the Strategic Defense Initiative program and lifelong supporter of the freedom we hold dear and fight daily to keep alive. 

As digital become personal, I evangelized the value of an internet enabled customer experience, consulted leaders, conducted numerous process improvement programs as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, served on boards to help others in need, read more books than time permitted (thanks to a lot o long flights), and tasted strange foods all over the World.

When I wake early each day, I follow my quest to empower others to discover their passions and contribute to a better planet ... for all of us. I am writing a book to do just that:

I am always eager to meet new people. Visit the links below and you will the cookie crumbs leading to me:

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Outstanding! Seating OK for dog owners.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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12 reviews
I love these folks! So nice and they provide a wonderful array of products.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Bobbi is one of the best hairstylists I've ever visited. 5 stars!
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Amazing and delicious baked treats! Awesome drinks!
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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