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Master your Gmail!

Find the post embedded here for easy sharing:

Gmail goes beyond ordinary email:
You can start a video call with a friend, ping a colleague and write an email – all without leaving your inbox.  Creating an account only takes minutes and its easy to transfer emails from an existing email account.

Gmail on your mobile device:
The ease and simplicity of Gmail, available on the go. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store to get started.
The mobile Gmail Help pages:

I've collected good tips, tricks and tutorials for you:

Gmail Inbox tabs

Meet Gmail's New Inbox

About the tabbed inbox:

Learn to like the new Inbox:

Gmail: Understanding where your messages go

Take even more actions from your inbox:

▶ Nice Gmail tutorial videos from +Anson Alexander:

▶ The new Compose: Learn to like it!

+Tom Voute  is a Gmail sensei with a Google+ Community:
and more tips:

▶ A collection of tips:

▶ Gmail and IFTTT

▶ Search emails, Google Drive, Calendar and more as you type:

▶ Gmail offline extension for Chrome:

▶ How to import your Gmail contacts to your Google+ circles in mass by +Circloscope:

▶ Minimalistic Gmail Cheat Sheet:

▶ Very useful article about Gmail from +Mike Allton:

 ▶ Combining multiple Gmail filters into one by +Trevor Beck:

 ▶ Gmail's top 9 hidden features by +The Telegraph:

▶ Unsend an email sent too early or by mistake:

▶ Clean up your messy Gmail: Extensions / Services:

▶ Images now showing in Gmail:

▶ Signal is a new extension for Chrome that lets you edit messages in your Gmail inbox:

▶ How to set default email address in Google Contacts:

▶ One of the best features in Gmail and Google Docs is also one of the least well-known. The Remove Formatting button can save you tons of time when copying / pasting text, and it’s really easy to use:

▶ 10 Ways You're Using Gmail Wrong:

▶ Have you lost your Gmail password or access?

▶How Email Marketers Should Mark Up Messages For Gmail’s New Grid View:

▶Gmail Shelfies are so yesterday. Share your custom theme instead:

▶Promotional emails in Gmail: sign up for a new field trial:

Talk across devices with Hangouts right from your Gmail:

Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. Connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices.

Share more with Drive:

Forget about files being too big to send. With Gmail's integration with Google Drive, you can email files up to 1 TB. Plus, files stay up-to-date & are available anywhere.

File sizes on Google Drive: Up to one Terabyte!

Attachments in Gmail, now easily saved to Google Drive:

- you can view attachments and save files directly to Google Drive without ever leaving Gmail.

From Google:

Gmail in general:

About the Gmail features:

and the Gmail Help pages:

Choose your Inbox style:

Gmail and Google+:

Google Apps users and Gmail:

Send attachements via Gmail:

I hope this collection of Gmail tips is useful!
If you know more, please leave a comment.

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And don't worry if your primary email is with Yahoo or Hotmail or whoever, it's really easy to transfer everything over.
+Tom Voute G+ doesn't allow me to add  more contacts, despite the number is far below 5ooo. So Jaana led me to the Gmail contacts category "weitere Kontakte" = "Other contacts" to keep it clean.
So I cleaned it down from 400 to 20, but still no contacting is possible (even after restart the PC).
So I'm working on to find a solution ....
Ah, is this since a day or two? If so, give it some rest for a day. It should be over in a day.
+Tom Voute Well, the contacts bug is since 3 months.
The cleaning on Gmail I did this morning. So I'm gonna wait till tomorrow for further research, thanks Tom :-)
+Jaana Nyström Thanks a lot!
Some steps I have worked through already, many more to check out .... ;-)
I will report the results here.
Thx Jaana... Excellent collection! Definitely something to share with others. 
Cleaned the "other contacts" to zero ... Awaiting tomorrow's results ...
Good morning on this rainy Sunday +Jaana Nyström !
Sorrily no - my contacts are not working again ....
The " other contacts" are Zero, and I'm uncircling inactives steadily ...
The red banner seems to stick to my profile like a glue ;-)
Hey I just downloaded this gmail app.. And I am confused on how to check my mail can you assist me?
Gmail has screwed up things so much I am just not interested in new features anymore. 

The new compose is appalling, we are exploring alternatives for our businesses. It feels like it’s the right time for a new player to release a high quality cloud email and storage service. One that doesn’t make the mistake of being stubborn and ignoring its users.

I do genuinely believe Google is going to suffer from these issues. One because they are serious, two because they won’t take them seriously. Big mistake. Everything comes to an end, and whilst I’ve been a huge support of Google and Gmail for such a long time, I want to support something new.

Google feels like an arrogant organisation to me now.
Thanks for this Jaana, re-commenting in, I hope, the right place! I was noting that you couldn't share from the blog and that my two embed attempts yesterday caused a big spike in traffic to not just those posts but for other posts on my blogs.
+Paul Stickland Yes, sharing is not possible directly. I have also added the link to the original post in my two latest blog posts. And an image for the thumbnail. :-)
I must get up to speed, somehow I shared your original post with my now deleted comment. Bit of a sleep famine here, sorry.
+Mike Allton On Google+ nothing stays hidden...  :D With the excellent search even the older posts get found out.
A bit off topic right now, but still important:
There are people reporting about their unability to contact/circle new plussers, what is my bug, too. Nothing found for solution so far!
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