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Earth day on Sunday!
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Liz C
Ahhh... home sweet home
We'll try and do our bit tomorrow.
Heh! :-) That would be something... +Chuck Poe will you be doing anything special tomorrow, except floating up to the stratosphere?
Over the years the “Earth Day” scam had warned its victims that failure to act would bring about various evil ends like, a new Ice Age, over population, famine, drought, burning skies, rising oceans and death to animals and children. None of this has ever happened but these dire consequences make the scam seem more plausible. The “Earth” grifters know that fear can make normally sensible people fall for their scam.
Wow,this is something else,it makes me feel like i am on top of the world.
+Hogan Courrier  What about the extreme weather USA has had recently?
Or Northern Europe?  Or Australia?
Still thinking global warming and pollution are scams?
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