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Jack Bunce
Worked at US Navy Submarine Service, Electric Boat, IBM, and a few law firms including a couple of my own.
Attended Berwyn Elementary School
Lives in Waterford, Connecticut
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Jack Bunce

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A giraffe came across a wildlife photographer's camera and knocked it on its back, giving us an idea of what a giraffe hoof to the head would look like.
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Jack Bunce

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While on a game drive in northern Botswana, a married couple witnessed a dramatic scene involving a troop of baboons fleeing from a pack of lions. What they saw next was completely unexpected — and showed the surprising tenderness that can be exhibited by even the most ferocious of animals.
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Jack Bunce

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Worth reading!
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Jack Bunce

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Ukraine, earlier

APC killed, police driven back....
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Former Dragon Slayer (still attempt occasionally to rescue damsels in distress or free the odd Princess)
  • US Navy Submarine Service, Electric Boat, IBM, and a few law firms including a couple of my own.
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Waterford, Connecticut
Cromwell, Connecticut - Colchester, Connecticut - Sullivans Island, South Carolina - Berwyn, Pennsylvania - East Hartford, Connecticut - Hartford, Connecticut - Haddam, Connecticut - New London, Connecticut - Seymour, Connecticut - Poughkeepsie, New York - McKeesport, Pennsylvania - Newport News, Virginia - Devon, Pennsylvania
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Retired. Formerly practiced law, was an IBM Customer Engineer, and a submariner (both diesel and nuke), Also did some programming, database design and administration, as well as infrastucture architecting.

Like motorcycles especially in the dirt, gliders, single engine airplanes and dogs (and most other creatures as well!).

I keep myself amused by doing lots of reading, dabbling in photography, playing with linux, and generally feeding my web addiction.
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Have two kids, one of each kind, both married. John is an LEO in town following in his grandfather's footsteps and Peitra is a teacher making her own footprints in Brooklyn. And, I have two new, pretty, and quite fascinating grand-daughters named Evangeline a/k/a Evie and Juliette along with one large, sleepy old dog named Aileron that I walk several miles everyday.
  • Berwyn Elementary School
  • Tredyffrin-Easttown Junior High School
  • Conestoga Senior Highschool
    Other, 1960
  • University of Connecticut
    Math and Business
  • University of New Haven
    Operations Management, 1973
  • University of Connecticut School of Law
    Law, 1976
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Sashimi dinner - grand opening bad luck with some extra fishy tasting tuna. Presentation was uninspired. Overall just average. They were quite concerned about the tuna and offered many options to correct it.
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Very good
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