Share your Google Photos with your family via Google Drive

You can view and manage your photos and videos in both Google Photos and Google Drive. You can also create a Google Photos folder in your "My Drive," to organize your photos and videos into folders.

Photos and videos that you can see in both Google Photos and Drive only count once in your Google storage space.

If you have created the Google Photos folder in Google Drive, you can share the Google Photos folder with anyone you like.
Mind you, then even your mobile device's Auto backup photos are visible to them.

A word of warning!

Pay attention to the Drive Advanced sharing settings; You may accidentally enable someone to share your private photos in public!

See what you can do with your Google Photos on Drive

Go to
Click Google Photos on the left.
Place your cursor over a photo to:

✫  Download : Download the photo to your device
✫  Save to Drive : Save a copy of the photo to My Drive. This allows you to organize the photo, and other files, the way you want.  You could create new albums for sharing purposes.

Other actions : Choose from a number of options:

✫  Open with another application
✫  Share with options
✫  Star as important
✫  Rename
✫  Make a copy
✫  Remove from Drive and Google Photos

Learn more from Google

Share a file or folder on Google Drive:

Change your sharing settings:

How Google Drive works with Google Photos:

Watch a great video about Google Drive:

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To free up space in Google Drive:
Download all your photos and then upload them to Google Photos with the High quality.
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Here are the instructions, how to delete photos correctly:

Photos still showing on your device?
Go to the Android Settings > Application Manager > All > Gallery > Clear Data.

How to restore / download your photos:!topic/photos/flBwWzTLuxk

Looking for your Google+ photos?

They live in your profile tab under Photos.

Direct link: (working at present)
The menu lets you access Google+ albums.

Another place where you can find your albums and Photos from posts is the Picasaweb: (so far still working):

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See the screenshots (desktop Chrome) for tips on sharing your Google Photos folder:
Share Google photos Drive folder
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