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The new API 1.1 is here!
Hangout Lower Third - Public Release
The time has come, I finally release the latest version of my lower third app to the public. The new API 1.1 is live and so is my app.

Feature list
► Create a custom Lower Third on-the-fly (name, tagline, backdrop, logo)
► Add a custom overlay

Install App (opens a new Hangout):

You can combine both of these features as you like. If you want to create a custom overlay you just have to create an image (640x360 pixel) and design it the way you like. You can also use the custom overlay for simply show any image you want.

These features are just a start and I will extend this app with more stuff.

Please send me your feedback and suggestions

Is that the app +Chee Chew was looking for?
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we tried the last one and it didnt work and you didnt reply to any of us. now this version works? with all systems? unix/linux/mac/windows?
+Jaana Nyström the first time around it did not work. The second round and it worked. There are two images but +Hangout Lower Third gives only the size of one image. There's a logo and an overlay. I hope they can clarify the sizes. ;-)
The logo gets automatically resized . Choose whatever you want as a logo
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