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Thanks so much +Vanessa Schneider and for all your kind words. I've come to appreciate in a great measure what you and your team have enable us to accomplish. Without your efforts, and Google's supply of some great programs, none of us would be able to accomplish much.

I would also be amiss if I didn't mention my partners at +Luna Tech 3D. As a team, we have created an entire suite of services that now include 360 Spin Tours, and an Online Marketing Package specifically designed for newspapers to help their sales departments offer up an alternative service to boost their sales and retention of their existing clients.

All this made possible by using the tools made available by Google and the community managers like +Vanessa Schneider & +Toby Stein

Thanks again for all your hard work.
Making A Difference For Business Owners On Google Maps
Posted by +Vanessa Schneider, Google Places community manager

+Jack B. Erhart is all about helping you as a business owner put your best foot forward on +Google+ and +Google Maps. He's an avid mapper, using tools like Google Map Maker (, Google Places (, +Google Earth ( and more to help bring your physical offline business — from the telephone and address basics to an actual 3D model of your business — to the online world. Jack's also active in our user forums! Say hello to him any time in the Google and Your Business forum (where he's a Top Contributor and in the Map Maker forum (

The Paso Robles Press recently wrote about Jack's work, read on to learn more ... (Congrats on the article, Jack!)
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Hi Jack > Can you share information about the Tools mentioned i.e. > "All this made possible by using the tools made available by Google and the community managers like +Vanessa Schneider & +Toby Stein" ?
I am also interested to learn what Hardware/Software is used to produce the 360 Swivel Views if you are willing to share ?
Sure +Chris Mowat I would be more then happy to.
As seen at +Jax 3D Graphics and Design Paso Robles The foundation for a persons web presences is a Google personal profile, followed by a +Google+ Your Business page. Using +Google Maps and Google Map Maker to establish a businesses "Geo Health" is also a part of that foundation.

Google Places for Business is another tool provided by Google which allows each business to have accurate, confirmable, and relevant information about their business online. Mate that up with +Google+ Your Business and a well optimized web site, and you have a very powerful means by which to get great exposure for your business or brand.

The Spin Tours mention have been developed by my partner +Luna Tech 3D Specific equipment requirements and software is something that +Douglas Willett and +Nicole Heyart have more insight on, but here are some samples of the great work they do.

Elder Ford

Tom Holzer


OMTP Southfield

Dearborn Jewlers

Burkhart Media Production

Thanks very much for the information and examples. My most recent model was for a Ford Dealership in Madoc, ON. I just sent that business owner the link you provided above for Elder Ford (the site looks very similar), suggesting this is a feature they might wish to consider for their website.
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