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Jacana supports small African entrepreneurs.
Jacana supports small African entrepreneurs.

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Today, Snow in the Netherlands, Rain in Zambia. Water from the roof is collected in this small gutter/reservoir and pushed into the ground via tube-recharge. 5 Minutes after the rain stops, the reservoir was empty. See how clean this water is, no need for filtration cloth (3rd picture).
In dry season, the pump uses this water again (1st picture).
This raining season we want to find out if water recharge can bring a dry borehole back to live (2nd picture). We will keep you up to date here.
Learn how to harvest your own water for 4 USD without buying a tank:
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Bridget keeps chicken, pigs, has a orchard of orange trees and wants to expand the piggery and bee keeping. Do you have experience in running a piggery or beekeeping, please contact us. Simply fill in the form at:

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Farmer Kelvin expands his business with a pump.
With the affordable rope pump, Kelvin can not only expand his farmland, he is now farming even in the 6 months dry season.
All about Kelvin:
Learn how to make boreholes and pumps at:

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Help a hardworking small scale entrepreneur in Africa #GivingTuesday. They create the jobs and they show that it is possible to escape poverty on own power. Some of them need a little well targeted support.
Watch their video at and give to one of them.

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It is a join watching Petronella interact with her pupils. Learning by playing and having fun is what really works at this age. The children love her and visa versa. Petronella and father Joseph understand the needs of the village and where development for the next generation starts.
The children need safe water and you, me and the trained manual drillers and local pump producers can easily solve this.

How read:

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Maria has no water source close by. Colleting water for animals and household is a heavy and time consuming task. With water close to her house and farm, she safes lots of time and can do so much more.
Maria is doing all she can to improve the life of her family and community. She grows several crops, keeps pigs, chicken and bees. She is one of the few people who speak English in her village and volunteers as a teacher at the community school.
Can you help her at ?

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Five months without a drop of rain is no problem for farmer Uveren'Gapi. With her affordable pump on a hand drilled borehole she can not only farm during dry season, she even extended her farmland. She sells vegetables when almost nobody can.

This video was taken at the end of 5 months drought.

How did she does it:

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Mr. Simbani planned to use his pump for his garden, but he decided the people from his community go first. Although he partly paid for the pump and maintains it. Who can refuse this gesture?

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Deaf farmer Joshua will never lose a harvest because of drought again.
Learn more about Joshua:

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Take a look how farmer James provides free water to his community and in return gets water for irrigation.
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