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Jace T. McDonald

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Montello Car Wash Business
Jace T. McDonald is proud to be servicing the Montello region with the Will Ready Car Wash, his car wash business which is now named Montello Car Wash.

As a community staple, Jace McDonald is proud to have a place where people can gather in the community for such a service as cleaning and protecting one of their largest investments that protect them in their travels.

A clean car shows pride of ownership and professionalism of the business owners and on the road sales professionals that drive past each day.

Montello is blessed to have Jt McDonald come in town as the car wash business’ new owner. JT wishes to improve the neglected location for the residents of the Montello area and all of Marquette County.

Jace McDonald
Jace McDonald and his family greatly appreciate the customers of the Montello Car Wash business and wish to help improve the community with fundraisers and events to support the local area.

Jace T. McDonald is also the founder of Montello Comfort Living and as such has provided 24/7 assisted care. Jt McDonald provides jobs to area caregivers, because we are always looking for professionals in the field.

As the proud father of a son attending the Montello School system, he also is committed to the success of the youth with positive opportunities in the region for young people.

Jace McDonald speaks at requested events on entrepreneurship, family and business success.
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Automatic Car Wash

Drive Through and Self Service Car Wash
Protect your investment and wash your car at least once a week. Keep it looking at its finest and let it last its longest.

Do it yourself or sit back and drive through our wash bay. We have one automatic car wash and two self service stations.

Drive Through Car Wash
Our drive through car wash has new rocker panel blasters with water spray jets. It get your tires cleaner and washes off even the lower half of your car salt and debris. We have new soap and wax to protect your car and/or SUV from the salt and winter weather.

Car Wash Vacuum
Come and see the new inside and out lightning in all of our wash bays. Our vacuums are all up and working for the best sucking they can offer. They will clean the inside of your vehicle like the day you bought it!

Nearest Car Wash
As your nearest car wash, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have a new customer service number. If you have any issues please call us. For questions or information about special offers you can email us. We are located just 4 blocks down from Kwik Trip, on HWY 23 also known as Montello Street.

Car Wash Coupons

5 Carwash Tokens
$50.00 $29.00

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