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Anyone else think its appropriate to call Google+ the "Smarter Social Network"? If so, how do you think Google+ is smarter than the other social networks? For me, here's a few reasons:

(1) The collective intelligence of the growing Google+ user pool is astonishing. I learn more relevant, fascinating things each day on G+ than I ever did reading magazines, following news websites, etc. If you circle the right people, you'll be fed a steady diet of thought-provoking content, when you want it.

(2) I think G+ has attracted scores of brilliant people who likely had shunned previous social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) - I'm talking scientists, researchers, philosophers, artists, etc. - of all ages - but especially an older, wiser demographic.

(3) G+ is the perfect balance for comfortably connecting with interesting people. With Twitter, its totally impersonal and random. With Facebook, it feels creepy to "friend" someone you don't know. With G+, you connect via shared interests, and relationships can be slowly built up through conscientious exchanges.

(4) So what if Google engineer +Steve Yegge calls G+ a "pathetic afterthought". Some of the most brilliant works mankind has to offer were constructed as afterthoughts, near accidents that materialized naturally, organically... versus the organized, deliberate, corporate wars we are used to. This suits Google's code "Don't be evil" just fine. I like the way G+ is growing, slowly, along with its users.

One recommendation to Google+... hone in on your demographics. I believe you are capturing NEW market share, rather than stealing market share from Facebook. I, for one, have participated very, very little on the other social networks, aside from professional use. And now, on G+, I'm having a blast...

Is Google Plus the Smarter Social Network? Or is it just me? : )
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